Olympus E-M10 II and 7-14 in the house! Review coming soon!


Olympus E-M10 II and 7-14 in the house! Review coming soon!

Look what arrived!


Yep, the new Olympus E-M10 Mark II is here and it is SWEET! Man, I love Olympus and while I shoot Sony, Leica and others I always love Olympus cameras and lenses. Some of my all time favorites. The E-M10II is small, but packed with a powerhouse of features. It also now has 5 Axis IS, which works just as well as it does in the E-M1 and E-M5II. The old model only had 3 axis, so this is an upgrade. A silent shutter also makes its way to the E-M10II (though the mechanical shutter is very subdued and quiet). The EVF is large and beautiful keeping with the current trend that I like.


We also get other new features that I will go over in the review.

The new 7-14 Pro lens is astonishing so far from build and IQ. It is large but this is a 7-14 wide angle, and comes in much smaller than a DSLR equivalent. The build is top-notch and I will be reviewing this with the camera along with others lenses of course.


So stay tuned for my review, hopefully in about 10-14 days.

To see more about the E-M10 II or ordering, see B&H Photo HERE or Amazon HERE.  They are now in stock. 


  1. Test EVF in continuous mode shooting and tell us if it lags. The EM1 does not. BUT the EVF on this body has gotten bad reviews for keeping up with moving subjects. Even dpreview.
    I own OMD10 and EM1 BODIRS.

  2. Man I was really looking forward to this review til Sony announced the A7SMKII. Talk about a show stopper…hope you got your review sample Steve?

    • This camera could not be farther from the A7s – one is a small tiny Micro 4/3 with fast and superb performance for on the go or beginners getting into photography/micro 4/3. One is a pro level full frame with low light abilities to beat all others with a specialty on video. Totally different audience and purposes. If I were buying an A7s I would not be interested in the E-M10 II. If I were interested in the E-M10 II I would have no interest in the A7s, unless I wanted both for their unique strengths.

  3. I’ve had the 4/3rds version which I bought in 2006 and now own th m4/3rds version; optically both are superb, the newer version exhibits slightly better image quality at the edges, and physically, one hell of a lot smaller especially with MM-3 converter on it, There’s additional features, such as the snap-on lens-cap, instead of a basic push-on version, which does NOT fit it’s ‘Daddy’ which many reviewer’s omit to mention.

  4. I like my E-M5 and still don’t really need an upgrade. But I’m happy to see that E-M10 II has tilt screen because I really don’t like articulated one on M5 II.

    • Panasonic did not send me the GX8..so do not have one. The GX8 is more a competitor to the EM5II and E-M1, not so much the E-M10II. The E-M10 II will be smaller, have 5 Axis, etc. Maybe I will rent the GX8 to review it. Thanks for the comment.

    • I got a GX8 besides a OMD-EM5(I). It has a total different shape and I had to get use to it a bit.. It is sturdy, but less metal finished as the EM5. EVF is huge and bright! Focus is fast!

      The sensor is slightly better. Also high iso seem just a bit better. Not a huge step, but it is noticeable.

      C-AF I still have to try, but it seems not perfect for sports. I use S-AF and the highest fps.
      So far it seems a great camera.

      I modified the Olympus FL-LM3 small flash to fit the GX8 and that looks great but works amazing.

  5. As I’ve noted before, I’m a longtime Olympus shooter — original OM and still shooting film with OM and Olympus RF, the OM-D line, as far as I can tell, is too small. The original OM was, for me, the perfect size, dimensions, weight, balance and ergonomics. It was, after all, designed to be an SLR Leica M.

    Today I think Fuji owns that space, at least for me.

    • It’s the same size as the E-M10, 1st version. Fuji is no where near Leica in quality of build, IQ, nor are they rangefinders. The E-M10II is the starter camera for those interested in trying out Micro 4/3, but it performs just as well as the higher ups with smaller body and not many compromises at all. The 5 Axis is so so good here, as is the LCD, EVF, and speed. Only has another winner here as they seem to be on a roll 😉

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