QUICK SHOT: Leica SL and 50 1.2 Hexanon by Rai

QUICK SHOT: Leica SL and 50 1.2 Hexanon

By Rai

Hi Steve, Brandon

Please find attached an image I have shot using the Leica SL and a Hexanon Limited 50mm, 1.2. I took the plunge and bought the SL after reading your review. Best choice I have made, I do not miss the M one bit. However, I think I need to stop visiting your great site, due to your almost Jedi like words gently guiding me to purchase new gear. I am going to end up with no money!

My Flickr site is https://www.flickr.com/photos/124324786@N08/ if anyone cares to take a look.

Kind Regards.




  1. Excellent shot, plus I really like your flickr collection. You’ve obviously got a plethora of great cameras available to use, do you work in a camera shop? (just joking) Maybe you’ll be using the SL from now on but my favourite shot of yours was actually taken with a Canon 5D iii (shock, horror) , wishing you a happy association with the Leica SL but it looks like you can take great shots with any camera, or iPhone.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words. Yes, I will be sticking with the SL for a while, although my dilemma is what lens to keep, what to sell!

    • The shot was taken in Hyde Park and the two women were there urging passers by to repent their sins I believe.

  2. Nice images indeed…especially the ones where the subject is the light itself. I just feel like the B&W ones suffer from an overzealous darkening of the shadows, the color ones look like they’ve been through one too many VSCO/Nik round trips and i notice a general overuse of heavy vignetting.
    Definitely you have eye and talent, I wouldn’t hide them behind some photoshop onanism.
    Congrats for the camera purchase!

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