The new Sony A 6000! World’s Fastest Auto Focus camera!

The new Sony A 6000! World’s Fastest Auto Focus camera!

ILCE-6000_wSELP1650_front_top_black-1200PRE-ORDER THE NEW A6000 AT B&H Photo!

The new Sony A6000 has just been announced by Sony along with a few other Cybershot models. The A6000 sits just under the NEX-7 and replaces the NEX-6. This is NOT a NEX-7 replacement 🙂

The new A6000 camera continues on with the brand renaming from NEX to ALPHA. Just like the A7 and A7r, the A6000 carries along the same NEX design but without those awful NEX menus.

The A6000 is NOT full frame like the A7 and A7r but instead offers a brand new APS-C chip with many advancements over the now aging NEX-7. Take a look below at what the A6000 brings to the table:

  • 24.3 Megapixel APS-C HD CMOS sensor with Bionz X – High IQ up to 25,600 ISO
  • Gapless on chip lens design on the sensor
  • 0.06 Second Auto Focus, now the world’s fastest
  • 11 Frames per second continuous shooting
  • Fast hybrid AF for video
  • 179 AF points
  • WIFI and NFX
  • $799 with Kit Zoom to ship Mid April 2014
  • Body only $650

ILCE-6000_wSELP1650_on_hand_black-1200 ILCE-6000_wSELP1650_flush_up_black-1200

Looks like another solid offering from Sony and I hear it is quite nice to shoot with. I will hopefully be getting a review unit soon so will put it through its paces. I am a fan of Sony as many of you know and I have a feeling this will be a great performer. I am excited about the AF speed as well as the IQ performance of the new sensor. I also have a feeling that Sony has something special coming up for the end of 2014…we shall see!

For those looking  to stay with APS-C and not ready to invest the hefty sum for full frame, the A6000 at $799 could be the solution for those with the “Heavy DSLR Blues” 🙂

From Sony…

“With the world’s fastest autofocus system1, the ability to capture a blazing 11 frames per second and a 24.3 MP sensor, the new α6000 rivals even the best DSLRs in the market today in terms of performance, and does this in half of the size and weight at an extremely attractive price point,” said Neal Manowitz, director of the alpha interchangeable lens camera division at Sony. “It’s an ideal choice for photo enthusiasts eager to ‘go light’ and take their photography to the next level.”



“The new α6000 camera is simply the latest in a recent line of awe-inspiring product introductions from our digital imaging group – one of the key pillars of our core electronics business. As a leader in the imaging industry, we’re continuing to push the limits of innovation, offering products and experiences that only Sony can deliver.”


New ultra-fast AF system

Even quicker than most professional DSLRs, the phenomenal autofocus speed of the α6000 camera is powered by Sony’s advanced Hybrid AF system. The new model features a focal plane phase-detection AF sensor with an extremely wide autofocus coverage area – 179 focal points– that is teamed with high-precision contrast-detection AF. This potent combination allows the camera to accurately track and respond to a subject moving through nearly the entire frame, and to shoot at an eye-popping speed of up to 11 frames per second with continuous autofocus. It’s an unprecedented combination of speed and frame coverage in today’s market.

Design and Controls

The new camera’s clear, bright OLED Tru-Finder lets you see a live preview of all setting adjustments before the shot is taken, so what you see is exactly what you get. Conveniently placed mode and control dials on top of the camera give easy access to commonly used settings. Additionally, a ‘Function’ button and two additional customizable buttons give quick access to any one of 47 assignable functions. There’s also a built-in flash for extra flexibility in any shooting situation.

Wi-Fi® and PlayMemories™

The α6000 camera has built-in Wi-Fi, giving consumers one-touch connection with Xperia® or NFC-compatible Android™ smartphones or tablets for instant image transfer and sharing2. A single touch also activates Smart Remote Control, linking the camera with a smartphone or tablet for a live image preview, to fire the shutter from a distance and to review shots instantly.

For devices without NFC one-touch capabilities, users can wirelessly transfer images and videos and activate Smart Remote Control through Sony’s free PlayMemories Mobile™ application, available for the iOS and Android platforms.

The camera is also compatible with downloadable Sony PlayMemories Camera Apps, adding a range of exciting and creative capabilities. Currently there are a total of 10 different applications available with several others to be released this spring. Learn more at .

Pricing and Availability

The Sony α6000 compact interchangeable lens camera will be available in April 2014 in black and silver in a kit with a compact, versatile 16-50mm motorized zoom lens (model SELP1650) for about $800. It will also be offered separately as a body for about $650.

Sony has also announced the price of its previously announced full frame E-mount 70-200mm F4 G OSS telephoto zoom lens (model SEL70200G). This lens will be available in March for about $1500.

The new camera and all compatible lenses and accessories will be available at Sony retail stores ( and other authorized dealers nationwide.

Sony α Lenses Assortment

The α6000 camera is compatible with Sony’s ever-growing assortment of E-mount interchangeable lenses, and uses the same Sony E-mount as the α3000, α5000 and acclaimed α7 and α7R models, as well as all the previous α ‘NEX’ cameras. All Sony ‘FE’ and ‘E’ lenses are compatible with all E-mount cameras.

Outlined below, the E-mount family now includes 20 different models with several premium models from Carl Zeiss® and G Series Lenses:

• E 16mm F2.8

• E 20mm F2.8

• E 35mm F1.8 OSS

• E 50mm F1.8 OSS

• E 30mm F3.5 Macro

• E 24mm F1.8 ZEISS

• E 10-18mm F4 OSS

• E PZ 16-50mm F3.5 – F5.6 OSS

• E 18-55mm F3.5 – F5.6 OSS

• E 18-200mm F3.5 – F6.3 OSS

• E 18-200mm F3.5 – F6.3 OSS LE

• E PZ 18-200mm F3.5 – F5.6 OSS

• E 55-210mm F4.5 – F6.3 OSS

• E PZ 18-105mm F4 G OSS

• E 16-70mm F4 ZEISS OSS

• FE 28-70mm F3.5 – 5.6 OSS

• FE 35mm F2.8 ZEISS

• FE 55mm F1.8 ZEISS

• FE 24-70mm F4 ZEISS OSS

• FE 70-200mm F4 G OSS




  1. When looking from the pass and now, present, I think Sony is taking the camera world by storm. I myself has been using NEX-5N and I must say that its a wonderful 4/3 camera. From its ISO to focus peking, to its WB, this NEX family will be the next camera Im gonna get. I’m a DSLR user. So far, non created what Sony have did. And I think, there will be more APS-C size cameras hitting the stores. Not forgetting their mirrorless FullFrame camera. I think Canon and Nikon need to learn from Sony. And Nikon better roll up their socks designing their FXs and aps-cs. And not forgetting, pricing. If nothing impresses me, I’ll stay with the ‘next’ family. And yes. I can take pictures with NEX using your lens … 😉

    • Eddy, you say the NEX 5N is a ‘wonderful 4/3 camera but it’s not a 4/3 camera – it’s APS-C. Best regards.

  2. Steve what would the difference be between using Sony FE 55mm F1.8 ZA Carl Zeiss Sonnar and E 50mm F1.8 OSS on this a6000?

  3. Hi Steve!

    First of all congrats for your fantastic website. It is pretty usefull and informative.

    I have a question. I pretend to buy a SONY A6000 to use it with SONY SEL18-55mm, SEL16mm+VCL-ECU1, SONY SEL 20mm+VCL-ECU1 and may by Voigtlander 12mm.

    Anyone know about sensor performance with ultra wide angles?
    Like SONY 16mm + VCL-ECU1 or SONY 20mm + VCL-ECU1 or Voigtlander 12mm?

    New A6000 has gapless sensor design. Is this tecnology improve the corner performance?

    And anyone knows about corner performance with SONY 18-55mm?

    Thats my main worry about 24mpx.
    If not good me by I prefer to buy a NEX 6.

    Hope somebody can help in that question.

    Thanks for read.

    Best regards!


  4. I am writing from Malaysia and I am fully agree with you, Steve. To those whom they dislike the features of Sony A6000 or a matter of fact the NEX camera. Don’t buy it. Buy other makes like Fujifilm, Olympus, Panasonic etc. It’s just that simple. It’s your money. Thanks Steve.

  5. I hope they have solved the overheating problem while shooting video. I LOVE my Nex7 but I get really frustrated when I rty to record videos longer than 5 minutes. It shuts down! NOT GOOD! If Sony doesn’t solve thie problem I might be switching to the Panasonic GH4 or some other Panasonic that takes really good stills and video. I don’t want to switch because I Love my Nex7 as a stills camera and I just found an E mount zoom lens I really like; the Sony 18-105 F4 G. And, I like the depth of field you get with an APS-C sensor so I don’t want to switch to 4/3rds if I don’t have to. The Nex7 overheating issue is a real drag. Steve, if you review this camera, please try and take videos that are at least an hour long and see if the camera overheats. Thanks!!

  6. Maybe I’m the only one, but I hate this four-digit Alpha branding. Alpha 6000 sounds utterly generic to me! The NEX branding was short, concise, and powerful – what better name for the next generation of camera technology could there be than “NEX”? Alpha 6000 sounds like a cheesy tech gadget from the 80ies …

    I also think this name change is simply confusing: Yes, I get that Sony wants to merge the two camera lines. I get that NEX is Sony’s future and will eventually replace the SLT technology. But as of now this hasn’t happened yet, those are still separate platforms with separate lens mounts!

    It all began with the Alpha 3000, the NEX with an Alpha body – and in my opinion it would have made much more sense to call that a NEX and to call all following Alphas-without-SLT NEX, because that’s where the compatibility lies. Releasing “Alpha” cameras that are not compatible with Alpha lenses is just asking for trouble.

    • I couldn’t care less how Sony names its products.

      Likely they spend more money on conducting market research and analysis for the name change than on technical research for this model upgrade.

      At least Sony didn’t put a fake prism hump on it which otherwise seems to be the fashion of this season. To make it look 1990s “pro”.

  7. My question is, given the phase detect on sensor with the A6000, would the LA-EA3 work as well as the LA-EA4 on the A6000. Sony support can’t answer that. Also, the auto iso in manual needs answering too. Steve, can your Sony contacts answer either?

  8. Gentlemen, please check out the hands-on review on cnet, relax and save your money for the next model.

    The a6000 wakes up as slow as the other Sony e-mount bodies. Personally, I was happy with the NEX6′ AF speed and frame rate, but not with AF performance in low light and the two seconds of wake up time. Sony’s marketing blurb remains silent about improvements in these areas, so I expect there aren’t any.

    • considering how many mistakes that CNET article contains, I don’t see a reason to take it to the heart. And by the way, the startup time is quite OK and typical for this class of cameras, why even bother about it.

  9. Seems to me that this a6000 could be the real thing and pose a good threat to micro four thirds- that is if these few things are taken care of:

    a.) Smaller lenses- closer to many micro 4/3rd’s.
    b.) If the AF is as fast and possibly even better than the EM1 with moving objects- which based on what I’ve read could be the case!
    c.) If the 24mp picture quality (with the faster focusing) id actually a noticeable step up from the likes of em1.

    IF these are taken care of M4/3rd’s may finally have a system ready to be worried about.

  10. My wish from Sony: a NEX 7 replacement with simpler, better ergonomics/buttons – improved sensor for low light but still at 24 M. – make that sensor work with wide angle legacy lenses – in body image stabilization – split image manual focusing – smaller, faster, sharper lenses – fully articulated screen – make that weather sealed and I don’t need anything else until 2100! Have the NEX 7 and gives me great images with Leitz lenses, but the camera needs improvement! Looking at Fuji or I’ll buy the Nikon 610 and have it done with. For me the A7 and A7r flopped, poor low light performance and no image stab. in body? We don’t need full frame, too many other compromises, bigger lenses and DOF problems.

    • Frankly, for lenses, I’d be happy to see Sigma releasing some ART primes. I just want Sony to keep offering high-end APS-C. Perhaps Sigma will be pushed to do it considering that there are more and more mirrorless cameras offerings, and good ones at that. I very much doubt we’ll see IBIS though, only Sony pulls something like Panasonic just did. So not impossible, just unlikely.

  11. It seems a6000 has the best AF-C among mirrorless implementations. Great to have a higher bar two weeks after the XT-1 announcement.

  12. Hey Steve, I have been hearing (like others) that this replaces the NEX 6 and 7. Let’s face it… the NEX 7 doesn’t make much sense after this – what is there to upgrade, aside from adding an audio in jack?

    I suspect that the only reason Sony would tell you it’s not a replacement for the NEX 7 is because they will release a Full-Frame camera later this year without the EVF hump, positioned between the A7 and A6000. They could claim that as the NEX 7 replacement, but I just don’t see what else they could do with APS-C at this point.

    I could be mistaken of course – Are there any obvious possible upgrades to the A6000 that I’m missing? Let me know. 🙂

    • Just telling you what Sony told me in, the heads at Sony USA. What I take from it is that the NEX-7 is current but will be replaced. No one knows what is happening and the rumor sites are just that, rumor sites. They usually do not know what the real deal is until a few weeks before it hits. NEX-7 is current, A6000 is NEX-6 replacement. I think a NEX-7 replacement will be coming but I have NO inside info at all. NONE.

    • What can be done? These are the thing that I would want and be happy to pay 1100$ for it.
      – Touch screen
      – Better EVF
      – Better control
      – weather sealing (you’d need to use FE lenses to get the benefits, but at least there are weathersealed lenses)
      – No AA filter

      Some of these could be easily fixed by putting an APS-C sensor into an A7 body. So Sony’s middle range camera would be quite simple : FF in a NEX body, APS-C sensor in A7 body. Both around 1000-1200$.

  13. Wonderful. Give those heavy DSLR blues Nikon & Canon a run for their money, and save our expenses on chiropractors.

  14. It looks like a nice offering, but I was personally hoping for a slightly more substantial body, something more in the vein of the A7s. I hope the down spec’d EVF is an indication of Sony leaving some room at the top for a higher end aps-c model.

  15. Dear Steve, maybe we can get a review which not only raves about how cool this thing is and that this is the best ever mirrorless camera but also highlights the epic fails of Sony Software- and Menu developers….

    Like on all other Nex cameras before: Bracketing only 3 Pictures (but you can make a burst of 10 raw pictures), you need to keep the button through the bracketing procedure pressed, no timer with bracketing possible, oh the infrared remote can only be used in single shot mode, no you cannot use it with bracketing, same for the remote app….oh until the nex5r still no usb cable remote…this new usb cable remote came with the Nex3n…

    Just for reference I had before my nex a Powershot Sx260 and with CHDK it was even possible to use an USB remote….oh and there it was even possible to use bracketing etc etc, oh and a distances meter was also implemented via CHDK

    No distance marking when manual focussing in the display
    No option to set minimum shutter in the Auto settings….or to just have the option of using Auto Iso in Manual the (A7 has this feature but I doubt it will ever be released as an firmware update for the 5R)…oh i also forgot the option of the focus lock….or is it assumed that i keep the shutter half pressed

    Talking about the Addon electric viewfinder for the 5r….why nobody thought it would make sense to have live view in the viewfinder and the reviewed pictures on the Display, are the software developers to stupid to implement this or are they just saying YOU guys dont need that stuff?

    Oh and then the utterly useless Apps in the Appstore that cost extra money….PRObracketing….still 3 pictures…oh here it works that you need only to press once….but why do they change time AND aperture in those modes….for 5euro….oh and then we have the multiexposure feature as an App another 5 Euros….Oh and then we have the lens compensation….which costs another 10 Euro but is not able to store information for legacy lenses in the exifs…

    In owning a Nex5 and and Nex5r I came to the conclussion, that so simple user interface enhancment will never be presented in a firmware upgrade….they will just dump a new body on the market that will just implement one change….and then the next body will come…

    So Steve after all this critical complains about the Nex System….I really like your website and the work you are doing for keeping it running 🙂

    • Why would I give it a rave review when I have not even touched it yet? Hmmm. The only NEX cameras I gave great reviews for are the NEX-7 and original NEX-5. If one dislikes the features of the NEX camera then that person will not buy a NEX. Why complain about a camera that you are not in the market for? Sort of like me complaining about a Phase One kit because it is too heavy, large, cumbersome, slow and costs insane money. If an EVF is needed why would you buy a 5R and an external VF when one could buy a NEX6 with one built in? As for the apps, I hate them and never use them. Tried them once and passed. Not my thing but some love the apps. The A6000 is not a NEX-6 with a firmware upgrade. It is an all new sensor, much faster AF, etc etc. It’s an evolution of the line which is what ALL camera makers do. Look at the Canon rebel? To me it looks the same today as it did 5 years ago yet many bodies were released. Nikon does the same thing. Leica is the only one who waits 3-4 years before upgrading their flagships. The bottom line is that if it does not work for you then do not buy it. Easy squeezy. Life is too short to complain about little things.

      But I see this A6000 not as some incredible camera that will revolutionize the camera world, not even close. It is just an upgraded NEX-6 IMO. The A7 and A7r were the revolutions, and I do not expect something of that level until the end of the year.

  16. Many other sites present this as a replacement for both the NEX-6 and NEX-7.

    On the other hand Sony’s own site lists this in the “casual shooting” section while the NEX-6 and NEX-7 are in the “advanced amateurs” section. This new a6000 adopts a lower-res EVF, similar to that in the Sony a58, which would support a lower level model.

    Does it mean there is space for an a7000, or that the advanced amateurs/experts are supposed to embrace the full frame a7?

    • I suspect it will take a year for Sony to (re)consolidate its Alpha line.

      Since the NEX nomenclature has been dropped, it is unclear how the new Axxxx models will replace the older NEX range. One can speculate. Intuition suggests it will largely be the same. On the other hand, Sony may take the opportunity to tweak the line slightly. It is also unclear how the full-frame models will be developed. Will there be a symmetry with the APS-C models?

      I agree with Steve. I suspect the A6000 is not a NEX-7 replacement. Woe betide the man who follows rumours. I am trying to plan my next purchase so I have been following SonyAlphaRumors. The admin has said:

      “Don’t worry, if you like the NEX-7 design more there might be a surprise from Sony at Photokina”

      I am sure Sony plan to release a premium APS-C, E-mount model.

      The NEX-7 got me addicted to rangefinder lenses. Eventually there will be an affordable solution for mortals using wide angle lenses. I was hoping the A7 would be the silver bullet. Although very impressive, it was not was I had hoped for. The promised Zeiss lenses may lure me in if they are very close in build to the ZM line (including a manual aperture dial). I have weak hopes that the A6000 may ‘play nice’ with wide rangefinder lenses. I very much doubt it.

      … now about that Fuji X-T1… I am eagerly waiting for those reviews to roll in!

      • The SAR guy also said that the nex-7 successor is NOT coming this year. I think that the Photokina announcement is a rangefinder style FF camera. Now, it is unclear if the SAR admin means that Sony will not release a NEX-7 successor THIS YEAR or EVER. The answer to this question is very important to me as I would like Sony to release a higher-end APS-C e-mount camera. Otherwise I might grab a Fuji. The lack of APS-C e-mount lens being released is very worrisome for the future of APS-C e-mount, at least with regards to a higher end camera.

        • The NEX-7 was released at the end of 2011 with widespread availability in the first half of 2012. It’s two years old now. If there won’t be a 7 successor THIS year I’d argue it won’t come EVER. Typically Sony has released a new model once a year and the NEX-7 is the only exception. I believe the NEX-6 line is what they’re going with now at the high-end. The A6000 is clearly a successor to the 6, seeing that it’s still missing the Tri-Nav controls. I’d wish to be wrong though, the NEX-7 was a great camera and I almost bought one back then. Bought the E-M5 eventually though.

    • I speak with Sony directly..they told me this replaces the NEX-6 and NOT the NEX-7. This leads me to believe there will be another model soon with maybe more advancement and more cost but not sure on that one. I just know what I was told..that this replaces the NEX-6, not NEX-7. Their words “sites just under the NEX-7 and replaces the NEX-6”.

    • Michiel,

      I do, the 5N, but there will still be 1000’s of owners out there. But I do wonder if any digital camera will become truly collectible. Unlike film cameras that go on and on and can still be used, once the battery is no lone available or it develops an electronic fault, digital becomes a piece of junk.

    • Many of us don’t want an FF camera. I have been waiting for the Nex 7 replacement for months and don’t understand why Sony is taking so long. It is the oldest camera in the series and an update is long overdue. If I have to wait until Photokina, I will buy something else in the meantime.

      • that is what I said too, I will not wait longer for a NEX-7 replacement. For me, GX7 has it all, touch screen, 1/8000 and 1/4000 silent mode. Sony says there will be a surprise at Photkina. If it is a bad one like this one, no need to wait longer. I do not want a FF NEX-7 style camera, also not a 36 mpix APSC. I was waiting to see a GX-7 style camera with the 20 mpix chip. So, the “buy something else” issue seem to be the best solution. A6000 has all upgrade inside and downgrade outside from a NEX-7 point of view. They might call that harmony, most of us call it a disappointment.

  17. Hey Steve,
    just saw a couple of first looks.
    Seems like a great travel camera.
    You could buy this as a second camera to your A7, use the same lenses and away you go, travel the world with great image quality fast auto Focus and less weight than DSLRs.

    I wonder if Sony will bing out the a7000, do you know?
    Because with the A7 and the a7000 and FE lenses, what a great travel and pro kit.
    System cameras that are light and quality, Nikon and canon would be scared of that.

    Happy shooting,

  18. I was going to say that there has to be an error somewhere. That it must be the fast focusing mirrorless. But I am not even sure its got the fastest AF for mirrorless.

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