Thank You All for your continued support!


Thank You All for your continued support!

You know, it has been many years now that I have been running this blog/website and it never gets old for me, even going on eight years of daily work here, I still LOVE it. Sure, the camera business has its ups and downs..some months are super hot for camera news and reviews and some are just slow. These days, it seems camera releases are slowing down somewhat from just a couple of years ago. Sure, Sony is still at it and they are on a roll, and Olympus continues to innovate. Panasonic is still in the M 4/3 game and Leica is trying to diversify into all kinds of camera segments, hinting at something to do with phone photography in the future. Fuji is plugging along with new cameras and lenses and Nikon and Canon are still sticking with their DSLR roots and the photo community is probably happier than ever with all of these amazing choices out there. I mean, just look at the choices we have as passionate photographers. That is if you want a NEW camera! Look past that and we have thousands of old cameras on the used market we can use to bring our vision to reality.

For the enthusiast, it’s tough to go wrong as most nice cameras today are just fantastic.

As for this website, my reviews will always be here and I will be writing them until I just can not do it any longer. Truth be told, what helps keep ME going is all of YOU. Your kind words, your kind messages and emails and your submissions like the daily inspirations, reviews and sharing of your work and thoughts. It’s a pretty cool community and while there are hundreds of sites out there doing similar things, tens of thousands of you still visit me here daily! Amazingly cool. I appreciate all of you, and will always do my best to deliver reviews on the products that move me, that motivate me and that I feel are worth taking a look at..

Sony 24-70 G Master – Super dark environment and I overexposed this one but managed to salvage it


Believe it or not, this website was the worlds very 1st REAL WORLD review site, as in NON technical..using real photos to judge a camera instead of test charts, graphs and studio scenes. There was a strong need for it at the time, and today there are  a gazillion real world review sites out there, and I love all of what I see from them. It’s so cool to see reviews being done in this way in addition to those who do technical reviews. I feel there is a need for both, and always have, which is why I started this site may years ago. The internet can be a wonderful thing…it can also be a horrific thing but for the most part, it is so wonderful to see so many conversing about something they love, on an intellectual and positive way.


Just this week I received some great emails from readers, and it is stuff like this that also motivate me to kick my butt into high gear and work more and more on this website (which now houses THOUSANDS of posts, over 7 1/2 years worth).

Check out these nice messages that just came in….so awesome to see positivity and happiness in a world that seems like such the opposite these days…

“I just wanted to drop you a note of thanks for your wonderful website. I like your positive, upbeat energy, and your focus on the products, techniques, and approaches that make photography fun and engaging for so many people.

While other websites like to be armchair critics, you engage your audience, teach them, and inspire them to try new things. That’s appreciated.

Incidentally, I have been following your camera advice carefully, and recently upgraded from a Olympus OM-D EM-1, which I absolutely loved, to a new Sony A7rii, which is just awesome. Your advice helped with both decisions, and I never regretted listening to you.

Thanks again for what you do. Stay positive and enthusiastic! It’s refreshing to see in this era of complaining and tearing others down.

Cheers, Jon”

and this one…

“…Thanks for all your words on this gear, it helped me pull the trigger and my first day with this setup clearly marks the beginning of lots of awesome. I reread your Lecia Summilux 35mm review and the images that combo gets and I’m seeing form on this gear are amazingly similar and satisfying.

May your shutter finger never fail you,


So thank all of you for being here, thanks to those who send messages like this every single day and thanks to all who help support this site with your guest posts, reviews and even for using the links here when you buy anything at Amazon or one of the camera shops that sponsor the site. It all helps dramatically and keeps me plugging along day-to-day.

Lots of new things on the way in 2016 from what I have been hearing and while the death of the point and shoot is upon us, and camera companies are making cameras more and more for the enthusiast, it’s all GOOD. Choices are great to have when you are a crazy photo nut and it seems they just keep rolling along to make us happy, and broke..but hey, I only am going to go round this earth once and I love living life to the fullest so I do what I love each and every day.

So I will be here for years to come, writing down my thoughts on cool new cameras and allowing all of you to have a voice, if you want one, right here at

THANK YOU! Have a great weekend!


Two more from the Sony 24-70 G Master lens..






  1. love the website, but luminous-landscape has been around for 15 years and many of it’s articles are similarly non technical. not all but many are user based reviews.

    • Well, they were still in no way a real world review site back 8 years ago. They still are not, but they are a great resource 100% and the owners are great guys and know their stuff. But its not really a “review” site, as they are more about education, teaching, and focus on landscape. Again, a great great website that is one of the very few I actually read these days, but they were not a real world review site. None were 8 years ago and that is a fact.

  2. I love this site, so THANK YOU for creating it!

    But saying ‘thank you’ is not just manners. It’s the basis for happiness, and is taught by all the metaphysical communicators and, I am sure, all the major religious traditions.

    A lot of Westerners, although they will deny it, fell guilty for what they have and they want the rest of us to feel guilty, too. All I can say to these people is ‘good luck with that’. The proper response to prosperity is not guilt, but gratitude. Being grateful is an acknowledgement that you didn’t built your life on your own, no matter how much of a self-made man you are.

  3. Thank you, Steve, for everything you’ve done for photography. Your website has been a valuable resource for me over the years and your reviews have helped me to make many solid purchasing decisions. Keep up the great work!

  4. Hey Steve, no thank you! Your enthusiasm is much needed and anyone who says you are just too enthusiastic and therefore paid (or whatever) just don’t get it!

    On another note, what ever happened to your SLR Magic 50/1.1 review? There was a hint in the comments that yours had had a problem? I have been anxiously await your review to find out more about the M mount RF coupled version and whether it will be generally available!?

  5. I visit your site everyday at least 3x a day for almost a year now since I got back to photography (together with japancamerahunter) And the information that comes in are so inspiring. I bought my a7ii because of this site. It triggered my love for photography from a very monotonous life. Although I should mostly film nowadays I actually am hopefully going back digital using all the great glass I have acquired some of which were reviewed here. Thanks steve. Im also starting to buy vinyl and maybe setup something for my soon to be built home.

  6. The support is in direct relation to your ability to stay relevant. You do a great job and provide a valuable service to photography. Keep it up, and the support will take care of itself.

  7. As others have said, it is us who thank you for the effort it takes to keep your site up and humming. Keep up the great work knowing what you do makes a difference.

  8. Thanks for all your efforts -may I suggest that you occasionally look back at some old digital cameras and see if some have that little something. It will never be a major topic just something different. Best wishes.

  9. I come here several times a month, but this past month I have been here almost every day as I was looking to get a new camera. I have shot with Panasonic since the GF-1 and I am now using the GX7. I had thought about getting one of the Olympus models, either the E-5 mark ll or the E-10 mark ll. The GX8 is larger than I want. Some people over at D P review have complained that their Panasonic 14mm, 20mm, 25mm lens don’t work as well as they would on a Panasonic body. Your review of these lens don’t point out any problems with these lens on an Oly body. My reason for looking at the Oly line is that I am over 70 and I don’t want a large camera which is why I stopped using my Nikon gear.

  10. We appreciate your enthusiasm and “real world” reviews. You not only make it fun, but you give us the information we need to make good decisions about gear. You have a great website! Thank you.

  11. Steve… Through your insatiable hard work, you have become part of our sanity landscape. A voice, and a platform, for all of us everyday photographers who quietly roam the world in the pursuit of artistic expression through our photographs. To merely say thank you would not even begin to express our gratitude for your efforts.

  12. Hi!

    I agree with the letters sent to you. Your positive reviews and constant curiosity on what can be achieved when pairing old lenses with new gear is really inspiring. I for one followed you advice when I aqquired my Olympus EM-1 and I still love it. The message that Sony Cameras work well with vintage glass was another thing that appealed to me and in 2015 I bought the Sony A7 II body. I had the sole intent to use that camera for a more analog way of shooting without AF, instead I invested in a heap of relatively cheap adapters on Ebay in order to rediscover my 30+ years old Contaxlenses. I had three Zeiss and two other CY mounted lenses just gathering dust. Also in the box with Lenses was a pair of Nikon F lenses and even a Canon FD 400 mm tele.
    To be able to use all these again brings a lot of nostalgic memories (and is stirring my daughters interest in trying analog photography with my Contax 167 camera).
    This would not have happened without your inspiring articles and your constant promotion of the mirrorless cameras and I am grateful for the work you do.
    It makes my photography and my everyday life a little richer and more fun! Thank you!
    Having just discovered Affinity Photo for Mac I am a really happy puppy since I now can stop using the much more expensive Photoshop with it´s montly cost. I can realley recommend a look at it.

    With my best regards

    Stefan Schmidt

  13. I remember passing by your site way back ( 6-7 years ago ) when i didn’t have a camera. I learned so much, reading your reviews ! i never could afford the Leica i dreamed about , but lucky me, a friend gave me an old Canon 5D that still works like a tank in the desert and i’m still around, reading your reviews, watching other people work, liking it, a LOT ! thank you Steve and thank you everyone for making it so very well and alive ! Keep up the goodies

  14. Dear Steve

    When I saw the headline, I thought Steve is saying goodbye. Nooooooooooo! This can’t be. Thankfully it isn’t.

    Thank you for supporting the website and keeping it going each week. Your work has been noticed and respected around the world. The world would be lesser without it. I look forward to reading the reviews and the commentary each week.

    I wish you all the best and thank you.


  15. Ciao Steve, mi scuso se scrivo in italiano ma ,purtroppo, non conosco l’inglese. Seguo da tempo il tuo blog e lo trovo veramente ben fatto, interessante e stimolante. Complimenti, avanti così!


  16. The flip-side of this constant change and flux is that people get sucked into believing that their world will be a little bit better if they spent their money on the new, shiny, fresh-out-of-the-box, product X. This surely will make my images so much better!

    In reality, what they / we already own is more than good enough and if this excess money really is burning a hole in their pants, then I suggest to you a photographic course or two would bring far more satisfaction and gains with the gear they already own, be it on composition, editing, post production, landscape or many other photographic genres, this tuition will bring greater results in the long run.

    New and bright shiny kit is not the answer to most peoples’ photography perceived “needs”, but an honest and in-depth critique amongst likeminded peers by a working professional on such a course is perhaps a consideration for the future?

    Having your images talked about face to face and not on-line is a sobering experience and can cast doubt on all those “Likes” we’ve been mistakenly believing!

    As an antidote to digital, I have been taking my Mamiya 7 out with me of late after such a critique from the picture editor at Britain’s largest newspaper group (she suggested that I reshoot a project on a larger format and on film), and so my 5×4 is to get an outing this weekend, to keep my technical hand-in and remind me just how superior the image quality of a larger format really is, and in the so doing, reminding myself of the joy of the physical process of taking images with such equipment brings.

  17. Thank you Steve! Very inspiring, very informative, enjoy your reviews. Although “still” a canon shooter (need the speed, the weather sealing, the whole System with the C Strobes, etc) … and Fuji … and Sony ;-). Helped me with some decisions! Keep it up! Cheers, Martin, Automotive Photographer (Germany)

  18. I agree with your fans, what you provide is a bright light in any day. I wonder will you be looking at the new Pentax K1? What fascinates me is it has a Prism and live view, in theory the best of both worlds, it’s a traditional DSLR with live view.

    • Not to be a downer, but there are many many DSLRs with live view, in fact I don’t think there is one on the market that doesn’t.

      Still the K-1 looks like a very nice camera.

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