Not getting the recognition you deserve? By Brad Husick

Not getting the recognition you deserve?

By Brad Husick

Do you shoot with a Leica camera and wish that people would pay homage to you for that expensive purchase? The Leica red dot is supposed to do that, but let’s face it – that dot is just too damn small! In some cases, like the Monochrom or the M9-P there’s no dot at all! What were they thinking??? Why do I use this camera anyway?

Well now there’s a solution. The LBRD. Leica Big Red Dot. Just apply the self-adhesive LBRD to any Leica (or any other camera for that matter) and get the instant recognition you deserve as a photography equipment connoisseur.

Free at your local Leica boutique. I got mine at the Bellevue, WA Leica boutique.

– Brad

big red dot


  1. you made my day! a big ROFLMAO! it’s the same like the guys with their rent or fathers huge D4, but can’t take a decent shot, or even worse than with a cell phone camera. Seriously, if somebody needs that sticker, and also for his/her own self-esteem a big leica sticker – i’d suggest to visit your doc right away, because then you’d have some sort of serious mental disorder.

  2. If your reason for buying Leica is to get people’s admiration, you clearly missed the point!

  3. Leica tips and hints:
    that cool red dot sticker would be more visible on the forehead
    don’t thank me please

  4. i love mine!
    Its actually meant to be used as a laptop decal. Mine covers the Apple logo 🙂

  5. I propose it be taped over with black friction tape, so now one will know what you really have and can be more unobtrusive. But also that the tape covering have a little window, so that you can ‘inadvertently’ let the red dot show through, so that others can see you are doubly cool- not only do you have a Leica, but you are very cleverly showing others that you are cool enough to not care.

  6. I would say this would be better for Leica D-Lux shooters, since they are the ones that care most about the name 🙂

  7. There is a black variation of the LBRD called Leica Big Black Dot, LBBD, for people who don’t want to use tape over their LBRD in order to not get noticed. It takes a lot of tape to fully cover the LBRD, so it makes things easier.

  8. Not getting the recognition you deserve?

    Learn first even really what photography is

  9. Well, this is FABULOUS…simply FABULOUS. I didn’t own a Leica, but because of this FABULOUS new sticker that’s available, I ordered a 240 today as well as a sticker. Man, it’s gonna be FABULOUS. I’ll be able to take MORE FABULOUS pitchas then evvah B4 and get the recognition that people deserve when they use these FABULOUS Leica cameras. Yeah. Good move on my part. Yeah. THANKS SO MUCH! 😉

    • And it’s AWESOME, too. I’ve bought a small strip of coloured flashing LED lights to encircle mine.
      THANKS FOR SHARING (as Miss Daphne in kindergarden taught us to say).

  10. Better yet get the LBRD and stick it to the front of a baseball cap – and wear it while you shoot with your iPhone!

  11. Anyone who does not get it should immediately return their camera to the shop forever and buy a tank full of goldfish

  12. Yes , you should put black tape an your Porsche logo also .I think those “black tape guys” are looking for even more attention.

  13. Genius, this is just what I’ve been waiting for. It will go really well with my Leica red dot T-shirt and cap that I like to wear when I’m out shooting.

    • I think you’ll find you can only buy it in Leica boutiques, and it costs $1,299.99. Shortly there will be a special edition version in coelacanth skin limited to 100 individually numbered copies which each come in an individual bamboo-lined presentation case, costing a mere $13,499.99.

  14. Leica charges $160 for a rubber band (finger loop). Surely this sticker has to be worth more than free?!

  15. It must be a joke…would really lend itself to discreet photography! Though I like Jeff’s idea about putting it on the lens’ front element!! 😉

    • Yes, Anthony, it’s a joke. See how I put the sticker on so it even covers the baseplate a little? How am I supposed to open it to get the card or battery?

    • It’s a BIG RED JOKE, young man!
      Also called sarcasm !
      Will take my all black M8 out for at shooting now.
      Maybe I’ll find some LBRD out there!
      Peace out and enjoy life!

    • Of course it is a Joke. Excellent article by the way! Of course there are enough people out there who make good use of Leica (and other expensive brands for that matter) but there are a lot of people who buy it just to show off. and that’s what it’s about here.

  16. I put black tape over the red dot and the M9 on mine just so it’ll lessen my chance of getting bonked on the head

    • Be carefull my friend not to be taken for a Leica perv. As you maybe know, red dot is used in India by married women. However there are kind of men that use it too. They are called hijras, the transsexuals.

    • In my experience, nobody knows or cares what the red dot is except for extreme camera geeks such as myself. Any thief savvy enough to recognize the logo from a distance will know what kind of camera you’re carrying whether it’s got the logo or not. Frankly, I think that the act of putting tape over the red dot is an expression of false humility — a kind of humble brag. I say, if you’ve got it, be proud.


  17. We could also make a sticker for the a7 which says, “don’t worry, there’s another model coming in a few weeks”.

  18. For a person with some knowledge of cameras a RED DOT is not needed.
    For a person with some knowledge of cars a crest is not needed as per Porsche.
    For me, with my past Leica M4, had no RED DOT (was not even ‘invented’), however I could read Leica engraved on top of the camera house. That was great and I still believe in this. The RED DOT is disturbing and give wrong signals to a lot of people. Even worse? Gives long distance signals to crooks! Some of us want to be discrete and that’s the point with Leica method of photography as I see it.

    • Terry, you know full well that’s an extra on the Leica lifestyle options list. It’s designed so it matches your Louis Vuitton (or was it Hermes?) travel set.

  19. I prefer black tape over my Leica logo so people will leave me the hell alone. I use it because it works for me better than my DSLR system.

  20. Doh – your hand will cover it! Put it on the lens’ front element instead, cos you can still see through the rangefinder.

  21. I hear the Leica Bellevue Boutique is really big on the “experience”. Quite immersive really. Hard to get out.

  22. I have a RDFR – Red Dot Finger Ring. People have to kiss the ring each time they want to see my photos.

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