PRESS RELEASE: Sony Digital Imaging announces “Pro Support” Service for Photographers



SAN DIEGO, CA (Oct. 29, 2014) – Sony, a worldwide leader in digital imaging, has announced the formal launch of their “PRO Support” service program, offering premium service, repair, support, equipment loans and more to working professional photographers.

“I’m very pleased to launch our PRO Support program here in the US” said Neal Manowitz, director of the interchangeable lens camera business at Sony. “We’ve seen such a strong response to Sony cameras from working pros, and are proud to offer this versatile program to cater to their demands. It’s a premium support experience that will ensure our pros are constantly ready for business and remain up-to-date with all of our leading innovations.”

Brian Smith, Sony Artisan of Imagery, added “As a professional photographer, my Sony cameras take a beating while they hold up to the rigors of the road. Yet it’s great to know that Sony PRO Support has my back – so I can finish the job even when shooting in the harshest conditions.”

The program, already in beta, will launch on October 30th at ( A formal overview of its membership benefits and requirements is below:
PRO Support Program Benefits:

• Welcome Kit
• Dedicated phone support
• Expedited turnaround time for repair service
• Repair facilitation loans
• Access to loan equipment for evaluation purposes
• Free camera maintenance services
• No out-of-pocket shipping expenses
• Discounts on out-of-warranty repairs
Membership Eligibility requirements:
• Owner of two (2) Sony Alpha Full Frame Interchangeable Lens Cameras and three (3) Sony ZEISS™ and/or G-Series Lenses
• Apply through host URL ( + receive official invitation from Sony
• $100 annual membership fee
• Active professional photographer (self-employed or member of professional imaging business)

For more information on Sony’s PRO Support Service program or to formally apply, please visit (


  1. “pro”, “premium”, etc support seem to me as: ” ‘you make peoples opinion’ so I give you better support for the things I built fragil.”. It is not fear to me, once I am not mistaken, but every of us paied the same.

  2. Says something about Sony’s commitment to the marketplace.

    They need to get the A7 cameras up to pro caliber first, though. While their sensors are outstanding, their native lens lineup is woefully inadequate, and the cameras themselves leave a lot to be desired ergonomically and in terms of build quality.

    • Same with Olympus, at least here in Europe. Their Service Plus is also free for any person who bought an E-M1 … doesn’t have to be a professional. And a free loaning program is even available for people who haven’t bought anything of them yet – the try before you buy concept.

  3. And a dedicated user of Canon’s CPS program which has been extremely beneficial for the continuing smooth operation of my business, this is a good step for Sony. My only frustration is, the requirement of owning at least three Sony lenses. My first Sony body will be the A7S, but I will be using with Leica M glass. I am not eligible. Canon has similar requirements, so I should not complain.

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