BLOWOUT Hasselblad Stellar SPECIAL EDITION $2299 (70%) OFF!

BLOWOUT Hasselblad Stellar SPECIAL EDITION $2299 (70%) OFF!


UPDATE: I bought one of these in Orange and it is GORGEOUS, HEFTY and feels amazing in the hand. This is indeed a special version of a special camera and $999 is a more than fair price. I handled  the standard stellar 1-2 years ago and was impressed but this one takes it up a notch in looks and style. $3500? NO WAY. $999, YES SIR! Will I keep it for a long time? Maybe but I also may list it for sale in 6 months on e-bay for $1500 when they are sold out at $999 and others are still trying to get $4k for them. 🙂 Others can trash talk it all they want, but this is a GREAT buy right now so if you are on the fence about it and love the RX100 camera, this is better in all ways (besides IQ which is the same) to the standard Sony version in build, materials, feel, accessories, and uniqueness. Much like the Leica D-Lux which is the exact same camera as the Panasonic LX100, made in the same factory side by side yet the Leica costs $400 more and does not include these kind of extras (as the Stellar SE does).

Video review soon just because. 

WOW! I knew this day would come as it was only a matter of time. I know 95% of the photo community made fun of the Hasselblad Stellar, which in reality is just a Sony RX100 with a premium cosmetic upgrade. But B&H Photo just took stock of several SPECIAL EDITION versions and are unloading them for $999! 70% off for this luxury edition of the Sony RX100 camera.


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These cameras are running $2,795 – $4,250 at Amazon and did run for $3299.00 originally. With the new “Stellar II” coming (and it will be full price) the original Stellar Special Edition can now be had for what I feel is actually a great price, $999.


The Special Edition Stellar comes in unique colors, with special edition leather straps and a wooden case. Also has a special edition writs strap that comes with it. The fact is, the Sony RX100 (see my review here) is a superb camera, and IQ wise, may be slightly better than the II and III (many say so). You can buy an original Sony RX100 for $500 or so but for $500 more, you can have something special while having a great camera. A camera that will start many conversations, I guarantee it. A chance to own the most controversial camera release in years at $2400 off the normal price.


I was able to handle the original plain (non SE) stellar a while back and loved the wooden grip, sturdier feel and metal buttons and dials, but refused to even think about paying $3000 for one. With the SE editions now at $999 at B&H Photo, I went ahead and ordered the orange one just to have a pimped out RX100 on hand and to hold onto so later in life I can tell my grandkids about the days when Hasselblad was the laughing stock of the camera community for releasing a camera like this (Sony RX100 for $2500 more than the RX100) at $3300 😉

I have liked the looks of the Stellar but would never ever pay the original prices. At $999, I find this to be a deal worthy of going for if you want a small compact camera with high IQ and a design that is different from 100% of other cameras out there. Some will hate it of course, some will love it. But if you are one of those who liked the design of the stellar and was waiting for the big discount unloading day, well, the is it!

The Hasselblad Stellar SE is now at a reasonable price ($500 + for the design, uniqueness, rarity, name, strap, exotic wood grip, wooden case, more robust build, firmware, etc) and B&H has a few of each color color combo so click below To see what they have to offer. They even have a few of the carbon fiber black SE’s left, which was the one that sold the most, even at normal price.



A camera to match those autumn afternoons strolling the Champs-Élysées or a late summer’s final respite to the beaches of Dubai, the Stellar Special Edition pairs Hasselblad’s refined Swedish design with Italian opulence. A true objet d’art, the champagne-colored aluminum body features a wenge wood grip with orange accents, along with hand and neck straps crafted of vegetable-tanned Italian leather. Its air of elegance is further reinforced with the inclusion of a custom wood display box that would not seem out of place at the Metropolitan Museum, let alone as the prized item in your home collection. Chromed hardware and a lacquered finish serve as the understated backdrop to the inlaid Hasselblad emblem that signifies both historical relevance and timeless design.

The Stellar combines the size of a point-and-shoot camera with the craftsmanship and attention to detail that one would expect from Hasselblad. Along with its attractive hand grip, it also features all metal operation controls, a 20.2MP 1″ Exmor CMOS sensor to produce high-resolution still imagery and full HD 1080i/p video, and an f/1.8 10.4-37.1mm Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T* lens.

The lens has a 35mm equivalent focal length of 28-100mm, which covers both wide-angle and telephoto perspectives, allowing you the versatility to shoot in many situations. The wide aperture of f/1.8 enables the camera to shoot in difficult lighting, and can isolate your subject from the background. Optical SteadyShot image stabilization helps minimize the appearance of camera shake when shooting with slow shutter speeds or long zoom magnifications. The T* coating on the lens is an anti-reflective coating that helps reduce reflections, lens flare, and ghosting, providing sharp, high-contrast imagery.

On the back of the camera is a 1229K-dot 3″ LCD screen to compose and review your images and videos, and to navigate through the camera’s menu. The display screen has auto and manual controls to adjust the brightness, from -2 to +2, as well as a sunny weather mode, which is important when shooting outdoors in sunny conditions. The screen also displays all info, and has a virtual horizon for leveling your shots. Included with the Stellar is Adobe Photoshop Lightroom software to edit your images, an 8 GB SD memory card, anti-dust bags for the camera and neck strap, and a microfiber cleaning cloth.

Special Edition
This special edition kit includes a custom-fit lacquered wooden camera box, and Italian leather wrist and neck straps with signature stitching. There are also two anti-dust bags to protect the camera and the neck strap, and a faux velvet cover to protect the wooden box’s finish.
Shooting Modes for Video & Stills
Choose from standard program, aperture priority, shutter priority, and manual modes, or additional iAuto, iAuto+, or sweep panorama modes. There are also thirteen pre-programmed scene modes to choose from.
Built-In Flash
The built-in pop-up flash aids in shooting in difficult lighting, and has five flash modes, with a +/- 2.0 EV compensation.
A leaf shutter allows for shutter speeds between 30 seconds and 1/2000 sec, as well as a bulb mode.
Drive Modes
Shoot in single-shot, continuous, speed priority continuous, self-timer, self-timer continuous, or bracketing modes.
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom
Included with the camera is Adobe Photoshop Lightroom to incorporate into your workflow.


  1. The price of Stellar on BHPHOTOVIDEO is now down to $649 !! I believe as a collectible item this Price is just right. You can even make profit on long run. If you are looking for an awesome pocket size camera, you can spend the same money on RX100 iii which is totally worth it……

    • I bought my Stellar when they were $995 and I still love it. One of the greatest little pocket cameras that yields fantastic videos and photos. As far as it being the same as a Sony RX100 that’s not exactly true. From what I’ve seen all the Stellars were made in Japan, then customized in Switzerland with the neat grips and bodies. The Rx100s say “Made in China” on them. Heck that alone is worth the price 🙂 Besides, your Sony RX100 did not come in the same really nice presentation box my Stellar came in. I agree with Bob’s comments above about people who knock the Stellar, and wonder if they realize a Chevy truck and a GMC truck come from the same factory?

  2. Hi Steve. Do the Stellar has the same menu than the RX100?

    The difference between Leica DLUX and this is, that in Leica DLUX is a little bit of Leica in it (although it is sure made completly by Panasonic). So if you buy a Typ109 instead of a LX100, you get a little Leica feeling. I mean, the Stellar got a Sony Zeiss Lens, which dont fit the Hasselblad brand. Design is although unique and the grip is not bad.

    This is like a Swatch clock with a Rolex rebranding.

    But the important thing is, that it makes you happy and then it worth the money.

    • The D-Lux has no Leica in it. Inside it is the Panasonic and IQ is the same, exact, between them both. The only difference is the body is different. Internals are 100% panasonic. So a Dlux is indeed a much more expensive LX100, same as the Stellar was a much more expensive Sony. With 70% off it was well worth the cost just to have the unique body and construction difference (buttons, dials, etc are all much more solid) as well as the unique styling which for many, makes it worth it. At the blowout price it was a good buy, at the original cost it was not.

  3. I bought the black version a few days ago. Ive always liked the Sony RX100 since I first read reviews about it. And yes, I do know about version 2 & 3 at cheaper prices.

    I paid $710 USD for the Stellar in Black Special Edition. I like the metal body and metal buttons also the black grip, Leather straps (both) etc etc etc. Don’t care about the nice black box it came in or the fancy outer box but nice touch.

    I did my research for the Sony RX100 and as most here know its a great camera. I also read everything I can find on the Stellar version and found 95 % of comments were negative, well 99% of those comments are useless information to me……….its a sony rx100 (this comment would have to be the dumbest comment in history, the ones that mentioned this, do you really believe people are that dumb and wouldn’t know that ? this is the main reason I bought the stellar + I got all the extra goodies that come with it)………its ugly………more money than brains………could get v2 or v3 for less money……….its 3 year old tech (like the quality of photos it takes gets worse as the years go by, has something in the software that reduces the quality as the years go by )…….timber on cameras is a no no……..what were they thinking……..too expensive etc etc etc. All those comments for me were useless and obviously had no effect on my purchase as I found for $710 USD its a bargain and works as the Sony RX100 should but with all the extra goodies that go with the stellar. When it was released at the VERY high prices I looked at it and said to myself, if it cost around $900 I would buy it, I’m so glad I did.

    Honestly why do people waste time on forums making fun of people buying cameras that cost a little more and are unique, stay away and don’t waste your time, go play golf or something.

    Happy new year to everyone including the people that think they are smart knowing the stellar is a Sony RX100 🙂

  4. I just received mine that I bought on eBay for $1200. Orange/ Wenge beautiful. I just charged the battery today and tomorrow I plan to take it out for a test run.
    One question, has anyone bought a screen protector for this camera? I’m thinking that it might be a good idea.
    Help please.

  5. I also just ordered a Stellar. Too good of a deal to resist. It can join my new Hasselblad Lunar. Yup, I got one of those, too. Crazy, maybe, but I managed to buy both Hasselblads for less than the price of a Canon 5D Mk III body. There’s deals out there, you just gotta look for them.
    For the record, the Lunar is a joy to shoot, fits perfectly in my hands. I love the feel of the soft leather grip. I think it’s the most beautiful camera ever built. Beauty’s in the eye of the beholder, I guess.

    • I too am interested in the Lunar, wonder if you can tell me the size comparison to the Stellar?
      What are some of the features you like on it?

      • The Lunar is the Sony NEX-7 with a very fancy body. That’s it, really. It’s still rather small. I received my Stellar today (free one-day shipping from B&H), and in comparison to the Lunar, it’s way smaller. I mean, really tiny! Steve is correct, the Stellar is a beautiful camera.
        But the NEX-7 is by itself is a very capable camera, and the Lunar is no exception. I held one last year and I loved the hand grip. It really feels terrific to hold. The camera is solid, with beautiful attention to detail. I loved it, but not $7,000 worth of love. I wanted one then, so I looked and looked before I found a fantastic deal. The pictures look great, just like the NEX-7 would do. I’m a videographer by trade, and photography is mostly a hobby, so I don’t look at the cameras as money makers. They might be one day, as I have done a few pro shoots.
        I own several Sony products, and I already have a good selection of A and E mount lenses, plus adapters. So the Lunar made sense, as I already had lenses and batteries for it.
        I’d show you a picture comparison with my cameras, if I knew how to post pics here.

  6. IMHO, the camera was introduced in 2012…it is almost 2015….you are buying old technology. If you want $1000 worth of bling this isn’t where I would put my money. I am sure the images made by the camera are fine, but with that money you could find other choices. If this is disposable income to you, go for it. If not, this is just another case of GAS.

    • Not true at all. Those who chase tech, the latest and greatest sensors, have the most GAS attacks as they are always chasing the next best thing (thats sometimes is a downgrade). The Nikon Df is using the “old” D4 sensor yet it takes gorgeous images. Cameras of the last 3-4 years are still superb today. The RX100 V1 has better IQ than the II and III which have an updated sensor. The Fuji X100 has better IQ than the S and T (IMO and many others) yet it is “old” tech. I have the new T here and it is nice but I still prefer the original X100 for the IQ it gave me. Rich, organic, Leica like. So many times there are jewels in some of these 2-3 year old designs..

      Nikon Df is one of them
      Leica M9 is another
      RX100 V1/Stellar
      Nikon V1
      Fuji X100 V1
      Sony NEX 5R

      • These are your opinions, which is why I read your site. I do not however always agree with your opinions on IQ. You feel that spending $999 on this camera is a bargain for the technology that is in it so be it. Using your logic it is better to wait a couple of years before buying a camera, the prices will drop, but the image quality will always be there. And before you dismiss me, I am a full time photographer who makes 100% of his income from photography. I do not have a bad case of GAS, I buy what I need to work, and buy what I enjoy for my off work cameras. I have a Fuji X100s, and an Olympus OMD-em1. I enhoy them both. I use Nikon D4s’s for work, with all of the top Nikon lenses…The D3s while a tremendous camera for its time, still produces great images, but it is not the D4s, even if the put a wood grip on it, stuck it in a wood case and put a giant “H” on it.

        • You should read what I wrote. I never ever said this camera is ab again for the technology. Never said that at all. I said it is a good deal for what you get – the rarity, the resale value, the design and color options, better build/materials, better software included, nice leather accessories, the uniqueness and the fact that it is a proven IQ machine. I own many cameras, this is one of them now (and the orange models have sold out, over 40 of them sold in 4 days) and it performs just as well as most of my others. I have an X100T here and I would keep this over the 100T any day (T is pretty much an S with improved EVF) for a daily take anywhere shooter. Fits in my pocket, has beautiful IQ and color, is super fast, silent, looks stunning and resale value is MUCH better than the Sony counterpart (which is at around $250 used). So buying this one assures I can have fun shooting it, walk away with some fantastic memories and if I tire of it I can get all of my money back out of it. Smart choice.

  7. Steve, thanks for your post on Stellar….

    I think at $999 it’s good deal, every one has his/her way of calclating cost before any buy, after quick calculation of what all is in that box…

    Sony RX100 = 498$
    Wooden Camera Box = 90$
    Leather Wrist Strap = 65$
    Leather Padded Shoulder Strap = 95$
    8 GB SD Memory Card
    NP-BX1 Battery
    Micro USB Cable
    AC Adapter
    7 x Worldwide Plug Adapters = 45$
    Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
    Anti-Dust Camera Bag = 50$
    Faux Velvet Box Cover
    Shoulder Strap Bag = 65$
    2 x Strap Adapters
    Stellar Software CD (Adobe Photoshop Lightroom) = 149$
    Limited 2-Year Warranty

    Total = 1057$

    some readers may not agree with me but
    I placed order for Black / Carbon from B&H at 999$, delivery in next 2 days ☺

  8. Maybe I shouldn’t care what other people think…but the problem with buying this camera at 70% off is that no one will know I bought it at 70% off…..embarassing when people might think that I was one of those who paid full price:)

  9. IMO The hassy looks like an 8 year-old designed it….needs flames up the grip and a laser cannon to really finish the job.

  10. Or you could save $200 and buy the RX100III and get (in Steve’s own words) the best digital pocket camera ever.

    I admit, the strap and case look nice. But that extra $200 could buy a nice case and strap for the RX100III.

  11. ….try the camera. buy it and enjoy it. I did it. And I am happy to follow Steve’s opinion. Yes, you can buy a (one or two or many more) sony rx100 and it makes photos. you can buy a ford or a defender. both take you from a to b. the question is what you want and how you want to enjoy it. thats it. ( I drive the defender with the ford engine)

  12. IMO, even at $999 it’s still not a very well design camera. The “H” is way too big. It makes the camera actually look cheap. The wooden grip doesn’t even blend well with the rest of the body. Even worse, the entire body is now looks like it’s made of cheap plastic.

    It just looks like someone with an RX100 want to pimp his camera and failed.

    • Well, if nothing else Steve you certainly awoke the photo community in your followers….Your blogs are terrific as well as the responses…..As I mentioned earlier-I bought one and again I thank you for mentioning the opportunity–I believe we are all mature enough to make up our own minds as to the Yes or No……

  13. I really LOVE the design and can now afford it too!!

    This will be the perfect camera for family vacations in our 1979 Ford LTD Country Squire station wagon. The camera’s grip perfectly matches the car’s wooden panels, the wife’s gonna love it!!

  14. Steve has a good point perhaps some people will opt to get one. It shows what happens when venture capitalists get involved with a camera company. Not sure where Hasselblad is at the moment but I wish them well going forward. Think of that great photo of Buzz Aldrin on the moon -now that is Stellar !

  15. I think Steve Huff has hit the nail on the head with his comments on this Stellar. I too feel it is worth the sale price just for the mystique of looks and that awesome wooden case. This camera is one of those unique specials that only come around once in a while. I currently own a Leica M9 and the new Nikon D750, but this one will be special to wear around my neck. Ever have anyone come up to you when your wearing you plain black Sony and say: “May I touch your camera?” Steve, I too ordered one.

  16. I bought one. I have tons of great shiny black cameras from point and shoot to DSLR to 21/4 and they are all technically competent but this is a very good Sony, some say the best compact in the world, with the panache of Hasselblad so for a thousand I got something really classy as well as a great tool for when I don’t want to carry around the big stuff.

  17. One word I have to say…. and that’s “why?” I do realize that this camera is at an incredible discount. Still for that kind of money, why wound’t I get the even nicer mkIII version of the Sony camera that this is based on…. and save a few hundred dollars? I could buy some kind of nice extended warranty or a fancy leather case and then it’d be about the same price as this thing… and it’d be a much more contemporary and more capable camera.

    I don’t say this sort of thing casually, but really, what were the folks at Hassleblad smoking when they thought of this?

  18. Sure, it is bargain but for the same amount of money, you can buy the real bad, a 501CM with 80mm f2.8 and discover the joy of medium format film, plus understand why Hasselblad used to be great in the first place 🙂

    • Who would waste their money on ANY digital camera then? Most cameras cost MUCH more than this, many compact models that offer less for more. It’s all personal choice. Some like nice design and performance (this model), others could care less about looks and style. This camera was a JOKE at $3-4K. It was nonsense at $2500. It was crazy at $2000. But at $999 it is a great buy for someone who wants the RX100 in a “deluxe” model – better built, better parts, awesome real wood grip, choice of colors from wild to mild (the black is beautiful) Adobe Lightroom software, good warranty, nice custom leather strap and leather hand strap. Gorgeous real wooden box. It’s a great buy – and the Rx100 original is a great camera, even with the II and III out. I preferred the I to the II which is why I never reviewed the RX100 II. The only thing I prefer about the III is the pop up EVF, but IQ I prefer the original. Paying $500 more for this deluxe version is no different than someone buying a Leica D-Lux over the Panasonic LX100, and MANY do. So while I laughed and trashed it at $4k, $3500 and the standard edition at $2500, at $999 for the SE, it’s nothing to laugh at as it offered those who wanted one of these a chance to get one at 1/4 the price. The price is should have been for this edition is $1200 which would have made it similar to Leica’s upped pricing on their Panasonic models. This is just a chance to get a classic RX100 made to a higher standard with better metal parts, nicer design, grip, etc for $500 more than the basic Sony. I can see how many sold through my links, and there have been quite a few that have been sold today so someone is buying them 🙂

      • Steve, as you say, “each to their own” – it’s what makes the world go round. I’ve always thought that the Sony versions are pretty well built – certainly well enough built – and I have to say that a real wooden box is meaningless to me – after all, it doesn’t do anything for my picture taking and I don’t really want to carry it around with me. Is the IQ any better for the extra money; is it as good as the new Lumix (whose model number escapes me) with the micro four thirds sensor and 4k video? As already said, each to their own, however.

        • The Hasselblad is better built, using all metal parts and dials, etc. Just more sturdy and solid. Again, its all about what one wants. Some will prefer the black Sony. Some will want some bling. Some will like the whole package. Some will prefer the basics..the cool thing is we all can make our own choices as to what it is we want. Will this make you a better photographer? No! Nothing will, but if a camera inspires you, it makes you get out and use it more, which leads to better and more photos. I have said this so many times about Leica…as an M just inspires me to shoot where most cameras do not. So if something special like this motivates the owner to take it out and grans some shots, that is what is important at the end of the day, and for many, it will do just that. Who cares if it is $1,000? It is a good price for what it is and if someone has the money, so be it! I ordered one as well yet I have a Sony A7s, Leica M, Olympus E-M1, A6000, and soon to have something else new..but yet I found a place for this as I have been intrigued with them ever since handling one last year and realizing how good it felt in my hand compared to the standard Sony. No way worth $3-$4k but $999? Sure.

          • As I said, Steve, “each to their own”. For my part, I’d rather have the RX100iii with the really good pop up EVF and, to all accounts, a slightly better lens than the original version, plus $200 or so to spend or save. For those interested in a comparison, Ming Thein has a pretty objective one in the gear review section of his website.

  19. Hmm, interesting. I guess there really is a price barrier where something ugly becomes attractive.

    Ugly + cheap > ugly + expensive.

    • I have the LX100 on hand right now (which is the D-Lux, same camera) – and it is great. About $850-$900. Has fast AF, a usable Zoom, and is thicker than an RX100. The RX100 has a usable zoom, great IQ, fast AF…so all depends on your wants. Both are great. The LX100/D-Lux has the EVF (though not the greatest EVF) and has the 4/3 sized sensor. I will put up some comparisons if I can next week between the two. D-lux is more expensive than the LX100 or the Stellar SE, both will give you fantastic images. I’d say the stellar will have a better resale down the road and would easily sell for $700-$800 OR MORE if they run out of them at this price. The Leica will end up at $600-$700 on the used market. LX100, even less at around $450-$500. B&H is the only one selling these at this cost which leads me to believe they were asked by Hasselblad to blow them out as they did not even carry them at the normal price. They just added them at this price.

  20. Wee, took your advice Steve (first time) and bought the Blad…..guess you can’t go wrong at that price…The RX100 was not such a bad camera–just very pricy

      • The problem here is not the price, it’s the design. It’s chunky, ostentatious and verging on being tacky. It is similar to driving a Lamborghini with a corolla engine!

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