Think Tank Photo introduces new “FLAIR” kits for your Roller bag!

Think Tank Photo introduces new “FLAIR” kits for your Roller bag!

Make sure you have the required amount of FLAIR for your Think Tank roller!

Customize your Think Tank Photo Roller with your choice red, green, orange, or blue wheels, zipper pulls and padded handle wrap. Make your bag stand out or match your favorite colors. Each Roller Flair kit includes the following color-matched items: two wheels; 10 Easy Grip Zipper Pulls; one padded Handle Wrap; and, the Installation Guide. Think Tank is known for having the best wheels. They use a custom rubber compound for smooth, quiet rolling while also putting an emphasis on longevity. Think Tank only uses ABEC-5 sealed bearings to ensure smooth rolling even after years of hard use. Free shipping on all orders!

See details and options HERE!

Roller Flare image 3 Roller Flare image 2


  1. I’m assuming you two never worked in a photo room with 20 other Think Tank bags that look exactly the same! This is great!

  2. I often have multiple bags with different systems in each at a shoot … all are the same Think Tank style roller. Quick color-coded Identification is actually helpful when moving quickly or dealing with a lot of hubbub. I could tie different colored ribbons on each, but this looks a bit more professional.

  3. I think I’m going to be ill. The only logical reason for bling like this is for better identification on the luggage carousel. Before that happens, I’ll drive or take a bus.

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