Prints for the Philippines

Prints for the Philippines


Hey hey! It is Monday and I figured I would start the day with a good cause that can help so many in need. Neil Buchan-Grant, who has contributed to  this site on many occasions has started up a website called “Prints for the Philippines”  in where photographers can offer their prints for sale with 100% of the proceeds going to help the victims of the typhoon. Here is what the site says

“A collaboration of concerned photographers selling photographic prints to help the Typhoon stricken people of the Philippines. All sales go to the DEC Typhoon Appeal. New photographers being added daily. To see the current photographers, their unique offers and our team’s progress, click on “contributors” below”

So go check it out HERE and see if there is any way you could help out! They need people who want to buy prints or submit work to sell to raise money!

Thanks, and more to come today so check back!



  1. A quick word for anyone who wants to help by selling prints. I’d love to have more photographers on board, from all over the world. But you should be aware of how our appeal works, its not just another place to showcase your work.

    All our contributors pay all their production costs, all printing, postage and packaging, there is no possibility of recovering any costs. These costs are the photographer’s contribution in order to raise a much higher sum for those in need.

    All of our print buyers pay the full sales amount directly into the charity payment pages we have set up. This offers them complete transparency and an assurance that all their funds are being sent to the people that need it.

    As a result, most of our photographers have their own A3 printers which helps them reduce the cost of their contribution. If you do not have a photographic printer you should be prepared to spend quite a lot in lab costs to contribute, unless you live in the UK where you can use Metro Print who have set up very favourable terms.

    Considering all of the above, if you still want to contribute, we would love to have you on the team. We are just adding a new contributor who saw this post in California and is confident of raising $5000, which is wonderful. We do not judge your work, if you think its marketable go for it! Who am I to say what sells and what doesn’t, half the shots bought from my portfolio have been of puppies:)

  2. The readers of Steve’s site have been very kind to me over the years with regards to my work.

    So as a special offer to readers of this site, I will waive all postage fees worldwide on any prints ordered through the appeal. I’ll be paying for the postage myself so it might not be quick, but it will get there:) Please have a look at the links above to see my work and order a print or two for your wall.

    You will not only be aiding a worthwhile cause but you’ll be getting a permanent reminder of your help for a desperate people.

      • Absolutely! This problem is not going to disappear here anytime soon. It will take many, many months…(ok, years!)… to rebuild what was lost. The devastation is just too enormous. The stories of the survivors are just too heartbreaking. Most of them had so little to begin with and now it was all taken away, including the lives of their children, their parents, their spouses. Those can never be replaced. Again, we greatly appreciate the attention and aid. And I am happy to see it happening here in your site Steve (and of course in Neil’s). Many thanks!

    • Thank you Neil and Steve for doing your part in helping my country overcome this huge tragedy. The Filipino people are extremely grateful for every bit of help that comes along their way!

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