Panasonic GX7 in stock at Amazon for $999 with Kit Zoom!

Panasonic GX7 in stock at Amazon for $999 with Kit Zoom!


The new Panasonic GX7 has started to ship as of a few days ago and Amazon not only has them in stock, but they have lowered the price by $100 to $999 with kit zoom.

I just received one and will be doing a full review of the camera but at $999 its is a decent price/deal if you are one who prefers the Panasonic over Olympus when it comes to Micro 4/3. You can see the Amazon deal HERE. 



B&H PHOTO also has the deal but are not showing it as in stock as of this writing. Looks like the $100 off is through October 12th and is an obvious answer to the E-M1 because at $1399 the E-M1 was $300 more than the $1099 GX7 and for $300 more, you get quite a bit extra in that OM-D (weather sealing, 5 Axis IS, The HUGE new EVF, Pro Build, Live Time, etc). Now the E-M1 is $400 more than the GX7 Kit lens setup and $500 more than the GX7 body only.  Not sure why Panasonic did not release the GX7 in all black for the USA though it is one sexy looking camera, and the AF seems pretty fast in my initial dim lighting test BUT..

In the hand the GX7 feels quite a bit less “robust” in the build quality department. It is good, feels equal to the OM-D E_M5, Fuji X-E1, etc but it is not up there in build or feel as the E-M1 is. The in body IS of the GX7 appears to be pretty nice as well, but I have only fired off a few test shots so far. The dials, knobs and buttons have a cheaper feel than the E-M1 as well, but again, just as good as 95% of other mirrorless cameras. Where Panasonic excels with the GX7 is the tilting EVF (which is VERY cool) and the rangefinder type of design that has become quite popular as of late. It closely resembles the Samsung NX300 but with an EVF added.


I will say that the fit and finish of the Samsung NX300 is a little nicer than the GX7 in the “feel” department but the GX7 is, like I said, VERY sexy. It seems like a highly capable Micro 4/3 and between this and the new E-M1, I feel they are the best of what Micro 4/3 has to offer in a body for shooting stills. If video is your main thing, go to the GH3.

Again, the GX7 is now available and in stock/shipping with Kit Zoom for $999 at Amazon right HERE. The E-M1 should be shipping anytime now as well, my guess is within 5 days.



  1. Got my GX7.. Camera feels so right in hand. Button placement is almost perfect. Grip is nice and your hand (at least mine) no longer feels slightly cramped, like it was on the GX1. This camera is a winner! In my opinion, this is what Micro Four Thirds should be.

  2. I’d been thinking about getting the GX7, but not so sure now, as I prefer a camera that feels well made. Wondering what camera people might suggest for me. I’m looking for a solid camera (has a zoom or takes lenses) that’s extremely user friendly. I’m not “menu savvy” and would prefer a camera that takes great quality photos in AUTO, as I continue to re-learn some manual settings. If possible, a viewfinder would be nice, too.

  3. I hope that the next nx from samsung is similar to this gx7: rangefinder body with evf. This is where samsung is really lacking…The samsung sensor is already on par or better than any m4/3 according to dxo, so a future model will be even better.

  4. Hi Steve,
    Looking forward to your review of the GX-7.

    I gotta say I prefer the form factor of the EP-5 and the GX-7 to the EM-1.

    Any thoughts on the EVF quality of the GX-7, at this early stage…?

    I’ve heard that some have concerns over the EVF quality for eye glass wearers.
    Keep up the good work!

      • Hi Steve

        How do you feel of GX7 viewfinder compare with EM5’s and with NEX-6 ?
        Is the different marginal?

        Because honestly, i have only used EM-5 and NEX-6 Viewfinder.

        Please share us a more detail explanation if thats okay 🙂

        Thanksss steve

        • Its a nice EVF and probably better than the one in the E-M5. Its actually a VERY nice EVF, just does not match the E-M1 or the Sony EVF for the RX1. But 100% usable and without issues. I do not think you would have an issue with it.

  5. I also had that first impression – that it was a little plastic feeling but having used it some more I find it very nice. Quick autofocus. And the files are nice. It handles very good with the 35-100 f2.8 like it was made for that lens. It reminds me a little of the Konica Hexar AF.

  6. Hey Steve,

    Cant’ wait for your hands on review of the GX7. Here in Asia – Singapore to be precise the kit lens is actually the 20 mm F1.8 v.2 and street price is in the range of $1100-$1150 (including tax) which is a good deal.

    The EP-5 is marginally more expensive for the kit. I tried both yesterday but could not compare the image output except on the tilt screen. I prefer handling of the GX7. But the EP-5 just feels more solid.

    Tough choice! But good to have choices!


  7. Seems a decent camera, but thing with Panasonic aside from the GH models is that prices always seem to drop like a stone so quickly after introduction. Look at the GF series of cameras or the G5 and G6, perfectly fine tools, but so quickly replaced and with such big price cuts and now can be hand for sub $500 for most of them. If I was in the market for a GX7 I’d be a little hesitant to pull the trigger now as it could very well by dropped several hundred dollars more in coming months.

  8. It seems that the latest Olympus Pen camera, and the XE-1, would be more of a competitor for the GX-7 than the OM-D.
    But… talk about spoiled for choice!

    Out of all these cameras, which one would be best for macro photography? That is what my gf is wanting to get into and Leica rangefinders are, umm, not so good for that.

    • I’m sure this is not fair BUT, I ordered the GX7 from AM–ON. Got it on Saturday. I owned an XE1 prior, also STILL own the RX1R and a Leica XV Vario. HAD a Samsung NX300. Besides my craziness in buying/ selling cameras I actually DO love USING them and being a photographer :)..but I admit I’m a gear head. Back to the GX7 my first impression out of the box was it looks nice BUT the dials etc..seem a bit more cheap than say Fuji’s x100 or xe1…The dials look almost a little plasticity. BUT not bad at’s a pretty camera actually. Camera feels great in the hand though..but here’s the unfair part? Mine was Dead on arrival. I’m sure this can happen with ANY electronic gear so I’m not going to bash the quality of the GX7(yet) but the fact I can’t get it to turn on after fully charging the battery (obviously) is not instilling the same feel of quality that one gets from an XV Vario or RX1R. Of course THEY too can be dead on arrival. So I ordered a replacement. I look forward to receiving my replacement….Made in Japan though…if that matters? Maybe made in China these days is not so bad after all 🙂

  9. The grip looks great. I imagine this camera plus the 25mm 1.4 would be great as a walk around kit. We’ll see how the IQ is.

  10. In all honesty, I think we’ll end up keeping both. I like the idea of the GX7’s perfectly silent shutter for events like weddings and church choir concerts but the E-M1 would be my real workhorse. Are people going to think I’m strange having an E-M1, GX7 and X100s in my bag? Hm… 🙂

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