Do not Pay $5800 for a Leica stock at normal price now.

Do not Pay $5800 for a Leica stock at normal price now.

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I was on Amazon and saw a retailer (Electronics Basket) selling the Leica Q for $5,866. This is about $1600 over list price. This is ridiculous as you can buy an M-P for that kind of money, and a Q is no M! I have seen retailers price gouge so many times on popular cameras but am here to tell you to NOT buy these $5800 Q’s 😉 I JUST CONFIRMED MINUTES AGO with Leica dealer Ken Hansen that he has a few Q IN STOCK. You can e-mail him and ask him HERE.

If you do buy one of these inflated price Q’s, be prepared to lose massive value as soon as your battery is inserted. When these are being sold used, right now because they are in demand they are going for close to $4000. gets them from time to  time as well and their Q page is HERE. Leica Store Miami also gets them in from time to time HERE, and all of these dealers will sell you a Q for the correct price. B&H Photo also sells the Q, and when in stock you will pay the correct price.

But as I said, Ken Hansen has the Q in stock right now, at the normal price 😉 Email him at 


  1. Why would anyone do that? They’re sold (albeit on backorder) by B&H and Adorama at the near list price of $4250.00. Huh?

  2. Any advice on a used Monochrome-willing to go carbon neutral (stop driving) best price body advice etc Thanks Steve for your Leica passion 2 all who share any and all manner of camera info…
    Fuji X Pro 1 (err sorry Leica Germany!) with Pentax smc legacy lens various primes pancake to 1.2 f stop for low light use,
    All the best to you who you include in your Circle of love this holiday season.
    Still proud shooting film!

  3. I am saving for an SL. However, Ken is my Leica dealer of choice. He is very knowledgeable, provides sound advice, and usually has the best prices. Most of all I trust him.

    • I’ve had a chance to play with the SL at the end of November. What an amazing interface! Unfortunately, while I was waiting to get my hands on the SL, I also had the chance to try the S. Wow.. Luckily, or.. unfortunately, together with appropriate lenses, both cams are out of my budget. I do have an M8 (which I should sell, but I don’t feel like) and an M9, which I just got recently. Different style of shooting, vs the SL, but still love those rangefinders. Both (which makes it hard to ditch the M8 *g*)..

  4. Unbelievable! The (brand new, not used) Leica Q sells in Switzerland for CHF 4207 (USD 4283) from the official Leica Store. Tax included. Common dealers sell it for CHF 4139 (USD 4213). People in the US really seem to be ripped off in this case.

  5. Purchased my Leica Q from ken in September. I’ve also purchased several other Leica’s form him. I just wanted to put in my two cents about what an AWESOME dealer Ken is…..first class!

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