The Leica M 60 Kit. Ken Hansen has TWO left in stock…

The Leica M 60 Kit. Ken Hansen has TWO left in stock…

UPDATE April 8th: He is down to ONE left with no more coming in. He sold one, so one is remaining. Email him and see what he can do for YOU.

Talked with Legendary Leica dealer today, Ken Hansen. He informed me he has only TWO Leica M60’s left. You know, the M60  – The M Digital without the rear LCD screen and simplified controls. It is like shooting a film Leica M in digital form. Only 600 sets were made worldwide, and Ken has two left.


This camera ONLY shoots RAW. No LCD. Stripped down to bare necessities. It’s a beautiful beast but does not come cheap. This is for those with deep pockets and a lust for Leica. They will never re-create this camera.

If you are interested in the slightest, e-mail Ken and ask what he can do for you, tell him I sent you 🙂 E-mail him at  if you are looking for ANY Leica gear at all. He has it all. 


Here is the info from Leica on the M60 set with the Stainless Steel 35 1.4 Summilux FLE.

Leica Camera proudly presents the Leica M Edition “LEICA 60” set that pays homage to Leica’s tradition while embracing the future. This set comprises of the first digital camera to concentrate exclusively on the bare functions of photography – shutter speed, aperture, focusing and ISO sensitivity and a newly designed Leica Summilux-M 35mm f/1.4 ASPH stainless steel lens. The camera design excludes the LCD and shoots in RAW. Designed in collaboration with Audi Design, there are only 600 sets worldwide. Each set is presented in a specially designed hand-made presentation box.



Easy to use -only four buttons to capture a moment
New, classical design for camera and lens provides a special tactile experience
Outside metal parts made of stainless steel & cladding of cowhide leather with special embossing
Central ISO dial made of stainless steel on camera’s back side
Carrying protector made of steel and leather to protector the camera and lens
Use of a wide range of M lenses from 16-135 mm
Set is presented in a hand-made presentation box made in Germany
Special engraving on camera’s top cover and ‘Made in Germany‘ seal
The Leica M(Typ 240) Edition “Leica 60” Set consists of the camera, lens, battery, charger with power cables for EU and USA, carrying protector, accessory port cover, body cap, metal front and rear end caps, metal lens hood, metal screw ring for use without lens hood.

If you are interested in the slightest, e-mail Ken and ask what he can do for you, tell him I sent you 🙂 E-mail him at if you are looking for ANY Leica gear at all. He has it all.


  1. Sorry Steve – I just don’t get why I’d spend all that cash for something that by modern standards is so rudimentary. I can use cameras significantly cheaper than this and still get 99% of the IQ without loosing any of the stuff that makes capturing images much, much easier (tilting rear screen, auto ISO, …); and if I’m determined to shoot old-style I can still turn those features off and pretend I’ve got a Leica. Surely this whole Leica thing is just about the price and the build and the exclusivity isn’t it? Seems IQ and usability has nothing to do with their appeal.

    • I think, the reasons are the same why people buy a Leica M in general. It’s not about what you photograph and the resulting work, it’s about how you do it. It’s the process that makes the difference. It’s hard to explain in technical terms. Like MacOS vs. Windows. Either you get it or not. Technically, both do the same thing.

      Unfortunately, I will never be able to buy a digital Leica M. But if this rudimentary camera (M60) would be normally priced, I would prefer it to any other camera. (I wouldn’t care if it’s built like a tank or made by hand).

      I used a Leica M for 10 years back in the film days. I also owned a Nikon F4. Technically, the F4 is a better camera in almost every aspect. Still one of the best film cameras on the planet. Better metering, faster, MF and AF, much much better viewfinder. But I shoot significantly more photos with the M.

      • Sorry but the leather cover on my film Leica M peeled off either after heavy use. I had glued it several times. The digital M’s, especially the M8, had plenty of technical issues in the past and they are well known to be NOT the most reliable cameras. That doesn’t make them bad quality products per se. However, taking the D4 as an example for bad build quality is a little silly IMHO.

    • It is a gorgeous camera and makes sense. I just do not like the M240 electronics/software I think that is too flaky. I have not experienced one working 100% for more than a couple hours. May be Leica will get it right on the next camera.

      • The M 240 electronics are rock solid stable, 100%. I have had SEVERAL of them for months at a time, one for 1 1/2 years. NEVER an issue. The M9 had loads of glitches, the M 240 has none. At least the ones I owned and used never did, nor did friends of mine who owns them.

        • Lucky you; I have no experience from digital Leica’s M8 or M9 just M240 and five of them. I cannot say the same for my brand new rock solid M7-it is an electronic camera.

          I do have a video where I turn the camera off and the recording LED comes on!!!

          I can not also stress how many cards I have purchased and Leica has provided me with different cameras and the blinking recording light some times goes on and never stops blinking and the camera becomes inoperable. I had to take the battery out to reset it. Leica blames the issue on the card. This issue has been documented as a problem on the M9. It seems to still exist in the M240; at least in several of them. Leica blames the issue on the card. This is a pitiful excuse when they cannot trap such an error card’s or not. That tells me a lot about their software capabilities.

          I do love the images that I can capture. Within each limits and the intended usage it is a perfect camera except that has not worked always.

          Another time just took my last M taking a picture of the floor and the image was just black. Repeatedly, after reset in front of the Leica rep. I wish they will make a solid digital as good as my M7 otherwise you will not catch me put my money in the current digital products.

          So you are just Lucky….

          • Sounds a bit fishy to me. Never have I heard of anyone having issues that you describe. Never have I seen it, heard of it or saw anyone have the issue. As always, no problems with my M 240. The M9 had the issues with the SD cards, the 240 does not. Just use Sandisk cards or Transcend or PNY, all of these work for me perfectly.

          • I had similar experience about three years old. I took pictures during a flight from Toronto to Paris. The camera was frozen, there was no changes on the monitor screen no matter what I did. It scared me so much. Finally I took out the battery and rebooted everything from beginning. Very skeptical to make another purchase of Leica.

      • The latest firmware intro glitches that occasionally require battery removal (I think it’s happened to me twice in a couple of months). Other than that I have never had a single issue with the camera.

  2. I want the film M like that with electronic shutter, on shutter dial 8 sec to 1/8000 and the self timer.

  3. This one is a bit expensive for me, but i sure would like to see a M that has this “basic” style.
    Maybe the new M-E?

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