At Photo Plus NYC..Updates coming later today!

At Photo Plus NYC..Updates coming later today!


Hey guys, I am at Photo Plus in NYC and have a busy morning, so no normal post for the AM today. Just wanted to say to check back later for some images and news from the show!


  1. Steve, enjoy the show! For whatever it’s worth, my two areas of greatest interest are 1) Sony a7and a7r; and 2) rumored nikon retro DSLR. If you can corner anyone from either of these companies and pry further insights from them, it will be greatly appreciated, along with any new pics and hands-on observations.

    • The A7 and A7r have been talked about quite a bit already on this site and all over, They are shipping at the end of November. The Nikon..looks like a DSLR sized square shaped camera that takes F mount DSLR glass.

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