Fuji X100 Owners, get Firmware Version 2 for a speed boost!


Fuji X100 Owners, get Firmware Version 2 for a speed boost!


YES! Fuji did it again and proves at least that they are the best in Firmware updates. They have released the firmware Version 2 for the Fuji X100 and below is what you get, so it is WELL worth it to do the upgrade!

Improvement of AF speed

Approximately 20% faster AF speed is achieved in various conditions such as bright scenes, dark scenes and changed focus distance compared to the previous firmware version.

2.Improvement of close-up focus performance

The focus distance from the lens surface without switching to macro mode is approximately 30% shorter compared to previous firmware version.

3.”Focus Peak Highlight” function for manual focusing is added.

The function, which features on FUJIFILM X100S and X20, is added and assists accurate and sensitive manual focusing by enhancing the outline of your subject in high contrast.

* With this update, “Focus Peak Highlight” function is selected as a default setting. Pressing the center of the command dial for a while enables you to switch the setting of “Focus Peak Highlight” and “STANDARD” (off of “Focus Peak Highlight”). And “MF ASSIST” is added in SHOOTING MENU where you can select “HIGH” and “LOW” in “Focus Peak Highlight” and “STANDARD”.

4.Improved manual focus operation

This makes it easier to capture the peak of the focus by displaying the image with shallow depth of field, using open aperture, when adjusting the focus with the electronic view finder or the LCD.

5.Faster start-up time

The camera start-up time is shortened by approximately 0.2 second with QUICK START mode OFF.

6.Improved operability of selecting focus area

Previously, the focus area was selected while holding the AF button on the back. With the upgraded firmware, pressing the AF button will switch to the focus area selection screen and the area of your choice can then be selected.

7.The phenomenon is fixed that a camera will automatically turn off during “Bulb (B)” shooting with the “CONTINUOUS” setting in “IMAGE DISP.”

Your feedback wanted!

Early reports are fantastic from X100 owners. If you own an X100 and did the upgrade, how is it? Is the AF slightly faster or much faster? Inquiring minds want to know! Sure makes the black X100 look extra good right now 🙂 In fact, with this update, I would buy the black X100 at $1080 over buying an X100s as I prefer the older sensor. 🙂



  1. Nice ideas . I Appreciate the facts – Does someone know if I could get a blank permit search copy to type on ?

  2. Hi Logan,

    Below is a link from the Fuji website that gives detailed instructions. The x100 takes a standard size SD care and not the mini SD that you mentioned. Simply insert the card into your Mac provided it has a slot for it. If not, you will need a card reader that connects to your Mac via USB cable.

    Download the firmware update to your Mac desktop and, once complete, simply drag the file to your SD card on the desktop which will show up as an external drive. After the firmware update file is copied to your SD card, follow the directions from the link.


    If you need more help, feel free to contact me directly at KBenshish@yahoo.com


  3. Always lusted after the X100, but the high price and the slow AF meant it was not only out of reach financially , but not viable if the bugs would spoil the experience .
    Saw this new firmware announcement , saw users comments, and my favourite camera shop had just acquired a mint used one! And at a very good price. 5 minutes later…..heh.
    Pretty Predictable after that. 😉
    Happy, happy, happy. 🙂

  4. Hi. Firstly this is a great camera for picture quality and has made my Sony NEX series camera pretty much redundant. Question – has the option to switch between auto ISO and Manual ISO been removed when ISO is set up on the Fn button with this latest V2 / V2.1 firmware? When I set the Fn button up for ISO I no longer have the option to switch from manual to auto within this quick Fn button menu and have to go into the full menu to switch over. Or has this been replaced with something else that does the job better?

  5. The new firmware gave me a new camera!! Thanks Fuji
    I have been using X100 in manual focus using AF/AE button to prefocus 90% of the time…. now its faster but …with the new firmware focus ring is usable and i don’t need to prefocus all the time!!!
    The perfect firmware would be exactly like this …with the possibility to assign “Auto ISO” to raw button.

  6. Hi everyone!
    I’m still on the version 1.0. Can I go directly to the 2.0? Or should I run directly all the previous before?
    Thanks for your help.

  7. I just can’t get the firmware to load keep getting card not initialized, I’ve reformatted the card downloaded the firmware again its got to be something simple, camera firmware is 1.21, I format the card in camera place into a reader copy the firmware onto the card, insert card back into camera hold back button down and switch camera on then warning message above,
    any ideas please

  8. I’m really happy with this firmware upgrade. The focus ring is totally different and usable now. I used to ignore the focusing ring, but, with the combination of this new focus ring performance and focus peaking, I feel like just I got a new camera. I love my X100 Black more than ever!

    • Yes, you can update directly. When updating, it’s always a good idea to carefully save a well-labeled copy of the current firmware in case you for some reason have to “back-out” the new update. The firmware update file always has the same name regardless of version.


        • Thank you Roger! It worked perfectly.

          My first impressions on the upgrade were a bit strange.

          The autofocus at say 40-50cm ONLY WORKED WITH MACRO ON. That was worse than before. I was obviously kind of scared, but after some use, I think it kind of ‘settled down’.

          The focus peaking is great and the AF speed has increased a lot. But still no fix for the ISO bug, right? I mean, if you turn the AUTO ISO ON, you cannot change the iso thru the fn button, right? You have to turn it off and then select the iso you want. That sounds like a bug, doesn’t it?

          Anyway, I gave new hope to my ‘marriage’ with my beautiful X100.

          The only thing I still DO MISS is some reach, any type of (even little) zoom range (say, 18-45). So I am now considering buying a XE2.

          Any suggestions on that? I am only afraid of not finding the IQ (bokeh included) of a XE2 as good as the X100. Anybody has any experience comparing both (maybe with the XE1)?

          Thank you all: http://www.pavloseuthymiou.com

        • Talia,

          If you haven’t already made a permanent home for the firmware file (always a good idea as you move forward with your equipment), check your download directory for a file by the name of FPUPDATE That’s very likely the last Fuji firmware you updated. Make a directory, correctly labeled for each firmware update. The name of the file does not change with firmware version, so the directory name is your guide.

          Once you’ve rescued the file from the download directory, proceed with the usual download instructions.

          There have been very few problems reported overall with the new FW2.0 download process, so if you are not able to locate your current firmware file, you can just jump in like most others. However, now is a good time to start with that firmware organization. Lightening has struck in the past, it’s that this time thousands have already tested the 2.0 process so likely you are safe.


          • Thanks Roger. I also wondered if you could save the “original” firmware on your camera on your HD before upgrading, to revert to it in case. But the Mac doesn’t recognize the camera when plugged in.

  9. I juist bought a X100 Black Limited Edition. Upgrade the firmware 2.0. This camera is now very very good. The image quality was always brilliant, because of the sensor!!! But now with the new firmware, it is the camera to beat i think. The result from the JPG’s straight from the camera are exeptional. This in combination with the Velvia film like look. There is no digital camera up to date that produces these kind of film like files.
    And now added the quick performance from the new firmware, it is an absolute bargain now. The black version is gorgeous!
    There are al lot of new camera’s out there today, with more pixels etc etc. But I only like one, because of the film like output, and that is this marvelous X100.

  10. I have a history of difficulty in getting Fuji Firmware updates to conclude successfully and this was no different until I stumbled on the cause and I willingly share it. (I use an iMac computer). When the download to the computer is complete, I noticed that an extra digit had inserted itself in the download name, and this relates to the number of times that the download has been made. It is essential to delete this digit and to restore the name to that given by Fuji, otherwise the X-100 will not recognise it! I might add that I remain a strong advocate of the X-100 and now even more so. I also have the X-20 which is also a great piece of equipment.

  11. Sold mine 4 weeks ago, and owned a Sony RX100-II for 4 weeks, but i sold the Sony again to buy a X100 again!!
    Sony is way to small, and no evf/ovf is realy not an option for me.
    And i realy do love the looks of the X100. Hope the new firmware satisfies me!!

  12. Hi.
    I agree with the above said, that this mostly was a Very Good update on the focus side.
    However it seems to me that the improvements on focus is “only” made on Manual focus and AF-S AF mode Area focus.
    AF-S AF mode Multi focus shows no improvements to me. It mostly finds a good target, but still can’t focus closer than roughly 0.7 meters. I can’t imagine why the improvement in AF mode Area shouldn’t spill over to the AF mode Multi.
    Having a Multi AF as good as the revised Area AF would be Really Great!

    Best regards

  13. I live in France and can get the X100 black edition here for about 1160 USD, the X100s goes for 1460 USD. I was also looking at the Ricoh GR. The X100s is a bit expensive, but I would rather wait until I can afford the X100s if it is the better option. I would really like to get some advice from readers on this forum regarding the choice between the X100 black edition (I prefer the looks of it) vs the X100s and maybe the Ricoh GR (goes for about 60 USD less than the X100 black edition). I would especially like to know if you think the X100 will be good enough for stock photography. I have a DSLR that I never use, I am looking for a compact camera to carry with me all the time. Of course there is also the OM-D E-M5 with a pancake lens, decisions…

  14. I really liked my X100 and was considering the “S.” I think I’ll stick with the 100 with this update ( Fuji probably hates hearing this).

    I’m pretty satisfied with the current sensor, as Steve said he prefers the old sensor to the new one. It’s hard to justifying $1200 for a quicker menu.

  15. well done Fuji ….. updates for superseded cameras ….. guarantees me as a life long owner ….. won’t have any qualms in buying Fuji when I buy next camera …

  16. I cannot get the V2 installed. Have a black X100, upgraded to 1.3. Now when I load the upgrade to 2.0 the camera won’t recognize the card. Reformatted, re downloaded, still won’t work. Tried different card, reformatted, re downloaded, still won’t recognize new software. Anyone else have this difficulty?

    • IIRC on the download site there are some instructions to follow if the update doesn’t flow correctly. Try checking there. What I remember from those suggestions is 1) check the file size 2) clear your download director 3) re-download 4) make sure that the filename is correct (e.g. no appended special characters or version numbers…

      …. or stuff to that effect.

      My first download file got corrupted but with another attempt all worked well. Hope your’s does too.


  17. Just like many before me, I too had stopped using my X100 due to the performance issues. I almost sold it to finance the purchase of my EM1 but just couldn’t do it. I loved the camera even with the quirks. Now with this upgrade it is the camera I thought i was buying in the first place. Tried it on a low light event shoot last night and it performed flawlessly. Love the resulting images. Looking forward to putting it back in my daily cam bag next to the EM1.

  18. After shooting with the new firmware all weekend, I must say that the camera seems more responsive and reliable. No missed focus shots! This upgrade really makes this camera a joy to use (again)>

  19. Along with the many others I agree with all the benefits of the improvements of V2.0 but wonder where the ability to change the AF-S focus frame size has gone ?
    Has it simply been replaced or moved to another command function ?
    I found the smallest AF frame better for focus speed and accuracy. Having said that I haven’t done any comparisons with the new firmware so it could very well be a redundant feature. But curious if anyone knows if it still exists.

  20. Love hate relationship with it for 2 years but held on to it. In the meantime, mainly used m43 (OMD and GX1) with variety of lenses. Still can’t beat the richnesss of x100 files. When I heard about the update I almost cried !! So happy. Tested it out this weekend and decided its my new standard.

    Selling my standard m43 glass (14,17,20) and will just use OMD for wide/zooming/portrait/tele purposes (via 14-42PZ, 25mm voight,75mm oly).

    Figure offload some m43 glass just in case prices drop (as fury from A7 will surely shift the playing field a bit in the future).

  21. Sold mine a couple of weeks ago, and now have a sony RX100-II, but getint back to fuji X100 again.
    Sony very good, but too small for me, and hundreds of filters, programs I do’nt use.
    Can’t wait to own one again, aspecialy with the new firmware!!

  22. I’ve been nothing but impressed with Fuji ever since I purchased the X100 when it was first released. A useful firmware update for a discontinued camera is awesome for those of us that love the camera and have no intention of selling. Fuji also replaced the lens outside of the warrantee for free because of the common aperature stick issue. Stand up company with great customer service.

  23. I don’t buy a lot of cameras. But when I do, it’s Fuji.
    Reason: excellent customer support. Like firmware updates. Thx Fuji!

  24. Updated on Saturday, so I haven’t had it in the field as yet. However, all seems good from the few test shots I have made at my desk. Fuji must be applauded for doing this. I just couldn’t see any other manufacturer giving the same of attention to its customers to be honest with you. Now I need to get this camera onto the street to see how good the update has really been, but I bet it has improved an already awesome camera.

  25. Gone are the days of back focusing. By leaving the camera on AFC – pointing and shooting with the crosshair feels quicker and less hunting. Excellent update. Lucky for me, i held my thoughts of upgrading the x100 over to x100s. It is now a closer match up in terms of usability and reliability.

  26. Just updated mine from 1.3 to 2.0. What a great update! AF feels faster and importantly more precise under dim light! MF is greatly improved too. Overall the camera feels noticeably more responsive and fun to use. Thanks Fuji!

  27. I really love the update, but I am still frustrated with the lag between shots. I only notice it when taking people pictures. It still takes a few seconds to “catch up” with the real world after shooting an image while using the digital view finder. Anyone else have this problem. This is one reason that I shoot more with the Lumix. I have to say the X100 is a pleasure for landscape and slow shooting.

  28. Thanks for the update Steve!

    Kudos to the Fuji guys for the update. This made the difference not just with the camera but with the company customer relationship. I see myself as a loyal Fuji customer in years to come.


    The thing that I wish x100 will have now is the ability to use the focus ring to select the focus in area in AF. That, in my book, is great feature to have.


  29. You all know what it’s like, new cameras being released, updated and as much as we all would like them certain financial constraints stop us. Or it could be the wife putting her foot in it ! However with Fujis new firmware we can all enjoy this camera even more. And how much did it cost ? Not one single penny. Yes I can hear all of the following comments, should have been on camera from new, blah, blah blah. Just go out there, take photos and show them, because they will be amazing. Thank you Mr Fuji for not forgetting the X100. If this is a marketing ploy, then yes it is a very clever one, but how often do other manufactures follow up on a product. My enthusiasm has been regenerated as i am only a snap shooter but a technophobic at heart. Steve, I visit your site from time to time and enjoy reading your reviews and your readers comments. Keep up the good work.

  30. I have always loved my Fuji X100! That’s why my blog features the fuji X100 only! (my other cameras’ upload huddle on flickr) And now… I love Fuji as a company too! I will recommend them! I will advertise their loyalty! 😀 I have always thought the older sensor had a special look to the images so didn’t go for the ‘S’ though I covetted its AF and a few other features! This firmware is just what we needed! Now I can hardly sit since I upgraded (thanks Steve) I’ve been snapping away at everything indoors and can’t wait to take ‘her’ out tomorrow for a lovely autumnal stroll…weather permitting! It IS like a brand new camera!!! 😀

  31. And one thing not mentioned, the upstart flaw with 10-12 sec delay, after you’ve had the memorycard out for processing is gone, so you dont have to format it any more, to get the normal upstart, that now is faster even.

  32. Is histogram working in OVF mode for any of you?

    Played with the camera for half an hour after the firmware update. Very happy with how the focus ring and AF behave now. The focus assist works very nicely which allows better+faster usability of the OVF. It used to be a guessing game when I used the OVF in manual mode as most of the time I was not 100% sure if I had the subject in focus. It was very very slow to push the rocker button to kick into EVF mode to zoom into subject and rotate the focus ring to focus. Now with the faster focus ring response and focus assist, it is just a matter of a few seconds to go from OVF to EVF to zoom into subject to confirm focus!! VERY HAPPY MAN!

    Anyway, back to my question, do you guys just get a blank box in the lower left hand corner when histogram is enable in OVF mode? I ensured histogram is checked in OVF, turned camera off/on and also i get is an empty box in the lower left hand corner when looking into the OVF. Good thing is histogram works fine in EVF and LCD.

  33. I had given up on my X100 and left it forgotten in the back of my camera cupboard for over a year – never even upgraded from the first version 1.0 firmware that came wit it.

    After endless frustrations with AF and the useless MF that I almost sold it twice for ridiculous low offers that made me keep it. This morning I sceptically upgraded the new firmware and… WOW man ! It is indeed a new camera. Snappy AF accurate and the closer more accurate focusing ability is just marvelous. Even Manual Focus seems quite workable now. The color and personality of the files is just so unique… I had forgotten how good that Fuji sensor and lens combo really is.

    Thank you Fuji. After over a year of no use, it works like a dream. I think I will give my M9P and MM a break for a few weeks… hmm maybe not the MM – I will carry both until we see more of that new Sony A7r… then its going to be a paring down time with my digital cameras. But I think the x100 will be more of a true classic now with this update. Fun times are here again… and for me, because I had almost forgotten at the back of my cupboard, it was like getting a “free” spanking new camera. BRAVO FUJI !!!



  34. This is why I have to visit Steve’s site almost everyday! What a surprise on a Sat morning to find out that there is still hope on the X100’s focus ring and AF performance. I pretty much gave up in using manual focus on it. Thank you Steve for posting such good news, and Fuji for the good support of the X100. Fuji didn’t forget about us!! Time to update the firmware on mines to have some fun.


  35. I was not that dissatisfied with the AF in FW 1.30 – it was usably quick. When I did a side by side test with the X100s, using the AF on objects and people both in the shop and in the street, I did not find the difference that noticeable and sometimes, there was no difference. Now with 2.0, the AF is definitely quicker and seems to hunt differently (less in and out etc). In low light, it found AF very well indeed.

    MF is now very usable and I could get from infinity to under 2ft in one swift hand movement. Great.

    Is it just me being excited about the X100 getting a shot in the arm, or does anyone else believe that the AF is focusing more accurately in some situations with obvious sharper image as a result? These were indoor, low light shots from 3 to 8 feet.

    Finally, I wish they had made auto focus area select something assignable to a button on the right hand side, so I didn’t have to take me eye away (like on the Ex-Pro 1). My workaround is to hit AF as I bring the camera up to my eye so I then have right hand control over AF select whilst looking through the VF. Love that I can even do this.

    Overall, it’s a very significant update. No bells and whistles – just improved performance. It’s a lovely lively camera now and the images still have a look of their own. Very different to the X-Pro 1 and a great complement to it. You have to love Fuji for not treating a superseded camera (and it’s owners) as being irrelevant. It engenders deserved brand loyalty. It’s like Xmas with this and FW 3.0 on the X-Pro 1.

  36. Got to love this from Fuji. The upgrade before this helped, but this is freaking awesome.

    My one foray into the x-trans arena wasn’t a success. Maybe the 35/1.4 lens I had needed an upgrade to match the x-pro body and I didn’t install it, but I was never all that happy with the look and general user experience. Also I shoot raw mostly and even with improvements in the last version 4, I thought there was still something “not quite” about that conversion in Lightroom. But I’ve always liked the look of the original x100/lens combo and now this gives that little gem nearly the full usability upgrade that the s version brought. I’ll definitely be shooting mine more now.

    So, not to get totally off topic, but this kind of customer friendly support is another nail in Nikon’s coffin for me. I have hated Nikon’s handling of the speed light overheating issue, the D800 focus issue, and the D600 defective shutter mechanism. So when Fuji bring out the x-pro 2 I’ll be looking hard at it as I continue to look for an OVF digital shooting option without DSLR size and weight (or Leica cost) as a satisfactory alternative to the Nikon system I’ve been loyal to for 30 years.

    Major kudos, Fuji!

    • Nikon displayed the exact same customer friendly support by issuing a firmware update on its already discontinued P7000 two years ago. This on a mere CoolPix that was selling well under $300 by that time. So was that support by Nikon also a nail in Nikon’s coffin?

  37. Immediately apparent is the improvement in close-up non-macro mode photography – much, much better! No more need to switch to manual/macro mode when shooting across a restaurant table!
    Focus peaking is a nice addition for those occasions when I’ll need it and seemed to work well when I tried it around the house. General AF seems a little snappier, but I need some decent weather to test Fuji’s claims of good light improvements properly. I generally tend to zone-focus for my street photography, so it won’t change my style that much in daylight. What will be interesting will be the night-time band/pub/club shots using AF – something to look forward to!

  38. Fuji can be quite confuzzling. Firmware updates, that are real improvements, for a camera no longer on sale — that’s a cut above everybody else. That makes me think of Fuji as “good system for the long haul”.

    But alas, for quite understandable reasons, they won’t do the one software thing I really want: give Adobe their de-mosaic algortihm to put in Lightroom.

    Ah well.

  39. Upgraded. No Issues. Focus peaking in Manual is very useful. Overall it seems much quicker, especially when switching it on or using auto focus, as above I use a single point so maybe this is where you get the biggest benefit. Really appreciate that Fuji do not just drop support for a product as soon as the next product is released. Not so excited by the XE-2 announcements, expected more but here’s hoping the x pro 2 will be ground breaking.

  40. Wooosh.

    I’m really happy now with my recent decision to buy a dirt cheap black X100 over a new X100s. New firmware really is superb, they say AF is 20% quicker but have to say to me it seems even better than that. Maybe it’s because I only ever use a single AF point anyway but well done Fuji, that’s what you call support unlike Sony whose firmware upgrades are generally pathetic, long in coming and few and far between.

  41. Fuji made things interesting: Most people who didn’t do their homework (or read Steve’s reviews!) assumed the S was simply ‘this year’s X100′, which isn’t the case. Between EXR and X-Trans, the analogy is thinking of the same car with a gas or diesel or hybrid powertrain: Same body, interior, etc., but they just drive differently. For some, EXR (with its foibles) just looks better than X-Trans.

    If that includes you (as it does me), this software upgrade closes the gap quite a ways to the speed / operational improvements that the S-model gained over the original X100. But just as Fuji updated the X-Pro into a much better camera than it was upon its’ introduction, this X100 update really makes all those X100’s that got tossed when the S came out look like really good bargains all of a sudden ! In black please . . . . original, low-mileage 100’s on the used market are going to get harder to come by, I do believe, and the S back-order situation may begin to ease up.

    And I must say, Hat’s Off to Fuji for supporting these gems the way they do. It only tells me how much they dig it to do these kinds of things. I’d drop dead if Nikon or Leica did the same thing . . . . .

  42. Wow Fuji delivers again! Slightly faster focus, definitely snapper feel and all ’round good update! Thanks Fuji, and thanks Steve for letting us know!


  43. Yesterday I decided to tackle the AF/MF on the X100 yet again. I’ve had too many sporadic instances where focus has been quite difficult. There were many failed AF attempts on this trial. I made the FW2.0 update and returned to the spot today. The AF experience wasn’t much better, but the MF with focus peaking succeeded on the very first time.

    For me the focus peaking elevates that feature above the AF for my general photography. I’m sure AF will creep back into the picture as I regain confidence, but I love this camera and now MF is much more than just a bailout when AF is having difficulty.


  44. Its good to know that Fuji isnt like other company that only focus in bringing some new body all the time and didnt do any improvement for their existing body line up … I tought that it wont be any room for improvement to X100 series due to hardware limitation but im totaly wrong, bravo Fuji for maintaining your existing happy customers !!

  45. This update revitalizes the x100 and I think it can stop my GAS for a while. AF is slightly faster, but the accuracy and the ability to focus in low light seems much improved! The MF is now really useable like x100s as you don’t need to rotate the focus ring for so many turns now. And it has focus Peaking! Bravo Fuji!!!

  46. AF speed is much faster, focusing is more accurate. , focus peaking is effective, manual focusing is a runner ….

    I had all but given up with this camera .. now I am really excited .. also this firmware after the camera is absolute has made me wish to stich=k with fuji

    • I’m surprised that you’d all but given up with the camera! 1.3 was just fine but it’s certainly nice having some icing on the cake with v2 🙂

  47. Just updated to 2.0. I can confirm as follow:
    -Af was improved (is faster and works better in critical conditions low ligh subject for ex.)
    -Short focus distance without macro
    -Focus peaking works very well
    -Manual focus now is really usable.

    This camera rebirth another time. This firmware policy is one of the most important motivation, for me, to buy fuji camera again in the next future….

  48. I would echo what the others have said, except for the AF speed: I swear it’s twice as fast as before. This will keep my black X100 in my bag for another year or two.

  49. The improvements are definitely noticeable and appreciated. MF is now usable, the AF is certainly quicker and the AF selection is nicer without having to hold the AF button to change the focus point.

    I also love the look of the X100 sensor but still have a hard time with the command dial and center button. Very difficult to work quickly with that little raised button in the center of the dial. I called Fulifilm service center in Edison, NJ to ask if the X100s command dial can be fitted to the X100. Unfortunately this isn’t possible.

  50. Youza! I am very excited. I have wanted a Black X100 for a long time but I wanted the focus peaking and better focus ring usability. Upon hearing this news, I just ordered a Black X100. Finally my camera search is over. 🙂 Thanks, Steve!

  51. I was a late adopter to the X100 so I’ve only had it for a few months when the X100s came out. I thought the S features was worth the extra expense and sold my X100 at a loss. Now this firmware update brings in the features I wanted in the X100. And to think I prefer the IQ coming out of the original sensor compared to the X-trans! Yes Fuji maybe the “best in Firmware updates” but its not necessarily a good thing depending on which side of the fence the customer is caught up.

  52. Have tried a lot of low light focusing, very low light, and although it hunted it nailed the focus every time! Focus peaking is great, and it does all feel snappier.
    I have loved my X100 since getting it and Fuji keep making me glad I stuck with it.edq

  53. Just took a few shots in bad indoor light after the firmware upgrade and autofocus does indeed seem faster. More testing will be need to see if it is now fast enough but it seems promising. This is a nice surprise and I might start using the X100 again as it can produce some very nice looking photos.

  54. As someone who couldn’t bear to sell my black x100, I ended up also buying an x100s for AF speed alone… I wonder If I even need to keep the s now, can’t wait to test side by side.

  55. Truly nice surprise from Fuji! AF is really improved and Focus Peaking is very nice feature. Like all the others before me said – good job and major props to Fuji!

  56. I also feel like the manual focus ring is more responsive. Great job Fuji on supporting a discontinued camera; my x100 is better than ever! I better start saving for that X pro…

  57. Focus ring is now completely usable and focus peaking is a treat, AF is faster, but a lot, just a bit snappier. Close focus us significantly better though, a bit slow in low light, but locks perfectly. I didn’t have any other complaints, so I am very happy! Well done Fuji, and Thank you Steve.

  58. Yes, X100. I upgraded mine ASAP and there’s quite a difference!

    This is what the X100 should’ve been at release! AF accuracy is improved, not the least in the area that frustrated me the most: indoor lighting and/or at portrait distance! The X100 has had the longest “macro required” distance for ages! Shooting portraits in a slow, hunting macro mode (!) just to ensure proper AF is not my idea of fun. Anyway, this may finally be largely moot with 2.00 from what I can tell after some quick tests. Finally this camera has AF performance to match the price tag… And that’s just the macro distance fix. AF itself is faster too. And the focus ring does things. :p It’s usable! Horray! And then focus peaking. When has a camera company last added a major feature in firmware for an almost discontinued camera? Someone has said Ricoh. In either case, this is rare.

    • Yes, Fuji really are taking a leaf out of Ricoh’s book with their support for discontinued products which is great to see.

      That in itself is surely a major reason for buying into one camera system over another if you know that the maker will continue to support your investments for a while after they are discontinued.

  59. Hi,
    I didn’t test it under the worst lighting conditions but there is a considerable difference – faster and more precise.
    The MF assistance works very well and focus ring is now a perfectly usable tool.

    I’m glad I kept the X100 and I’ve now more reasons to continue using it even if I decide to buy a X series body in the future.

    • I agree; I’m also happy for keeping mine although we’ve had a complicated relationship, haha. But now I don’t really feel an urge to get the X100s at all. Sure, it’s clearly better in several areas, but the killer feature is no big deal anymore and I’m very happy with my X100 now.

  60. I’ve run down the list of all of the upgrades on mine and seem to work fine. I’ve always agreed with you Steve about the pictures that this pre-xtrans sensor takes; to me they have their own “look”.

  61. I’m happy to share my views.

    Overall, very positive. Everything seems much snappier. It’s a little bit faster to come on, the AF is faster in both light and dark, although it can hunt a little still when going from focusing on something far away, to close up. It’s still accurate to wherever your AF point is set, and speaking of the AF point select button now toggles so you don’t have to hold it down. I much prefer it that way, it just makes it easier and faster to make your changes, you’re less likely to miss your moment now.

    Focusing peaking does work, but the only colour is white. Especially if you’re focusing while shooting in black and white mode it can be slightly harder to see the “peak”. It’s easier to look out for a shimmering effect. You can activate or deactivate focus peaking by holding down the two-way selector wheel above the AFL/AEL button while in manual focus mode, which I love. Keeps me out of menus! The manual focusing ring is now totally usable. It’s a tad sensitive towards the middle, but I think for someone like me who’s been using my x100 non-stop for nearly 16 months now that’s user error. I’m sure me and other users will adapt.

    If I had to sum it up, it just feels like a faster camera in every sense. If I had to be critical, I’d say we need a choice of focus peaking colours. I was also very disappointed by the lack of a 1×1 aspect ratio for shooting. It’s a little thing, but the other X cameras do have it. I hope that if/when the X Pro 1 and X-E1 get different focus peaking colours, the x100 can benefit from that too.

    If you’re trying to pick whether to get an x100 or an x100s your choice is now significantly harder. If you can justify the extra money purely on the newer sensor, get the S. If not, save yourself a fat chunk of cash and go with the x100.

    Major props to Fuji for supporting a discontinued camera. They really went above and beyond on this one, and in doing so they’ve earned my business when I do decide to upgrade.

    • I forgot to mention the closer minimum focusing distance! Another big improvement. I feel like I can get as close as I would ever need to get. It’s already been helpful with a photo-project I’ve been doing on spiders. It’ll save you having to go into macro mode unless you really want to. Saves you the headache of that smaller macro in-focus area.

    • Yea, The AF is so much faster and closer.
      It is about 60cm(not80cm like before) with OVF and about 15cm or closer with the EVF(without the need to use the macro), also superfast in comparison to the older FW update.

      Focus peaking is realy cool. Love it, even if white. Dont use the bw so much with the MF.

      What I was waiting and did not get in this update is:

      One thing that they could have easly made and be most useful to me: I can use the RAW button as the function button, but why not the Fn button as RAW button?

      Would love to use Fn as raw and the raw as ISO.

      Also: PRO Negative – High un Standart film colour modes, Double Exposure and the Q button. Also if they could switch places the AF-S with the AF-C buttons.

      But then one should get the X100S mabey to get those functions.
      The main difference right now between the X100 and X100S is the X100S has PRO colour modes, the Double exposure and one stop better High ISO usability(up til ISO6400). And yes, the X100S still wins in raw writing time.

      Im glad that decided to hold on to the X100 original and the next upgrade could be the FF X100 if that rumour is true.

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