Reviews Coming Soon…Voigtlander 50 APO on the Sony A7RIV, Something NEW and more…

Reviews Coming Soon…Voigtlander 50 APO on the Sony A7RIV, Something NEW and more…

Hey guys! Just a note to say that yes, I am working on my next two reviews. One will be for the Voigtlander 50 APO I showed you guys HERE in my first look. This time I picked up a Sony A7RIV to shoot this lens on, as I feel it is worthy of those 60+megapixels. This lens is simply fantastic, best I have seen from Voigtlander…ever. It is not for M mount, but E mount and works like a treat on any Sony A7 or A9 series body. I gave it a go on the A7III and it did very well. It’s also doing wonderfully on the A7rIV (which is a beast of a Sony camera, my massive first look of that one HERE). A few new quick samples I just shot moments ago to see the rendering on the A7RIV. You can click them for larger versions but I will have more in the full post very soon. Will be shooting this weekend.

All from the new Voigtlander 50 APO E mount (Sony A7RIV) – ALL AT f/2! I will have some stopped down in my full post next week. 

In any case, I will have my full review of the 50 APO from Voigtlander on the Sony A7rIV soon!

Also, a second review I just started is for something new…not being announced for a week or so. Nothing major but something pretty cool, and something I personally have been waiting on for a while. I also have a few new HiFi audio reviews coming (these will increase this year as they are getting to be pretty popular in the audio world) soon from Innuos (Zen Mini MKII, Phoenix USB Reclocker) and Klipsch (Cornwall IV).

As for after these things, I hope to take a look at whatever gets my blood pumping next!



  1. Hi Steve
    I’m an amateur photographer. I came across your site while researching stuff and thought that I should make these comments. Whilst there is lot of information out there, I think you probably are the best reviewer. Your articles are mesmerising and cover the relevant information without going into too much technical jargon, keeping it always interesting. I also noted that you regularly respond to the comments of your readers. I think that goes a long way to get the most from a review site. I am certain my acquisitions will be heavily influenced by you.

  2. Hey Steve, enjoying your reviews, keep up the good work !
    I seriously hope for the next iteration of RX1R from Sony but was a little confused about your remark of “nothing major”. An updated RX1R would be a MAJOR thing for real photographers. I sold my Hassy X1D (mark 1) for the RX1R II after using them parallel for a while. Sony needs to fix the autofocus, and no company can do that better today then Sony. They can make that camera marvelous with the right minor changes, which then could easily compete with the Q2 (or actually beat that one) and the X1D II. Anyhow, many of us hopes you have a new RX1R in your hands and compare it to the X1D II as well. Take care !

    • Hate to disappoint you but I have no info on any Sony RX1 successor for this year. Does not mean its not happening but I have-not seen, heard nor do I know of any fact to that rumor.

  3. Dear Steve,

    As a long term follower of your site, I’m always looking forward to new content.
    I know your relationship to Fujifilm hasn’t been the best, but I was still hoping you would review the X100V since you liked the original X100 so much. It would be so interesting to read your opinion on the new lens. No one does written reviews as well as you do! Also, with the upcoming X-T4 being rumored to have a bigger battery and selfie flippy screen, it might be one of the better offerings this year for vloggers out there. Therefore, I hope you’ll consider reviewing at least one of them.

    I’m looking forward to your upcoming speaker reviews! Maybe you will throw in a best bang for the buck-test in the $500-dollar range somewhere down the line? For example, I’d love to know if the Elac Uni-Fi UB5 are still considered one of the best buy’s for the money.

    Best regards!

    • I may rent the Fuji X100V and check it out soon. If so, I will write about it. I did love the 1st one the most as the sensor was very organic. When they moved to XTrans, I initially was disappointed but theses days they have sorted out all of those old Xtrans issues. I loved the X-T3 and thought it was the best APS-C offering at the time. As for audio, I will be doing some lower cost reviews as well, and have some Elac’s on the calendar! Thank you!

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