The New York Times year in Pictures 2013

The New York Times year in Pictures 2013


If you want to see the power of a single photograph then you must take a look at the 2013 year in photos from the NY Times. Scrolling through the slideshow will bring many emotions including tears, anxiety and compassion. Goes to show the true power of photography. I am sure those who shot these special and important frames could care less about noise, distortion, bokeh or even sharpness. Why? Because as I have said on many occasions, it does not matter. I urge everyone to click-through HERE to view these powerful images that were brought to us in 2013.

Click HERE To view them.


  1. You say it’s not about the tech, but surely all press photographers are shooting pretty great cameras though? In fact, most of them are probably shooting big dSLRs, which makes a mockery of the whole ‘small equals discrete’ mentality that many of us subscribe to…

    • Robert Capa had a small manual camera… Same for so many other war photographers. They are not there to photography bullets but the war. If some of them have big DSLRS it is because of how much abuse these machines can take.

  2. Most of those pictures looked very professional. They all looked sharp, great bokeh and composition. I have a feeling not all were shot with cell phones.

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