Photography is for memories, not pixel peeping. By Dennie

Photography is for memories, not pixel peeping.

By Dennie

Hi Steve!

I hope you are well and happy. I have been reading your website since you review the Olympus PEN E-PL 1.

My name is Dennie, I’m from Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

A lot of people think that a pro photographer is an expert but I say no, not entirely. A Professional is somebody who makes a living by doing it … making money, marketing, dealing, shooting, printing … client happy … job done.

But, in the world of the enthusiast like this one … it is another story. In this world, a lot of dangerous stuff, starting with new lens or new camera body, latest technology, the best high ISO, the best low light, the sharpest lens, the super aperture 0.95, the king of the night, the mega pixel monster, the fastest AF of the world, the lightest body, bokeh king, leather straps, the expensive bags. Even though we buy cameras to take pictures … saving the moment … right?

Thats why I love this site, coz the review is to be USED … not compare the spec!  For the enthusiast of this site, I wonder if the picture is not labeled, or embed with exif, can u tell the difference ?

Some of my images below with various cameras…

I wrote this when I finished reading Steve’s article about “Should we buy camera gear with our heart or our brain?” I just want to say that, what is really important? Your pixel peeping ? Or the moment it self that is being captured?

I will just tell u guys that I use the following:

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 5
  • Olympus E-PL1
  • Olympus E-PL3
  • Olympus E-PL5
  • Canon 600D
  • Canon 5D classic
  • Canon 5D mk2
  • Canon 6D



  1. Thanks for sharing. Looking the others pictures is always a good time to spent and a precious opportunity to learn ; especially when they were realised with passion. A passion which one conserve for himself !
    As for me, I fully enjoyed in this Art which is Photography by following the footsteps of my old master : _ “Use your brain to observe, your finger to trigger, your eyes to learn from the others … In Photography, there’s no room for the … mouth _ So, shut it up and try to press the button at the right moment ” .
    Nevertheless, be certain, that I respect your point of view as I always did !
    Wishing a good day to all participants of this thread !

    • Daymadi-T, thx for stand by my point of view … i hope not judge that the pros are bad … it just all about the purpose of buying the camera, and the passion in it 🙂

  2. A nice set of pictures. But a bold statement about pros. Do you have any bad experiences with them?
    Nowadays many clients look at your body of work before contacting you and compare it to other photographers. That´s easy to do with the help of Google.
    Of course there are a lot of pros doing mediocre work, but it most times it reflects the payment of the clients i think. Top money means top pro (or should mean to quality), low payment, well, maybe means you get the work of a beginner.
    A good working pro should be aware of his handcraft and know how to use his gear in the very best way, i think. He should better be an expert in this challenging times.
    On the other hand, there are lots of enthusiasts taking amazing pictures, some of them even selling their pictures too, some don´t. There is often a small line between a good enthusiast an a pro, i.E. a pro would never cut off the tail of a cock or the legs of girl just under her knees. An enthusiast can do this with ease and still earn lots of cheers because it´s such a nice picture.
    Please don´t misunderstand me, i like your pictures a lot, but i disagree with you generalization about pros.

    • Ingo, what i mean about “pro” is “profession” … not the skills level … coz what happen in my country … too many miss judge pro level with profession … here, alot professional photographer not even close the skill to the “pro” level … but they act like a pro … maybe coz they have money to buy pro level gear … feeling cool when they shooting with pro gear … that what i mean … btw thx for reading 🙂

  3. Your sentiment that ‘the gear doesn’t matter’ is both true and a fallacy. Realistically any camera in the last 6 years or so is more than capable of making beautiful prints. That said, I often look at pics from my Canon 20D I used back in 2005 and while I love a lot of the imagery the 8MP files only held up to a certain level of enlarging.

    Nowadays I am ‘only’ shooting with a 24MP body but I easily get 24×36″ tack sharp prints which is all I will ever need.

    • Clint, i got the point … that skill and gear, must balance, old camera in the hand with pro skill, is a masterpiece … great camera in the common people … great result, even though his/her dont know what their doing with the over whelming camera … but btw … thx for reading 🙂

  4. Dennie, a worthwhile set to look at! You seem always to be looking for that off the wall look; great approach!
    Looking at these images makes me once again realize all that gear obsession is rather irrelevant; it’s the vision that counts.

    Still… what’s your dominant style; do you have one?

    • Michiel953, thx for reading,:) my dominant style is street and human interest, i like wide lens with big apeture, and i like m4/3, coz is more discreet … and for me, the only mirrorless with the same purpose when they start making mirrorless, more compact, quick respond … coz full frame mirrorless … for me … become not compact anymore, become out from the first idea why mirrorless created …

      i will answer for steve too … yes i was enter the GAS zone … gear holic … and that not a good move, but not entirely bad either … say, that make me learn something … and that being said, that gear i ever used, not have all of them … every time i change gear, i sold the old one first, that time i just have 2 camera, that include my phone … so i’m not like steve … even i want be like him, to try the latest camera to date … hehehhe

  5. I certainly like your pictures: a very good variety of angles and details underlies their immediate appeal to the eye. Thanks for sharing. But I don’t agree with your introduction: reading and comparing specifications has helped me learn a lot about cameras that I have used in making my own choices about what to go for. I always find Steve’s approach very informative and enjoyable, but I will also use e.g. Imaging Reource’s “comparator” for getting an idea of image quality.

  6. Fantastic photos! I have to wholeheartedly agree with your sentiment. There is too much emphasis on the technical perfection of gear when that is an extremely small part of what makes a great photo and a great photographer. 90% of photography is who / what / where and when. With the absurd emphasis on clean, low-light photos, it’s amazing any great photos came from film at all.

    I also agree with the sentiment on professional photographers. Many times that profession has more to do with marketing and entrepreneurship than great photography.

    • ‘I also agree with the sentiment on professional photographers. Many times that profession has more to do with marketing and entrepreneurship than great photography.’

      I would take that statement 1 step farther and say that MOST times a pro’s success hinges on marketing and entrepreneurship than great photography. Seriously, it never ceases to amaze me the number of GREAT photographers who don’t make a dime off their work and then the countless guys calling themselves pros who are quite successful but really not that great of photographers.

    • Hahaha … i just have 3 camera, now, that include my phone … every time i change my camera, i sold one of them, i cannot afford all of that hahaha … that alot thing’s, is because i change alot, i started buy camera is when my first child was born, i become gear holic and that is bad, when u start to much think about gear, u start to forget what purpose u started with that camera …

    • Hahaha … lol … it just i change gear alot, every time i change, i sold one of them, i cannot afford all of that … that time i was on gear holic zone, and that bad thing, when u started enter that zone, u will miss the purpose of what u have camera for … thx for reading 🙂

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