Friday Film – Photographing the Artist at work by Huss Hardan

Friday Film – Photographing the Artist at work

By Huss Hardan

Hello Friday Film Fanatics!

This series is a little different from my usual submissions. I had the opportunity to photograph artist and acrylic painter Lin Lin Hu at work in her studio in San Pedro, California.There is something special about watching real talent. Every brush stroke seems so simple, but the whole is so complex.

Lin Lin’s work can be seen at

The series was shot on Fuji Superia 200 under available light using a 1974 Minolta XK 35mm SLR, with 50mm 1.4 and 35mm 2.8 Minolta Rokkor lenses.

Peace out


LinLinPaintingS-4 LinLinPaintingS-3 LinLinPaintingS-2 LinLinPaintingS-5 LinLinPaintingS-7 LinLinPaintingS-6


    • Peter, the XK (like the Nikon F2) is not small and not light (though somewhat lighter than the F2); it’s “dense” as Huss will confirm. That aspect enables sharp handheld shots even at slower shutterspeeds.

      • Correct Michiel. These shots were handheld, between 1/60 to 1/30 sec. So not too low but a heavy/dense camera like the XK (or my Nikon F and F2) allow sharper images at lower speeds than my lighter SLRs (Nikon FM2/FE2, Minolta SR1s etc).
        The denser cameras absorb the vibrations better and also tend to have higher pro level mirror dampening mechanisms (which is one reason why they cost more!)

        The ultimate hand held low speed film SLR is the Nikon F6. It is a big heavy brick of a camera that has a really well dampened shutter and mirror mechanism.

        Best regards

        • Thanks Huss! I’ve achieved I think 1/8 with my Contax RTSII, heavier still, with the venerable 1.4/35 Distagon at full bore. The subject in a bar sitting still, of course, and me using the “mass coupling” method, breathing slowly out… 😉

  1. Can’t open the link. Wanted to see her work as it looks beautiful
    Nice set of doc images Huss. That Superior pops!

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