Daily Inspiration #1007 with an iPhone SE by Adhika Putra

Daily Inspiration #1007

by Adhika Putra

Hello Steve and all the readers of stevehuffphoto.com!

I hope you’re all doing well.. My name is Adhika from Jakarta, Indonesia. I am a photography addict, used to be gear addict 😛

I have in my possession a Nikon D610, nikkor 50mm f1.8G, nikkor 85mm f1.8G, Pentax q with lens kit…and An iPhone SE.

I usually do portraits. I’ve gotta admit that sometimes I got bored shooting with “real camera”.

So..In that times of boredom, I just shoot with my Iphone SE with its 12MP sensor, 29mm F2.2 lens. Well..it’s far from perfect, but I loved the simplicity of the workflow, shoot, edit and share. In order to achieve my vision, I’m using continous LED lamp, a YongNuo 1410, and a reflector.

Here are some of the results.

The model name is Sabina Aulia, she is a singer, you can check her instagram @sabinaaulia

That’s it, I hope you’ll enjoy my photographs and be inspired


I’m sorry, I cannot tell you the whole exif data. I’ve tried to with different apps, but It just won’t show the exif data 🙁
Sabina 1, Iphone SE 29mm f2.2, iso unknown, shutter speed unknown, edited with VSCO


  1. These images don’t look as if they were shot using a RAW app, which is (in my opinion) a huge mistake. Just using the built-in photo app (or non-RAW app) the noise reduction and “intelligent” zone contrast stuff gives you distracting clumpiness, artefacts and strange colour shifts in places. I find this particularly noticeable in low or very bright light, and skin tones are very vulnerable.

    Use an app like Lightroom or – my preferred one at the moment, Manual – and you exchange a bit more noise for a lot more clarity, truthfulness and overall image coherence. YMMV.

    • Yess..you are right Sulis!! I’m not using any raw app, I was using the original camera app from this iPhone..You have a very good eyes!! Thx alot

  2. very nice pics! And another prove for the quote: “the photographer does the picture not the camera”. Congratz!

  3. That’s a good looking young woman. 😉 I like the third shot the best.

    Most of my photos are taken with my iPhone. When I take photos for other people, then I’ll use my bigger cameras (and if I need to, I’ll rent them).

  4. The quality is really surprising, and either she is a very good model or you have a very good eye – perhaps both! Whatever the secret, it’s a pleasure to see your work.

    • I do not do emails anymore, as it was killing my server. Took me months to find why my site was going so slow and crashing. It was the emails so had to do away with them. Only way to see what is new is to come here, just like the old days 😉

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