The REMOVU S1 Gimbal for Go Pro. Is this “The One”? Video Review

The REMOVU S1 Gimbal for Go Pro. Is this “The One”? Video Review

Here we go with yet ANOTHER Gimbal review! These stabilization devices are starting to get popular and on these pages I have recently reviewed a slew of them. I have tried so many of them from the GoPro Karma Grip, DJI Osmo, Osmo Mobile, Kumbacam, EVO GP, and even the new Feyiu Tech G5 which I called the “worst gimbal I have ever reviewed” even though I thought that on paper it would be the Gopro Karma Grip killer.

That did not pan out so well.

So last week I received the new REMOVU S1 Gimbal about a year after I paid on their Indiegogo campaign.  After complaining about their awful customer service (sent several emails with no reply to any of them) and wondering if I would ever get the S1, it finally arrived last week.

After checking it out and removing it from the package I have to admit, I was impressed with what was included for the money. If memory serves me correctly, I believe I paid $249 for this back when I paid into the campaign. Now out of the box, this is not usable with the GoPro 5. To use with the new 5 one must purchase the housing separately. But since I have tested the 5 with every gimbal that allows for it I have found NONE that offers usable and acceptable audio. The GoPro 5 has an audio issue with gimbals due to the way they placed the microphones on it. The GoPro 4 series does not have this issue.

After testing out the REMOVU S1 I have no proclaimed it may favorite Gimbal for my GoPro 4. Will test it soon with a GoPro 5. But take a look below at the video review, I even do a fun comparison and go over the way this Gimbal can be used at the end. For the BEST video stabilization though the GoPro Karma Grip is still #1. For a mix of very nice stabilization and usable audio, and versatility, this is the best I have found, even beating my EVO GP pro.


Video Review and test of the REMOVU S1


    • Not really. The Removu company does offer some sort of wireless mic setup, but mixed reviews (drop outs). You can not attach a mic to the GP itself, as A: won’t fit in the gimbal and B: would not balance. I gave. up on the GP 5 and now own two GP 4 blacks, to me they offer a better picture and audio. I am no fan of the GP5. The GP 4 audio is amazing using any gimbal..see this video here to hear audio from the GP4, no external mic was used here, just the GP4 on a gimbal.

  1. Top three reasons why this beats the EVO GO-Pro? I have my choices down to these two and I am trying to justify the added expense of the Removu.


    • You can remove the gimbal from the handle for tabletop use or others uses, Comes with a remote, and the battery system…much better. One battery lasts a long time, I have two. Also, just seems like a more mature gimbal system, better made.

  2. Hi Steve, Thanks for the review. I really like the fact that the gimbal head can be detatched from the handle. Very useful.
    Does the Removu come with a waterproof housing? You mention in your video that you don’t have it attached.
    One of the problems I’ve seen with other gimbals and old gopros is that you can’t use the gopros standard waterproof housing. Seeing as this is billed as a waterproof gimbal, it makes sense to have the camera waterproof as well.

  3. Thanks for your review Steve. Given the Removu is on back order with no ETA, and the Karma isn’t built for a GP4, would you recommend Evo GP-PRO as the alternative? I can’t wait for the Removu and people are reporting Micro Jittering. Thanks in Advance!

    • I said this is my fave gimbal and is what I own and kept. The GoPro Karma is indeed better with stabilization, that’s a fact. I owned it and reviewed it. See that video. The audio of the Karma though is unacceptable. So this one is the best compromise.

        • Well, please look at my reviews. The problem with audio is the GoPro 5 itself. It is a flawed design and I much prefer the 4 to the 5. To me, the audio of the 5 with ANY gimbal is 100% unusable. Using the 4 on the S1 vs the Karma yields much better audio as well. No issues at all with the 4 on the S1. I have not used the 5 on the S1 as I returned my 5 after testing it with three gimbals and getting awful audio. SO audio and battery life and versatility go to the S1. Stabilization is a tad better on the karma.

  4. Hi Steve,

    Great review, I’ve watched a few of them now on your website. Since I have the GoPro Hero 4 Silver, I really like this Removu S1 gimbal, and its multiple options, but having seen your review of the GoPro Karma Grip and its steady image stabilization, I am will to wait / or wonder what the Karma Grip will be like with the Hero 4? Have you managed to get the holder for the GoPro 4 yet and will you do a review of it versus the Removu S1?

    • A friend had the Karma grip and GP4 and it had noise issues, picking up motor noise. For me the Remove is best for my uses, and the battery last a long long time as well. With the 4, its perfect and since I do not need the 5, I am happy with this combo. I even thought about buying a back up GP4 black or silver. Highly recommend this gimbal. The Karma is the best for all out stabilization but audio, it’s a no go for me. MUCH too muffled.

  5. I am looking to buy one of these but I only have s GoPro 5 black. I am worried about motor noise. Do you now have the adapter and can you review it with a GP5? Can’t fond any reviews of this anywhere!! 🙁

    Many thanks.

    • Nope, any good gimbal will run in the $250 and up range. This one has amazing battery life and is very versatile. I do not know of anything under $279 that I would call a good gimbal. Ive tried many though.

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