The New Ona Leica BERLIN II Bag, NOW in BLACK!

The New Ona Leica BERLIN II Bag, NOW in BLACK!

ONA Bags release the Leica themed Berlin bag about a year ago, and it was a very popular bag, selling out in a matter of days. That was a limited edition set but the problem I had with it, and i told ONA at the time about it, is that they should have also released it in Black. Well, now ONA has done just that! The Berlin is now available from for $399 in all black, even has the little Red Dot on the bag. This is a bag designed and made for the Leica M system, and can hold the camera and 2-3 lenses along with some accessories like batteries, chargers, etc.


It’s a handsome bag for sure and if I did not have 10-12 bags here already, I would get one in a nanosecond. At $399 it is priced on the high end but this is a well made bag  that will last you many years if not a lifetime. You get what you pay for! If you are a Leica shooter then you know what you spent for your camera system, this bag is an investment that can protect and house your expensive camera and look gorgeous while doing it.




You can check out the Berlin II (which is also in the tan/brown leather) at ONABAGS.COM



  1. Yes, seems a very nice bag. What i don´t get is the size of many bags. For me, one M8-Body an two lenses are a perfect kit for the streets. The three items and some accessories like batteries and a filter fit convenient in my Domke F-5XA. That would be the perfect size for me, and yes, the materials and look and feel from Ona Bags are what i imagine a great bag for a Leica M.

    • Oh, sorry. Just saw the ONA Bowery. That looks like the camera bag i´m looking for.
      Still love the color and the inlet of the ONA Leica Berlin II.

  2. It’s nice, but I have been using your Bowery for about 15 months and still thinks its a perfect bag for a small kit.

    • I agree that the Bowery is a perfect size for a walk around bag. It is small enough, still carries the essentials: One camera with lens attached and up to 2 extra lenses. The larger bags I use as travel bags to get from one place to another. But they defeat the advantage of having a lightweight camera when being used as a daily camera bag. D!RK

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