Why Pre-Orders ROCK! A7RII now 1-2 month wait!

Why Pre-Orders ROCK! A7RII now 1-2 month wait!

I know many here pre-ordered the A7RII when it was announced for pre-order. Many of you are getting your cameras now, yesterday and today and have emailed me with your glowing thoughts on it. I am glad to see I am not the only one raving about this camera. I am without the A7RII now, but will have one again next week for 2 weeks for a full review. I did pre-order one but mine has not yet shipped from Amazon so I may have a wait! It appears if you order today, at least from Amazon, you will have a 1 to 2 month wait as the A7RII is more popular than Sony expected, selling twice as many pre-orders as the original A7 and A7R (true).

This is why I am a huge fan of pre-orders. When you see a new camera these days that you know you WANT and you know will be HOT and a massive seller, pre-orders are always best. When you pre-order a camera from Amazon for example, your credit card is not charged until the camera ships. If the camera takes 1-2 months to deliver you are locked in place and without even being charged and if you change your mind about it anytime before it ships you can cancel the order with one easy click in your Amazon acct. Very simple. It appears there were loads of pre-orders for the A7RII!

If you received your A7RII, leave a comment below and let me know what you think of it, what you love and even what you do not love about it!


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  1. Just got lucky. Called Unique Photo and they just got a several A7rii’s in the mail. After filling back orders they had 2 left. Now it is 1. Act quickly if you want it.

  2. First shoot with the A7Rii last night. The good news is that the footage looks amazing, both in full frame mode and in cropped S35 mode. Shooting in a crowded music studio with the Sony 10-18mm f4 was spectacular. The bad news is that the camera started to overheat after 30 minutes. The studio was air conditioned, but hotter than normal because of all the people, but still under 80 degrees. Monitor was pulled out and camera powered with dummy battery. Only native e-mount lenses used. no matte box or other attachments to trap heat. Sony Audio adapter was connected to smart shoe, which does draw additional power, but this has never been an issue with the A7S. Recording 4k internally at 24fps, 100Mbps. After a 5 minute break, camera was able to finish the shoot with a 10 minute interview, but the possibility that the camera would overheat in the middle of the interview was
    stressfull. Shooting again tonight and will report back with more results. Again, the footage looks amazing and since this will mainly be a 2nd or third camera to our FS7s, it’s not the end of the world, but I would be wary of using the A7Rii as the only camera on a critical shoot.

  3. Love the new AF. Shot with it all weekend and it missed 2 shots then entire time. Those 2 were 2 of 4 shot from the hip w/o looking at the screen or EVF so it was my fault not the cameras! I will say however that the manual focus in low light is pretty terrible. I took mine the first night to shoot some landscapes. ISO800, f/11, 30s and I couldn’t MF the thing to save my life with peaking and manual assist (or whatever sony calls it) turned on. It took 4 shots zooming in after each to walk my way into an in focus image. Now this was a problem with my a7ii and other sonys so it’s expected. But the thin white line on the screen and the boosted blury high ISO image make it VERY hard w/o a real scale on the lenses. The thin white line on the rear LCD doesn’t cut it! Fuji at least widens their bar/line as you stop down to represent the DOF. Sony needs to fix that then add a hyperfocal AF mode where the user sets the aperture and focal length and the camera focuses to hyperfocal when the shutter is pressed. Turn a mirrorless/scaless lenses issue into a feature!

    • FYI, I shot with the 24-70 and had zero issues, in fact, it performed very well. My review sample comes in this week with a 24-70 so will post some tests.

      • Would appreciate you taking a look at all the lens you have and comment. I am particularly interested in the 35 1.4

    • Why are there so few reviews of the camera out? Always makes me wonder when a company puts an embargo on reviews until after pre-orders ship. Hopefully the reviews start coming out soon and the hype was justified.

      • while we wait for steve’s review, i recommend looking at Tony Northrup’s you tube reviews (he’s a fan of the camera, but points out some of the flaws) EOSHD has a very nice write up on the video capabilities from the view of a professional. Consensus is a very good camera, but not without flaws. Leica glass, still no bueno on Sony. Picture quality very good, but not on par with d810 or 5DS. Video good, but real over heating issues, probably not a valid replacement for GH4. Battery life horrendous. decent article out on the net analyzing that there is almost no weight advantage to the A7 series over full frame dslr’s when taking into account lenses and extra batteries needed.

        • Whoever said no weight advantage must be smoking crack. An A7RII with even the largest of FE lenses like the 35 1.4 and 90 Macro are much smaller and lighter than a D810 or 5D equivalent. By quite a bit. The boys is half the size of a D810 or 5D, and much much thinner. There is no huge fat bulky feel at all. The lenses are light, and therefore, you do indeed have a weight savings. I was getting 350-400 shots on my battery. The batteries are TINY and light. I only need two and the funny thing is, the A7RII has slightly better battery life than my A7II. As for the other things, no clue yet but if it overheats with video, that is really not cool. For me it will not matter as I would never shoot for more than 2-3 minutes at a time but for those who want it for video, and Sony is pushing this as a strong video contender in the pro field, and having it overheat would be very disappointing.

          • thanks Steve, there’s so much information popping up on this camera, it’s hard to really know what’s fact from fiction. As a primarily Leica shooter at this time, i don’t run and gun that much, so 350-400 shots is a big day for me. The over heating issue seems to be popping frequently, hopefully not the case. looking forward to your review.

  4. Sony A7r and A72’s are going for about $1k to $1.5k on ebay… why not buy one as a back up to your new A72r?

  5. Bricks Across Broadway

    Hey Steve, I’m a big fan of your site! I ordered my A7RII about an hour after it was posted on the B&H site and it arrived the day after it was released. I have sort of a new camera shoot ritual in which I walk around my apartment with the new camera shooting various objects both inside and through the window to the outside. There is a brick wall across Broadway I have shot many times with many new cameras to test for sharpness. This time I was blown away. I could see every brick as sharp as can be and the color was amazing. That’s how I feel about all of my shots with this new camera. The Sony/Zeiss zoom has a lot to do with it too. The combination is remarkable and I can’t wait to begin my macro tests with my new 90mm Macro. Look at my site http://www.stangoldbergphoto.com to see my previous macro shots with my Nikon D800. The 2015 shots are shot with the Sony A7II and the same Sony/Zeiss zoom using close up lenses since there was no Sony macro at the time. The color blew me away!

  6. Mine arrived today from Sony online in Australia , haven’t had a lot of time with it yet.
    However the canon 17-40L with the meta ones IV adapter is awesome focus is very very quick, I’d say very very close to on a canon body. Battery life seems to be decent spent a lot of time playing around looking at images and in the menu’s still at 70%

  7. The only two companies that are not making progress are – you guessed it – the ones who are currently selling the most cameras (I’m not naming names, we know who they are). It demonstrates that being the proverbial #2 manufacturer is going to give the customer the best value. I hope that when Sony becomes #1, which they well deserve, they don’t become like the current #1 duopoly.

    As far as GAS is concerned, I’m happy with my ‘old’ Sony cameras and manual focus lenses. 🙂

    • well early testing shows that the Nikon d810 and the canon 5DS both out resolve the new sony. so i don’t think they are overly concerned at the moment.

      • Resolution at this point is not quite as important as DR. The Canon is dead last in that department. I have no idea about the Nikon, but I suspect it’s very good. You just have to buy what makes you happiest, I guess.

        • The D810 reportedly has the best DR currently available. In my experience the 800/E/10 are all excellent in that respect.

      • The problem is that I can’t see the resolution superiority of the d810 because of the slight blurring I get with most of my hand held shots. On my a7RII I can see its full clear sharp resolution with my hand held shots because of IBIS. And Nikon doesn’t have to worry about me or my 14-24mm, 24-70, 16-35, and 135 f2 non stabilized lenses either. I returned the d810, and sold all the lenses. No, they don’t need to worry, not at all.

        • For me, it is not that the Sony system takes better pictures. I would expect that all $3k systems perform on par with each other as far as quality with some variation depending on the type of shot you are taking. In my experience, not every camera can shoot well in every circumstance – Action, Portrait, Street, Astro – there are always compromises.

          For me, the biggest advantage of the Sony system is size and weight. As they say, the best camera is the one you have with you.

  8. I wonder who is going to have it in stock the fastest. I just got the OK from my wife to get it 🙂 🙂

  9. Brit here, I ordered mine from the DigitalRev website this morning along with a Sony 24-70mm F/4. It’s expected to arrive in 1-2 weeks. Unfortunately the camera isn’t available on Amazon.co.uk yet and the only other place I could find it was CVP.com who are still offering pre-orders but for £200 more. I may have to wait longer but I saved a small fortune!

    I just hope it arrives before my next trip to Canada in September.

  10. People suffering from GAS generally don’t really makes pictures, except tests shots for useless web review…we don’t need the latest gear. does someone knows Alex Webb, Harry Gruyaert and so many others ? they don’t use the latest AF camera, they don’t print wall size, they are just photographers…they don’t prostitute themselves to be updates with the last must have plastic toy…Internet is such a waste of time. Poor world…it’s all marketing and business…don’t preorder as it’s just what the industry wants you to do.
    the more you talk about camera, the less you thing about photography.

    • I suggest that you are exaggerating. One of my favourite photographers changes his equipment almost every month. He’s a Leica user, so it’s not a cheap habit. But his family eats very well, so he can do what he wants with his money.

      • Changing equipment every month sounds like a disorder you could write a thesis on. I’m sure you’re exaggerating.

      • Hi Karim, can i get a link-website to his work ? sounds like exaggerating as Leica only produce few camera per year or 2 😀 what kind of features do we need to make better pictures really ?
        Buying books will make you a better photographer, going to exhibitions too.
        One of the very best street photographer ever, Alex Webb has published a amazing book ,’The suffering of light’. it’s expensive, but amazing, and can make you a better photographer, yes, not a new camera. http://tinyurl.com/pjd6mee
        It’s best to learn from Masters of photography then a buziness review website

        • It sounded interesting but that website needs Flash to run.

          Most cameras are like supermarkets: 90% of the features are either detrimental or unnecessary. That’s why I love 35mm Leicas. Two or three controls. That’s it. I love that.

          As for digital, I don’t use many features there, either. By necessity, you need ‘features’ like card formatting, live view, histogram. The HDR bracketing modes, which create a JPEG from three exposures, is quite handy, but I have never used it. Sensor stabilization is a good thing, but not a deal-breaker. I’m not sure what else one would want.

          • Hi,
            totally agree with you Karim, that’s why i don’t get my food from supermarket :p and why i do love my M9 and 50 too, simplicity…i’m professional photographer for 15years,use lot of gear for my work but when it comes to my own photography simplicity is the key.
            i did a nice photo trip in Iran, only with an M9+50 if you’d like to see it http://tinyurl.com/pjtks3l i’ve missed many shots due to my unique lens, but most important is what i get, not what i’ve missed i think.

            and just want to recommend you again and again this amazing book from Alex Webb, the suffering of light. a true master of composition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xm-Cio4wSQQ

            Someone who can enjoy this kind of photography clearly see that the last uptodate camera is not needed. :o)

  11. Received mine yesterday with my Batis 25mm. Coming from using the Leica M9, perhaps due to the different ergonomics, it actually feels quite heavy and the batis lens being so big (relative to Leica lens, and yes I know they are more expensive and manual focus only), feels like holding a DSLR and not as pleasing to hold. Even with Leica lenses on, its bigger and feels heavier than my M9. Looks similar in pictures, but very different feel in hand.

    With so many features this camera has, so much menu to go through! Its only a day with the new system, so I need to get used to it I suppose, but I am overwhelmed right now. For those used to DSLR, this is the best mirroless to replace for sure.

    Sounds like I am complaining a lot, but this camera is mechanically brilliant though so no complaints there, just spoiled by the simplicity of the M I guess. I wish Leica made their camera as technically capable as this IBIS is a blessing on legacy lenses to keep my ISO low!

    • curious to hear your results with M lenses. please update with your progress. i’d love to have one as a back up to my Leica MM when i want color, but reports have been fairly negative so far.

  12. Had mine a week so far, here in the UK. Things I love: IQ, of course! Super malleable RAWS, nice OOC JPEGS, really solid build, great VF, much improved AF, lots of custom buttons. Things I don’t like: fiddly, minuscule front and back dials, zoom lenses too big (inevitably), IBIS nowhere near as good as EM1. Overall though I think it’s pretty much all it claimed to be…

    • I don’t think you needed that disclaimer Guy. Brian Matiash was supposed to say hey to you for me when you guys were in OR. I’m an old fan of your writing back in the early Mac days. Shots look great.

  13. Not sure how I got lucky, but I went on BestBuy.com around 11pm (Eastern) August 4th, checked availability and the site stated that the A7r2was available for shipping on August 5th with free next day air. Decided to pull the trigger, and I had it in my hands at 11am Thursday the 6th. it shipped from NY to NH! Sorry, Steve… Would’ve preferred to order through your Anazon link but the Best buy offer was too tempting. Thanks for all your reviews and yeoman like work. I promise to order all my everything’s through your link from now on.

  14. I didn’t preorder when it was first announced, ended up preordering on B&H on June 22, 5 days late. Obviously didn’t make the first cut. Was sad. But yesterday ended up preordering from Crutchfield, and because I went through my credit cards’ shopping portal, I’ll end up with close to 10,000 bonus points, which will either be $100 off, or a nights hotel stay so I can take my family somewhere to enjoy an overnight stay while dad goes out shooting at night to test the high ISO performance.

  15. Hello Steve,

    I was unsure about upgrading from an a7s so I never pre-ordered. Then the more I kept hearing about the camera, especially within the last two weeks… I ended up deciding to purchase. I was able to find one on best buy.com two days ago in the morning when it was released. Received it yesterday.

    The camera is AMAZING! Totally shocked that it’s the first camera I’ve ever had that I can say leaves me totally satisfied -a7s left me wanting a few more megapixels, ibis, more options to customize and internal 4k-

    (I shoot with the loxia 35mm and am getting great results so far in my limited time with the camera).

    Keep up the great work on the website!

  16. Preordered from SonyOnlineUS July 13th. Got mine yesterday. Arrived just in time as I am heading to Japan for a family reunion next week. Gonna go look from some vintage glass in Tokyo. Christmas in August!

  17. I forgot to ask for expedited shipping so mine comes next week, but I got a great price considering the demand:

    α7R II Full-frame Mirrorless Interchangeable-Lens Camera Quantity: 1 $2460.48

    • First RAW file was 42MB and the ability to recover highlights and shadow in a contrasty scene looked very good using the latest upgrade to Lightroom 6. IQ looks very good using FE 28mm f2. Nothing to complain about so far and much to be happy about including fast autofocus..

  18. Got mine August 5TH from Unique Photo. Those folks are GREAT, especially a cus service guy named Paul. Had the A7II. liking the A7RII much more. One con? so far feeling the manual focus, or dmf using the evf is not working quite as well as it did on the A7II. May be user error as I haven’t had enough time to really know this camera yet, but OVERALL it’s great and super versatile. BEST A body so far bar none, and I had them all, including the A7S.

  19. I’m glad I pre-ordered, because my A7Rii arrived this afternoon. I can understand why some would wait, either for more reviews or a possible drop in price. Notice, however, that the previous model, the A7ii, is in stock but at the same price. I was comfortable with the A7ii, which I have used for 8 months now, and felt there was little risk in making a commitment to the A7Rii. Now I have an extra month or two to enjoy it. Thank you, Steve, for your excellent and practical reviews.

    Early deliveries are already appearing on eBay for a $200 premium.

  20. Has Sony done anything about the problems with Ultra Wide Angle lenses – particularly the Leica Ms, the Zeiss 15mm f:2.8, ZM or ZF.2, 12 mm Voightlander M mount? There has been problems with ray angle and thick sensor cover glass. I haven’t been able to use anything shorter than a 35mm Summilux M without chromatic aberration and smearing in corners and edges. Of course I can buy Sony/Zeiss’s proprietary glass, but I would love to use the great glass I already have.

    • I tested the Zeiss 15mm ZM and its pretty much the same with a7s, so pretty much no chromatic aberration. But I do see some smearing on the edges especially at widest aperture, that may or may not be an issue for you. Believe it or not, the latest Voightlander 15mm version 3 does a better job with clean image all round.

      • Thanks for the input, Ayoshkawa. I think the 15mm ZM was designed for film, and needs recalculating for digital. It does not work well on my A7R, A7II, or Leica M240. However, I used it on an M9 Monochrom and had good results; the chromatic aberrations went away, but the smearing is still there in the corners.

  21. I ordered from Adorama 7/14, but soon realized that it would be a long wait. So, I went to Best Buy on 8/4 and they told me that if I ordered it online, it would be delivered to me by 8/6, so that’s what I did. It came yesterday. I sold all of my Canon gear and couldn’t be happier.

  22. Ordered my A7rii a few weeks ago from Sony. It just arrived today and I am leaving for a little vacation tomorrow. Perfect timing Sony!! 🙂
    Just fixed my settings and did a few test shots. All looks great and now I am excited to have a full week time to test….

  23. I received mine yesterday and this will easily replace my A7II. Resolution, awesome. Features, near perfect. High ISO better than I expected. So many new features and tweaks such as Auto ISO shutter speed adjustment, 2-sec timer continuous bracketing (up to nine images). This camera meets all my expectations and desires for a next gen A7 series. I just finished setting up my custom settings and buttons so now it’s time to go out and shoot!

  24. Why wouldn’t you wait? With Sonys product cycle, by next spring they will have a new model out and this will be discounted. I’m sure the a7-2 which is a great camera will be discounted heavily soon. Plus if you wait the firmware bugs get worked out, and manufacturing issued get discovered…etc. For the vast mAjority of us,this is just a hobby, so if you have the GAS, go for it. Otherwise why the rush?

    • A7R was two years ago, next A7R will be in two years as Sony is on a 2 year for each model. There are no bugs or issues with the RII. Best camera I have ever used.

      • Sony has 3 versions on a 2 year cycle, so the A7S2 will be out at Christmas or early next year. The A73 will be out next summer/fall…. Each time a new one comes out, the other versions become discounted. As far as bugs/issues go. They don’t get discovered in one weekend with a camera by 8 people. It’s when the mass of early adopters get there hands on the camera for an extended period of time. Which is why you write your reviews after having a product and using it extensively…no just one weekend.

      • I preordered and was so excited to get it shipped this week. Then this guy on FB shows up saying its a nightmare focusing in 6400 ISO and that it fails to focus. I do most of my work at that ISO, rock photos etc. He’s even bad mouthing the ISO over 800 for video. Really flipped me. Has anyone experienced this?


        • Nope, not at all. AF doesn’t change at higher ISO, it is light that makes Af slow down. I can focus my A7s in pitch blackness, the A7II not so much and the A7RII can focus in every low light, at least it did for me and many others without issue. Just read as many official reviews as you can and base it collectively on those. Many people are out there trashing it who do not even have one, simply to trash it as they are Nikon and Canon die hards and this is a threat to their system. When my review sample arrives, which should be this week, I will test this and all issues to see if I can find them 😉

      • I wonder who is going to have it in stock the fastest. I just got the OK from my wife to get it 🙂 🙂

  25. True if you want it desperately enough but you will loose out in the long run when prices start to drop and you do not wait wait for Sony to have their summer money back offers you end up paying the full wack like I did with my A7s


  26. Did a pre-order from b&h end of June. When the order didn’t say “order sent to warehouse” on Wednesday, figured that I wasn’t in the first allotment. Looked at SonyAlpha Rumors and noticed that A local Best Buy said pick it up today. Got there at ten AM and literally took it off of the delivery truck. Cancelled my B&H order so someone else could pick one up……

  27. Ordered mine from B&H on June 17, and I barely got in under the wire for this shipment. Chat with B&H yesterday was strong sympathy but telling me I didn’t make the cut. 4 hours later learned it had been shipped to arrive this Monday.

    • If you ordered something from B&H after you pre-ordered A7R II, it resets your place on in the que. Look at your last purchase from B&H you will see the A7R II on the order too. This is what happened to me. It will also change your overnight shipping of the A7R II to whatever the last type of shipping you selected. (This also happened to me.)

        • I don’t believe that this is how it works. I pre-ordered on the day that became available and mine was shipped this week. I ordered a number of things since them including an item a week or so ago.

          • I ordered my RII June 17 at 11:03. I received it last Thur. at 10am. I also ordered other things after June 17 and before my camera was delivered, none of them had an effect on my camera order’s place in line.

  28. I am especially interested in anyone using 35mm F2 and 50mm F2 Summicron M glass on the new A7rII. My Lenses are both circa early 1970s

  29. I’m back in a heaven-like state of mind. When I first combined the A7R and RX10, I thought it was a really good combo. Then because of my GAS, I went on to other things, but I soon regretted it. Even with the A7S and Leica V-LUX (Typ 114) – and EM1, GH3, A7II – I wanted to go back to that original combo. And now, after selling it all, wow! I’m back to it, MkII, with the A7RII and the RX10II; and something tells me I’m going to be sticking with it for a lot longer than last time.

    I hope. Please. Got…to…stop….GAS.

    • Oh man…. get your pills and start to make pictures. Did you anyway, or is it only GAS GAS in your mind:). Well I would say….

  30. Well with a two month waiting list for the A7RII it’s as well I don’t want one. My A7R remains unused and unloved in a bag at the back of my closet whereas my M240 & M246 Leicas go with me everywhere.

      • Well it might just be a function of my advanced years, but I find myself attracted to and content with the classic simplicity of and output from my “inferior” Leica M240/246 coupled with, say, an APO-Summicron 50. IMO a load of little or never used adjustments accessed via a mountain of tortuous menus and submenus rarely, if ever, makes for better photography. But, hey, it’s whatever floats your boat. For me it’s photography not computer programming.

        • That’s why you can just leave those thing in the menus and have simple direct access to anything you might want. I shoot a Leica and an A7S and the Sony is better in many way for direct access than my M8 is. Want to change ISO? That’s a menu dive for melt Leica. Change exp Comp, yep that too. M240 is improved here, but A7S with four direct dials (Aperture, Shutter, Exp Comp and ISO) trumps it. Leave the options in the menus, set once and forget.

        • Jennifer, ok fine, but Leica’s main “issue” is that your M240 & 246 magical combo, coupled with let’s say a 35 & 50 Cron is more than $20,000.
          Can you tell me how a young photographer could afford / justify such spending?? But even if I could afford it (which I can’t), I wouldn’t buy it because I don’t want to look like some rich photo snob either.

          I have the A7s with two lovely $400 Contax-Zeiss lenses, and let me tell you, shooting in not perfect light (that you Leica shooters always seem to need) or low-light and night…. the A7s is like a revelation. I recommend you try this. And don’t worry about the ‘computer’, we also have phones now that no longer use a cable. Just set the dial on ‘M’.

        • Settings in menus are nothing like computer programming. And as an Olympus user I’d say Sony’s menus are relatively easy and simple.

          If you’re trying to sound clever with such hyperbole, it’s not working. You just sound intimidated by technology.

          • Sony menus are simple, very easy and Sony places the most important settings on the 1st two pages. Its simple. I find Olympus’s menus simple as well.

          • I agree with you but I think that the current M bodies are just a tad overpriced a 9 grand. This for a body that isn’t as well built as my M4s. The newer glass isn’t as well built either. The new lenses no longer use adjustable spring tensioned bearing detente on the aperture but a nylon ball which has a limited life. So those of us that have been Leica users for years are must use an A7x body to keep using our Leitz M & R glass. If Come into some $$ I wouldn’t mind having a Digital M as I am most comfortable with the Me viewfinder.

        • Yes different strokes for different folks. I just sold my a7II, not that it’s a bad camera, I just didn’t want to use it. I found myself reaching over it and grabbing my Canon new f1. Now that camera I love to hold and shoot.

        • I agree with you. I still stick with my M7, very sufficient. I do use sparingly my OMD-EM1 which a lot of menus. But there are features that I would like to have on a Leica nothing that I cannot live without it. M240 has been too flaky for as many as I have tried. I do wait for the next M version.

      • I believe that. it may even lead to more, better images. But I tried the A7 and A7R and never enjoyed using them. I think I got too used to a M. I had several Sonys and all made me stop doing photography after a first peak. I always came back to a M and it made me enjoy the craft. Not sure why but it may just be the simple, mostly manual layout of the interface and the challenge to handle it. Still I see the beauty of the technological achievement of the Sony and have no doubt that it is better in all measurable aspects and that it is good because it pushes Leica do try harder as well. D!RK

          • If you’re shooting anything other than stationary objects then I’m confident the A7RII will take better photos. The M240 is a limited use camera for things that don’t move and when you’re happy to shoot with focal lengths ranging from 28 to 50mm. Anything wider requires a cludgy external EVF. Been there, done that. That’s why Leica M photographers are never happy with just shooting with their M system. They always need another system to make up for the deficiencies. The A7RII can do it all.

        • +1. Shooting with the Sony is nothing like shooting with a rangefinder. Leica glass will never work well on it either. I’m always baffled that people would compare the two.

          • Leica glass, most of it, works better for me on my A7s and A7Ii than it did on my M 240. On the A7RII, even better. So this is not so true. On the old A7 and A7R wide angle M glass was not so hot. On the A7S it became MUCH better, on the A7RII, even better again. The Voigtlander 15 works much better on the new A7RII than the Leica M as will the 50 Lux, 75 Cron, 90 APO, 35 Lux, etc. Plus it is much easier to use, never have to worry about not nailing focus (RF off) and you are getting much better color and IQ for less than 1/2 the cost.

          • Steve, your recent “sony’ trip….can you update us on who paid for the travel, hotel, meals, excursions, etc……for just the spirit of complete transparency….

          • Has been on my About me page for 5 years+

            “My Disclaimer…

            I have to say that while I get lenses and cameras sent to me for review (that get sent back) by a couple of camera companies, none of them EVER EVER pay me. I write exactly what I feel about any lens of camera and if a manufacturer doesn’t like it, then oh well. I have been on “Media Events” paid for by the camera companies as a chance to review and check out their latest gear.

            Mostly every one of the big photo review sites attend these events like DP Review, Imaging Resource, Luminous Landscape and many many others. This is a perk, getting to see the new stuff before it is released to the public as well as network and meet other site owners. This is part of the business and it rocks and I would be pretty stupid to pass up the opportunity to test new gear before it is released. It helps me and it helps YOU the readers. This has been going on in the photo industry for 15+ years now and is part of how these sites bring you these early previews. 🙂

            As long as I have the chance to attend these events I WILL and yes, they are paid for by the camera companies. I did get a free hip bag and some fruit at the last one to take home 🙂

          • I was mostly speaking about one being a rangefinder and the other something completely different. I had the a7R (original) and it was a great camera, i just happened to not enjoy it at all. Different strokes for different folks. Doesn’t make one better than the other, just different.

      • Leica should announce a new M this year. I would wait a few months.
        I love my M7 and my Leica lenses. It is just plain simple and full control.

        • I’m imagining this new Sony sensor in a Leica M body with Leica glass. I probably couldn’t afford it, but there’s no charge for imagining.

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