Looking for a Leica M9 for Christmas? Hurry up!

Christmas is just days away and some of you have e-mailed me asking where you can find a Leica M9 ASAP. I have placed direct links below to the shops I use and promote for Leica gear. It appears you can find a black right now at Amazon through Adorama. B&H is sold out at the time of this writing and Dale has a Grey in stock. Ken Hansen may have black and grey so be sure to e-mail him for availability! They seem to be selling fast for the holidays!

Ho Ho Ho! Looking for a Leica M9 by Christmas? Below are my recommended dealers who may or may not have one in stock…

B&H Photo – Black M9 or Grey M9

Amazon – Black M9 or Grey M9

Dale Photo – Black M9 or Grey M9

Ken Hansen – E-Mail him at khpny19@aol.com for availability.


  1. Stan Tamarkin is a great long time dealer – and his son Dan, is now running things, so it is a pleasure to work with them – http://www.tamarkin.com/ they have the M9 in stock and just delivered my new 35 and 50 Summilux(s). Happy Holidays, Steve and Forum. . .

  2. The Leica store in Palm Beach, FL should still have some in stock. I just picked up a grey M9 there last week.

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