QUICK SHOT: New Alien by Dirk Dom


by Dirk Dom

For a few years I’ve been making mosaics of photographs. Very rarely I discover a face in them. This happened five times now. Twice I only got the idea only a few years after making the shot, once in the middle of the night.

I have two kinds of images: the symmetriads, which are composed out of four identical pictures, and the asymmetriads, which are composed out of four shots taken in rapid succession. These composites are not symmetrical on the small scale.

This is my first asymmetriad alien.

My friend Nancy mentioned that an asymmetriad mosaic of mine, composed of four images of grass would be particularly effective at a show at the University of Antwerp, where there are lots of biologists and they have a famous electron microscopy department, because the subject is biological.

I wasn’t real enthusiastic, because I wanted to show two aliens, but all of a sudden I thought I could make an alien out of this!

It worked!

Thanks, Nancy!

My former aliens are in a posting on this site about my abstracts.

And, … I can blow these up to insane size as the original is 64 megapix!!!



(From Steve: Have ONE SHOT you really think is interesting or enjoy? Send it in to me HERE to submit as a quick shot image for this site! Be sure to include a description and a link to your blog, portfolio or wherever  you like!)


  1. Great picture you created!!. Have a Air Force buddy that lives in Milwaukee by the same name “Dirk”.

  2. Dirk:

    Thank you for sharing. I enjoy kaleidoscopes a great deal and it seems to me your images are similar. I would like to read an article detailing how you create these images. I think it would be fun to try.

    Thank you for sharing your work!

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