1. Dear Steve I v just placed an order for DP2 Quattro using your link . I v liked your review about the camera and with 400$ price drop it became a lucrative . I am going to use it for landscape in a bright day light. I am a sony A7 and A7R user . I am waiting for your review on the A7 II review to see if it is worth the upgrade and how effective the new built in camera stabilization or should I wait for the rumored A9. Thank you big time for your comprehnsive reviews

  2. Hi, a good while ago my favourite photo magazine ” Black and White Photography “did a review of the Merrill in the context of a black and white landscape photography camera -the images were superb never seen the likes in black and white from ANY digital camera !
    The reviewer was himself a fine art landscape photographer and he was amazed by its performance but was frustrated by it’s slowness and the software support seemed to be an issue if I remember correctly.

    The problem we face now is that the marketing people are driving certain issues as sales bait -high iso being the new must have but it seems we are in danger of losing the good in our pursuit of the new.

    If I were a landscape photographer and loved the way the Merrill rendered I would get one -who cares what anybody says they are not taking your photographs but they will be admiring them !


        • Quattro has a more Bayer look
          Merrill still has the Foveon look.

          To make a faster more operationally responsive higher ISO sensor
          Sigma had to do away with much of the Foveon signature

          Still the Quattro at low ISO good light gives better IQ than
          Sony A7 series, RX1, M9, M240, Nikon D800e

          • What would I buy a Sigma for if it wasn’t for the full Foveon look? For that I can see the sense in sacrificing a lot of other things! But not, I think, for a half-and-half and a few improvements.

          • Exactly, owned both and preferred the Merrill. Neither camera is really remotely useable for “general” photography in the way a Fuji, m4/3, Sony etc is, so given either a Q or M are both going to be on a tripod anyways, might as well go with the better IQ, which I still feel in the M

            If the Q did great ISO1600, had fast AF etc, that would be one thing, but its still a tripod camera at the end of the day.

            When I’m working on a tripod, the M feels plenty quick

          • John you asked why would you by the Sigma if it wasn’t for the Foveon look.

            Answer is
            Quattro DP2 at $599 good light low ISO gives:
            better IQ than Leica M240 with Summilux;
            same black n white IQ as Leica Monochrom with Summilux;
            better IQ than Sony RX1, A7r/s, Nikon D800e.

          • It can match them in terms of resolution, but that is just one aspect of IQ. The A7r and D800e have much better dynamic range, as does the RX1. Likewise, the RX1 with its amazing Zeiss Sonnar just renders so beautifully. Nothing I’ve owned can match it in that regard. I own the Merrill’s and had the Q as well, and they are great for landscape type shooting, but the lens just doesn’t have any character. Its sharp across the frame which is great for some applications, but sometimes rendering style is more important. All those cameras are much better at higher ISO as well and the Q really didn’t improve much in that regard.

            Foveon look is really the only reason to own them IMHO. Great landscape cameras with across the frame sharpness, fine detail resolution, and great b&w tonality. Totally worth the price if you shoot landscapes, cityscapes etc.

            Horrible camera’s if you want to shoot general photography, low light, want fast AF, long battery life etc

          • Tbh i couldn’t care less about resolution.

            All Bayer cameras average out and make images flat.
            Foveon images have subtle nuances , dimensionality, interplay with light
            Which just makes a digital image appear more real than all other digital cameras.

            You will find the Merrils exceptional for art reprints for auction catalogues
            product photography of watches, jewellery.

            Anything still life.

          • Merrill print bigger, and retain the detail. Quattro don’t. Merrill’s keep that foveon look, Quattro loses the five look and looks more like a Bayer camera. DigiLloyd and others talk about this. Nothing comes close to the detail or 3d look. Just picked up another one for $540. Now I have the DP2M and DP3M.

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