Leica SL Review COMING! Update..

Leica SL Review COMING! Update..

Hey guys! Just an update to let you know I am working my behind off on the Leica SL review as well as the Sony RX1RII review. These will not be rushed, as I really am digging in getting to know these cameras very well as both of these are tops in IQ and quality in today’s mirrorless market. I do feel the SL review may be published first, followed by the RX1RII and then a new SLR Magic lens for E-Mount (Though I have an M mount version), the 50 1.1 that comes in at under $400.


I have been shooting these daily, and loving every moment of it. The RX1RII for its small size, great build and feel and IQ which is about as good as it gets in 35mm.

The SL has been a true workhorse. Battery life is off the charts as I am on the same charge as when I received the camera with 3/4 life left! The EVF is a thing of beauty, as is the camera. Hard to put into words unless you really feel/handle one yourself. AF is speedy, and everything FEELS pro.

Below are two shots from the Leica SL that show fantastic IQ and details.

Both were shot with the 24-90 Zoom which is a pretty stunning lens. Not nearly as heavy as you think either.

Click images to see true 100% crop and how it is meant to be seen! 




  1. I agree with Steve H. – The EVF also has the added benefits of being able to simulate so many imaging characteristics such as; viewing through taking aperture, B&W, color-balance, bokeh and focus magnification/peaking…

  2. Steve

    Concerning a comparison of the SL EVF to a “good” OVF (R8/R9, D4, 1D, good) I think we cold have a lively discussion over a frosty adult beverage.

    While the SL EVF is clearly the best to date, it still is a little lacking in overall clarity in standard view compared to an OVF. Plus, clarity degrades when you zoom in for focusing, which may be more related to a lack of available pixels on the sensor than the EVF itself (all EVF based cameras have this issue). This lack of clarity in standard view is just enough to cause my 50+ yr old eyes some doubt that focus is nailed without using zoom.

    On the other side of the coin, to be fair, most OVFs are not made with the mechanical precision to nail focus either. In fact most modern OVFs fall far short in their placement for accurate and consistent manual focusing that they really are “view finders” rather than a focusing aid. Unfortunately, many auto focus systems are not adequate for the job either.

    Which is why, for my money, for a camera to be considered seriously it must have an EVF. An accessory loupe on the rear LCD is a work around, and therefore not the same thing. And, as I mentioned in an earlier thread, the eyepiece and EVF of the SL are worthy of consideration.


    • I disagree. The EVF in the SL is MUCH MUCH nicer than ANY OVF I have ever used. Even Phase one MF cameras. No OVF can do what a good EVF does, and once you shoot with an incredible EVF it is VERY hard to go back to OVF. In fact, I hate OVF’s now and have for a couple of years.

  3. I had a brief encounter with the SL and the Q today. The Q had a flickering the in the store(due to lighting). I love it. All functionality was well implemented. I would like to spend more time with them. I found the handle a tad to fat for my grip.The EVF is amazing but still I prefer real glass. I could live with it though. I wonder how the evf does in low light.

  4. Change to f 2.8 or f4, point is I am interested in relative AF performance in both low light and good light. I am familiar with the Qs performance so it would be interesting to see how the three rank against one-another.

  5. Well Steve you’ve got just about every hot camera in your hands right now. If it can only be one for the holiday, which one will be capturing the picture of the thanksgiving turkey? We need to know the important things, like does crispy cooking turkey skin show moire patterns?! Happy Thanksgiving!

    • No way. No one is even close to the EVF in the SL, and it is just as good, well, IMO better than even the best OVF. Will never be outdated (The EVF) as it has no flaws. It is perfect, huge and crystal clear with no lag or issues.

  6. Hey Steve, my first comment here. I had the SL loaned to me over the weekend, I have to disagree with you with regards to weight, the camera and the lens are pretty heavy and you do feel it even more as the day wears on. I agree with you, the IQ is very nice (enough to make me think about selling my A7RII). I experimented with M lenses specially the MATE and the 24mm Summilux. I found that the M lenses perform better with the M-240 rather than the SL. Finally, one criticism that I have of Leica, when Sony introduced the A7 series, they gave away adaptors due to lack of native FE lenses. Leica should have done the same, at lease for the first few months.

    • So youd sell for the IQ over the weight? Do you think its that good over the A7rii….what differences draw you to the conclusion Leo?

  7. Steve, please check how the SL performs with extreme wide angle M lenses. The Sony a7 leaves a lot to be desired when mated to say a Leica Tri-Elmar 16, 18 & 21mm. I’ve noticed vignetting and a purplish color shift.

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