1. I have been an Olympus user since the 70’s with the OM system and then with four thirds and now with the EM-10. Olympus has always been innovative, and makes high quality products. I am presently using Olympus four thirds and micro four thirds, Nikon full frame and Sony full frame stuff, but I always enjoy using my Olympus gear whether it be the E-1, E-3 and now the EM-10. The quality of Olympus cameras is hard to beat.

  2. Wow. Whenever I see any of the mirror less Olympus cameras, it makes me want to quit canon and join the revolution. I was introduced to OM-D by Damian Mcguillicuddy at SWPP in London for a superclass and I was amazed by the quality of the images (even looking at the display on the back). It’s a huge commitment for any photographer to convert but when is it time to go for it? Mirror less is the next step and their range does look cool!

  3. Well if you’re in the US, you better just buy from US since Olympus no longer honors international warranties.. region specific now.

  4. It is actually NOT in stock even though Amazon lists it as so. I ordered and emailed the company to verify. They responded that it is simply a pre-order that will be in next week and they can’t guarantee I will get one.

    • Its not Amazon’s fault, its the sellers. You can configure the listing to pre-order status, at least I have seen it in my Amazon seller account. They just didn’t do it. Thanks for the research so quickly! I almost cancelled my original order :O

        • I ordered from them. Based on your reply Artboy, I’ve emailed them to see if what you say is true. If they admit the same by email or I don’t get my order I will complain to Amazon. I find it hard to believe only because they are a company with a good reputation, seemingly.

        • FYI, I was indeed told specifically, by Cardinal Camera, that yes, I can count on this order. I have that statement in writing from them. They are getting the cameras in on Monday and shipping so after.

          • They emailed me and said the expected them sometime next week and that there are 15 people ahead of me. Basically, confirming that this is a preorder. Even if they come in on Monday, they don’t have them in stock for immediate delivery.

        • …and after the first email I got from them assuring me I can count on this order, I replied with a thank you and then the owner replied telling me how much it means for them as a business to give great service.
          I DO NOT think this is a company you have to worry about buying from.

          and ps… seriously, I’m no affiliated with them in any way… just ordered the camera through them!

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