1. I’ve used various R lenses on the Sony A7Rii and Rii as well as Leica R9. The 180mm vignetted but I suspect that was the cheap mount adaptor, the 35-70mm f4 (which replaced the f3.5 version) is ace though I think I paid way too much and the 100mm f2.8 macro (with Elpro or 2 x convertor) is utterly brilliant. Sadly, I’m struggling to justify keeping this after the reluctant sale of my beloved R9 🙁

  2. I use a Summilux R 50 1.4 on my F bodies. Really a nice combo. Especially on the F6 as you can shoot at 1.4 pretty much all the time w/o needing ND filters (w/ 100 ISO film and 1/8000 top speed), so no need to stop down to shooting exposure.
    I use the Fotodiox adapter which works perfectly.

  3. If you want a cheap Leica set, buy R-lenses and – the – not so cheap – new SL body. Great combo!

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