IR Photography with the Olympus E-PL2 – Three shots by Thorben Bonarius

IR Photography with the Olympus E-PL2 – Three shots

by Thorben Bonarius

Dear Brandon and Steve!

I recently had the IR filter of my Olympus E-PL2 removed, so I took it on a tour to the Swiss Alps. All shots were taken with a Panasonic 14 mm lens equipped with a 830mm filter. Panos were stitched in Lightroom and processed to taste. Enjoy!






  1. great series, if I had to decide, the first one is my favorite.
    You can use the panorama function of the camera as well, but you get only JPG in that case.
    I got my Sony NEX7 modified by DSLR Astrotech and now the FF Sony A7R, I love IR too 🙂

  2. Really nice stuff! I need to get an IR covered m4/3 camera of my own! That older, little Olympus camera would probably be perfect and a cheap bet.

    They’re much more detailed and sharp than the IR stuff that I remember from years ago with 35mm gear. That stuff was interesting but pretty low-res in comparison.

    • Hi Aaron, i would encourage you to do so. All digital cameras are IR sensitive by default (this is why all commercial sensor stacks are manufactured with an IR blocking filter), so once your camera has been modified, taking IR pictures is as easy as normal photography – you don’t need a tripod and wait for hours like in the old days.The resulting files lack a bit of microcontrast, but with Lr 6 you can stich and do post processing all in one go.
      Cheers, Thorben

  3. Very nice landscape panaramas. But I am confused.. these shots look like they’re taken WITH an infa red filter? And.. 830mm??

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