PRESS RELEASE: Leica Opens First Las Vegas Store


Leica Opens First Las Vegas Store:

Brings Premium Camera Brand to Top U.S. Travel Destination

Prime Location in Caesars Palace Forum Shops Will Feature Full Camera Line, Access to Leica Experts and Superior Guest Service

July 11, 2016 – Leica Camera today announces the opening of the first-ever Las Vegas Store, located in the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace. The Leica Store Las Vegas allows consumers to explore Leica cameras first-hand in a dedicated space that offers exceptional service and access to an expert staff who are available to provide in-depth advice, tips and recommendations no matter the photographer’s skill level.

The new Store offers Las Vegas visitors and locals the opportunity to experience the entire Leica camera line and select sport optic products through product demonstrations and advice from a highly-trained staff. A rotating selection of prints are on display to showcase the inspiring imagery captured with Leica cameras. Located right off the Las Vegas Strip’s ground-level entrance to Forum Shops, the Leica Store Las Vegas is central for travelers and has the longest operating hours of any Leica Store. Guests can visit the store from 10am-Midnight on Friday and Saturday and 10am-11pm Sunday through Thursday.

“Las Vegas is a top travel destination not only within the U.S. but also for international customers, and Leica is excited to add the city to its roster of locations as it offers a fresh opportunity to cater to photographers and Leica fans from all over the world,” said Roland Wolff, VP of Marketing and Corporate Retail, of Leica Camera. “Caesars Palace’s must-see Forum Shops, also known as the “The Shopping Wonder of the World,” are a world-class shopping destination, with 160 specialty stores and fine restaurants, making it a perfect fit for the Leica Store Las Vegas.”

Leica Store Las Vegas in the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace is located at 3500 Las Vegas Blvd. South. Phone: 702-868-4070; Email:

For more information about the Leica Store Las Vegas or Leica Camera, visit


  1. B & C Camera of Las Vegas has been a Leica Dealer for years. They recently opened a Leica Boutique in the store. Seems odd that Leica would put in a store 3 miles away from an authorized Leica Boutique.

  2. Coincidently, the new Leica store is right next to the Agent Provocateur boutique, which has the most photogenic window displays of any business in the complex!

  3. I had always wondered why Leica didn’t have a store in Las Vegas, so I was pleasantly surprised to see one when I was at the Forum Shops in Las Vegas last week. They told me they had just opened the store the previous week. Great location, but there was very little foot traffic in that store when I was there. I was in there for only about 5-10 minutes talking to the salespeople and no other customers walked in during that time even though there are tons of people walking by since they happen to be the very first store on the left when you walk into the Forum Shops from the Las Vegas Blvd entrance. I hope business picks up for them. The salespeople we very eager to chat with me and didn’t pressure me too much to try out cameras. They seemed to have every current model of Leica cameras on display for customers to try out, along with lots of lenses, binoculars, and several types of high quality leather camera bags, which was very cool. My wife marveled at the quality of the leather camera bags. The salespeople in the store said it’s been very slow there so far since most people don’t know they are there yet. Hopefully, business will pick up there soon so they still there the next time I visit Vegas!

  4. Just went by there today, nice store, although not very large. (And they didn’t even have the M-D there yet).

  5. You’ll never loose money on a Leica. It’s an investment that will last for many years. And the quality will remain long after the price is forgotten….

    • Well, you will lose money on Leica cameras, big time. Lenses, only a little if you keep them for many years. But buy a new M today and it loses $40% as soon as you leave the shop. Like a car 😉

      • No, but I do own and run this CAMERA review and PHOTOGRAPHY related website that posts press releases 😉 There are thousands of Leica fans here, and this is something they would like to know. If you are not aware, sites like mine post press releases all the time, and this is what this is. Thank you.

        • I think he said that to Paul, because his quite unique statement. 😉 Haha. (Which for sure, Paul didn’t mean it the way you COULD read it 😛 )

    • Indeed, you will need to let “loose” money from your wallet at the door and also, as Steve mentions, lose on bodies immediately afterwards, in a major way.

      Further to Steve’s point, I paid $400 for a near mint Summaron 35/3.5, 1951 vintage, several weeks ago. The IQ is worth every penny.

  6. As if there weren’t already enough ways to lose all your money in Las Vegas 🙂 But at least this one will give you something worthwhile to take home…

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