Site Update: I am more pumped than EVER!

Site Update: I am more pumped than EVER!


Photo Above: Me and Debby taken with the Sony A7Ii and Voigtlander 15 V III (vignetting added with filter)

Hello to ALL!! The weekend is HERE and last weekend I was out in California with buddy Todd Hatakeyama doing some off roading in our Jeep’s at Joshua Tree National Park. We enjoyed some trails as well as some photography and I brought along my Sony A7II new 28 f/2, the 35 1.4 and the Zeiss Loxia 50 f/2. Also brought along my new Leica M-P 1240 SAFARI set, and it is a beautiful set and $1k cheaper than buying a standard black or silver set, and a limited edition to boot. For those wondering, I will have a full video and thoughts on the Safari set within days, but if anyone is interested in seeing what it is all about, has SIX in stock HERE. 😉

As for me, this site and the state of affairs here, things are better than ever. Traffic is fantastic, interaction on reviews is at an all time high and I have so many companies wanting to advertise that I ran out of space and can allow no more! All of those ads you see on the left sidebar? Most are site sponsors and they help keep this site going and growing just like all of you do, so take a moment to check them out if you have not done so already! I also just picked up a HUGE sponsor, largest ever for the site who will start at the end of this month. So things are going GREAT.

This site (V2 of the site) to date has received over 105 Million visits. To me, that is HUGE.  Amazing… and so so awesome. Why? Because I never planned or dreamed or even tried for this to happen, it just came naturally and without me ever stressing about traffic, promotion, social media or ANY of that, the site just continued to grow and grow and still is to this day. After seven years, this site is well established and many come here for their fix of real world reviews, user reports, daily inspirations and much more. For that, I THANK YOU!

So here I am, seven years after starting my original site out of our passion and excitement for cameras, lenses and photography. It was in my blood, my senses and with me for my entire life. Nope, I never went to college or school for photography besides a few college “classes” on film (and a couple can’t stand that about me)  but for me, it has never been about following the rules or being perfect. For me it has ONLY been about the enjoyment I get from it, the memories created with it and the absolute joy I get from new technology. I am a tech geek and love reviewing and testing new things. Check out the amount of posts and articles posted since day one on THIS site (doesn’t include the old site reviews)  – see them HERE, there are thousands!

Since its beginnings, this version of the site has received over 105 MILLION visitors with over 111,000 comments left. The biggest day ever was when I posted THIS post on post mortem photography. It went viral and brought in nearly 240,000 views in one day.

I still spend 40-60 hours per week on this site. I receive hundreds of emails per week (and not all can be answered) and I live, eat and sleep STEVEHUFFPHOTO.COM as well as a couple of other things I do these days that bring in even more emails and traffic than this site does! Yes, I am a busy guy but I love it. Keeps my brain working and sharp.

Today, in 2015 I am probably the happiest I have ever been in my life. No stress, no worries, health is good, family life is awesome, and how can I complain when I can wake up, lounge around in my PJ’s while I write, answer emails, make new friends and do my work..that I love?

I never dreamed for a second when I started this site as a hobby long ago that it would turn into what it has become today. Many tell me they love this site due to the variety of what gets posted. Articles and reviews from everyday people just like me get to share their experiences, photos and sometimes private moments with us all, right here. I allow ANYONE with the passion of photography a place to share their experience and while not everyone is a master photographer, all have something to share and we can all learn from everyone who posts here. I do every day.

As always, the site is able to continue with all of the support from YOU, the sponsors and when you guys use my links to purchase whatever it is you purchase. 🙂

One other thing that has seemingly almost vanished (from this site) are the haters and trolls. They used to be everywhere..maybe they thought I would go away but of course that was not going to happen. Today they stay away as they know this site is a success and that I could care less what they say or have said. They also stay away as they will get banned if they start trouble. I strive to keep this site positive as negativity is something I do not allow into my life for so many reasons. It’s actually one key to happiness in life IMO. But the 1-2 haters left, you are ignored and your comments never make the site, so sorry 🙂 You lose again. Wasting your time, never mine.

Anyway, I thank ALL OF YOU 1000%,  I THANK my site sponsors 1000% and I thank my friends and family who have supported me and this little website from its early beginnings. Know this, I am more pumped than ever and there is so much more to come!


PS – Current Site Sponsors, check them out!! – Ken Hansen (Legendary Leica Dealer – ,, Tenba, Hold Fast Gear, 5 Shiny Buttons, Cosyspeed Camslinger, Pro Shop for Photographers, Lens Rentals, CameraQuest and Wotancraft. 


  1. Don’t forget Steve, you have offered many of us to show their work to thousands, even when I was in the middle of a nasty divorce, I got quite a lift being chosen for daily inspiration, so it goes both ways, Thank You Steve!

  2. Steve, and Brandon, I never go more than three or four days without visiting the site. I like the community you have created here! The stories are informative and a blast to read. Thanks for what you do. This is the best site out there and one I never miss.

  3. Thank you Steve for putting your heart and soul into this site. It shows! Congratulations on all the success! Photography is just a hobby for me and your wealth of knowledge has helped tremendously. Loving my Sony A7ii.

  4. Your site, the great inspiring contributors, your personality and your passion for photography all turned me from being a pixel peeping tech freak into a guy interested in actuallly taking pictures!
    I even went from a technical perfect camera to a 12Mp camera using manual lenses!
    You’re indeed Morpheus making me a believer!

  5. This sort of enthusiastic writing and personality is definitely one of the reasons why I continue to come back to your site!

    (That and all your great reviews, user reports etc etc)

    Keep up the good work!

  6. Steve, Congrats on your well deserved success! I’ve been following your site for quite a long time now and your positive attitude and passion comes through in every post. Your personal responses to my emails have been great over the years (when you have time understandably!) Thanks for what you do and keep it up!

  7. Very happy for you Steve. Been a visitor and even a twice contributor to your site. I’m excited to see its growth through all the hard work that you put. Congratulations and best wishes.

  8. I’ve been following your site for years, and I’m so happy for you.

    Please know that visiting your site everyday is a daily ritual for me.

    All the best


  9. Hey Steve, congrats on your success and you can count me in as a regular visitor. I don’t always agree with some of your opinions (what’s with you and hacking on Fuji colours:), but I always come back as I too am a photo/techno geek and I like to read what you have to say. It was your site that led me to buying my first Leica, a used M8 back in early 2011.

    Keep the reviews coming!

  10. Thanks so much Steve. Your site has been an inspiartion since I discovered it by chance here down in France. As my sight was getting poor I traded of my leica m8 and a couple of lenses for a sony A7 and a couple of lens thanks to your pieces of advice. I love looking at the daily inspiratiopn though I haven’t posted anything yet but promise I’ll do. Your site is really state of the art and my first break after a hard day’s work. Thanks again
    Cheers from France

  11. In late 2009 I was hit by a car while walking my dog in Pasadena. I was a trauma patient for a month and did not walk for a year. My top of the line Canon 1D and 5D models with L lenses sat idle locked up in my office. During my recovery I found this web site and enjoyed Steve’s love for this strange Leica M8 and then the M9. When I recovered enough to start shooting again I began to buy the small cameras that Steve would write about, Fuji x100, Sony NEX7, the Leica x2 and then the Sony RX1. But I would still read and reread his thoughts on the Leica M models with photos of his young son and this new lovely model, Debby. I loved the articles of the Seal tour in Europe. I once showed a co-worked the cover of the Seal album and said, “A friend of mine took this photo with a Leica”. I do not think the latest or greatest camera could have done any better.

    Steve wrote an article last summer very much like this one talking about how great his life had become “I do not stress myself out over it at all. Life is too short. I just do what I do, and what I enjoy.” I took this sentiment to heart.

    In 2013, I sold all my Canon equipment and all of the other cameras and bought a new M9 and the 50mm Summilux. Then after 6 months started to add the other lenses he wrote about with the images as someone said, “that breathes,” much better than some bristlecone tree in the Sierra. Ken Hansen last year emailed me with the great news, the Leica M240 had arrived. Of course I added the Fogg bag, Arte de Mano case and a M7 after reading Steve’s reviews.

    I am so pleased with this M240, an out of date camera without auto focus, without ISO 1,000,000, can’t shoot 10 frames per second, a non-Sony sensor and fifty other things. I know that every new Sony Zeiss lens is now better quality than the Leica counterpart and of course 25 times cheaper and shines on any Sony a7.

    Every day I think where can I go to take a few photos, I don’t take my camera it takes me.

    Remember Steve, I have you to thank for all the money I have spent but for me who was given a second chance in life it is money well spent.

    Congrats Steve and Debby on your good fortune.

    Sorry for the length maybe I should a written a Daily Inspiration.

  12. Congrats Steve ! I know you give not expecting something in return, you work hard in this site and you are honest about your opinions, you deserve this success !
    Besides, I’m glad to hear you are happy with you family this is the most important thing always 😉

  13. Great post and great site, Steve. Your enthusiasm is infectious, the honesty and sincerity of your views are refreshing and you “invented” the non-technical camera review. Not a bad legacy, I think.

    But I also love the high quality of imagery I have seen here from a wide range of photographers. Truly inspirational.

    Keep up the good work, Steve!

    Best wishes from the UK,


  14. Keep up the great work Steve, love your boundless enthusiasm and the community that you have built around this site.

    The only downside is your ability to convince me to buy things (A7ii just arrived …).

  15. Congratulations…always enjoy your camera reviews, and i am sooooooo looking forward to whenever the Sony RX2 comes out to see what you have to say about it!

  16. Thank you Steve. Your site, posts and contributors have been a primary source of learning and inspiration for me. I am a relatively new photographer and am pleased with my growth and enjoyment. Keep up the great work!

  17. Keep up with the good job – I enjoy your posts even when I personally don’t agree with you, simply because you honestly say that you are speaking your opinion and you don’t try to force it upon the rest of the world!

  18. Dear Steve, although we never met , I feel like knowing you (a bit). I guess many site visiters feel that way. This is, I guess because you run this site from the heart, respondent to us as much as you can. I’m sure that it’s exactly because you made this how it feels right that created this strong, unbeatable concept, with a forum for everybody that feels in the same way about photogrphy, even if they have a different opinion. But isn’t it exactly the so many different opinions that enrich us?
    This succes is very well deserved, Steve! Congratulations!

  19. Steve – your story is truly inspiring. Loved the fact that you followed your passion and hearth and you are happy. Thank you for putting together this awesome community together. on top, your gear reviews are the best!

  20. Wonderful update and news! Congratulations and a good decision for sure. Steve Huff without a Leica system just didn’t seem right. Your website and experiences you have shared since the M8 many years ago are probably 50% of the reason why I got my own Leica system back in 2010. Hopefully I can participate in one of your workshops in the years to come as well 🙂

  21. I’m so happy that you’re doing what you love and sharing it with us. I’ve learned a lot about photography from you and the contributors here. I’m also thankful that you give us all a chance to share our work without judgement through your daily inspirations. I was amazed to see my not so pro images featured on one of your daily inspirations. I can’t wait to see your JT images. Thanks!

  22. This is what happens when you do something primarily for the love, and you persevere. You never know what can happen if you don’t give it a try.

    People thought ‘Seinfeld’ wouldn’t work. People thought nobody would want a little camera than shot 35mm film. Who knew that the Walkman would be so desirable and so copied? Many people thought the iPod was a “toy” and “won’t last”. Wasn’t Apple supposed to sell its assets and distribute the proceeds to its shareholders?

    You may not succeed, but how do you know?

    But OTOH, maybe those two haters have a point. If you can’t please 100.00% of people, maybe you are a failure and should just admit that those two haters were right all along. Hah, hah. Right.

    “Nope, I never went to college or school for photography besides a few college “classes” on film (and a couple can’t stand that about me)”

    I find that most photographers did not waste any time with formal study. It makes no sense – after all, if you want to write novels, do you get a degree in novel writing? Of course not. You might study literature, or English, or history, or psychology, or a foreign language. But not novel writing. I find that most of the photographers I really like learned their craft via experience. They discovered it. Only one photographer I admire studied photography. I cannot take photography degrees seriously, but if people want to do it, it’s a free country.

    “I allow ANYONE with the passion of photography a place to share their experience and while not everyone is a master photographer, all have something to share and we can all learn from everyone who posts here.”

    Every day, I can’t wait to see what’s new on your site. Love it.

    Thanks, Steve!

  23. There’s really not many sites that offer daily posts on photography more like bi weekly or monthly
    Keeps me coming back every day thanks also stop posting pics of that jeep I’m so jealous of that it looks awesome

  24. Thanks for all the free information over the past few years -good luck to you and family for the future !

  25. Well done, Steve. You attract good because of who you are.
    Thanks again for the awesome site, my day is incomplete without checking in. It’s so cool to see someone successful at what they love doing.

  26. Love and honesty of intention
    These two will see us through
    Even through hurt and downtimes
    Well done Steve

    You also help bring together cultures , peoples

    • I also appreciate your open mindedness Steve.
      When you posted my LGBT ( Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) photos
      It was heart warming.

    • X 2!!!

      I really enjoy how passionate you are about your craft Steve, and how accessible you make it for everyone.

      Cheers 🙂

  27. Steve, your site and the community you have built, is one of the warmest places on the Internet! Every day it is my first goto site when I am relaxing after work. I may never be able to afford a Leica, but love reading about the people who shoot Leica. I struggle with composition, but love seeing the photos from people who nail it. And I absolutely love the passion you have for photography. You are so open and honest, and I am glad to see Brandon getting more involved too.

    This site works because of everything you have built.

    Thank you for that, and long may it continue.


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