Best Olympus M 4/3 Lens Made NOW IN STOCK (Only 2) at Amazon!

Best Olympus M 4/3 Lens Made NOW IN STOCK (Only 2) at Amazon!

One the best, if not THE best Micro 4/3 lens ever made (IMO) is now in stock at Amazon (The new 12-100 f/4 Pro). Only two remain and even I have been waiting to add this one to my Micro 4.3 lens arsenal (though it has to wait for me…$$$ is tight these days) as it is the most beautiful lens I have used for M 4/3. When paired with the EM1 MKII this 12-100 f/4 lens offers insane Stabilization…”This lens’ built-in image stabilization provides 5 shutter speed steps of compensation. Pair this lens with select Olympus OM-D or PEN camera bodies to get 5-Axis Sync IS, the world’s most powerful image stabilization of up to 6.5 shutter speed steps compensation at 200mm (35mm equivalent). This compensates for all types of camera motion for tack sharp images and video”

This lens has a fantastic close up capability as well, zoom out and get as close as 1.5CM. The lens is weather proof as well. I used it in storms in Iceland and it never failed. The contrast, color and detail is astonishing with this one as well and its nano coatings mean no flare or ghosting or other issues. This lens covers 24-200 in full frame terms, all in a slim compact package. This lens is, according to Olympus, the best lens they have made for M 4/3 in regards to performance.  A true no compromise design with pro build, performance, and speed.

Just a few of the images I shot with this lens…click them to see the incredible detail, contrast and performance…

Buy it here at Amazon (PRIME)-  only TWO left at the time I am writing this! (Sat 03/11, around Noon eastern time). They also have TWO EM-1 MKII’s for sale HERE, IN STOCK!


  1. I bought the 12-100/4 and the 25/1.2 for my new E-M1II, knowing I would have to sell my FF kit if I wanted to keep them. As it turned out, this was an easy decision. These lenses on the new E-M1II are simply awesome. Yes, they are expensive, but they complement each other perfectly and most people won’t ever need anything else. Olympus knows what it’s doing. The E-M1II and the new lenses really do play in a different league.

  2. Hi Steve, in your opinion is it worth to make the switch 12-40 f2.8 + 40-150 f2.8 vs. the new 12-100 f4? I am not talking about money, but about versatility (the new 12-100) vs. -I tink- quality and light (the two f2.8 lenses).
    My setup is E-M1 (mk I, by now…) and PEN-F, the three f2.8 zooms, the 14-150 mkII and a couple of primes.

    • I’d take the 12-100 and 25 1.2. I was never a big fan of the 12-40, I thought it was over rated, The 12-100 IMO is in a new league over the 12-40 though yes, you do lose 2.8 and get f/4 but either way it’s a fantastic lens, and small compared to those f/2.8 lenses.

  3. I’m currently renting this lens (Oly 12-100) for my vacation, and it is indeed great, but not for me. I just don’t enjoy it because of its relatively large size and weight. I much prefer the minuscule Oly 14-150 with all its compromises but tremendous convenience (and fun). I’m afraid the 12-100 will stay in the hotel’s safe tomorrow.

    • Hmm, that is not a large lens, at all. But it blows the doors off of the 14-150 for performance. You should try the 40-150 or 300 f/2.8, those are beasts that make the 12-100 look tiny. ; )

  4. Hi Steve – I do mainly stills not video so your thoughts on the 75mm f1.8 Oly versus the 12-100 at around 150mm equivalent. The zoom does offer about 1 stop of added IS – but then the 75mm has prime quality (best so far measured by DXO for Olympus) and is so much faster…? Chris S.

  5. Steve you’re killing me!

    Bought the 25 1.2 for my Panasonic gx85

    Then – based upon the lens being as good as you described……I bought the em1 mark ll

    Now I’m looking at this gem

  6. I just noticed that you eventually state that it’s equivalent to 24-200, so I take back half my criticism.

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