The Leica M240 still inspires By Steven Jones

The Leica M240 still inspires

By Steven Jones

Hello Steve and Brandon, thank you for allowing me to write this user report. My name is Steven Jermaine aka 5amtoday, and I am a photographer. Wow, it has been one year and a little over five months since my last report on my trusty Leica M240. I figured I’d do an update on my experience with this amazing camera. I’m happy to say that for me this camera lives up to the hype that comes with it. This camera inspires me to shoot. Which may seem like a weird thing to say, a camera inspires you, but it does. It is a camera I carry with me every day. I have shot portraits, events, and many various projects with it.

Now with great hype comes great responsibility. Responsibility to those who may wish to purchase this camera for their own purposes. This camera is not the end all be all camera for everyone. You have to understand the pros and cons of this system if you would like to use it as your main camera. You may love the image quality, the phenomenal battery life, and the way the camera disarms subjects. You may not like the minimum focusing distance, the fact fast movement is difficult without constant practice, and even then you will miss something, and even the fact that rangefinders go out of alignment. The alignment issue has plagued my camera twice since I purchased it and is quite annoying if you do not live close to Leica NJ. Bottom line, if you haven’t used a rangefinder, please run and try one. Most Leica stores will let you borrow one for a few hours or a day depending on the store.

For me, the experience of owning this camera has kept the GAS demons away. GAS is something I have been plagued with but once I purchased this camera I felt as if I had found the camera for me. Why, well first the camera is capable of shooting everything I love to shoot, whether it’s street or portraits. For example; I’ve recently started an Artist Project where I highlight photographers, poets, and musicians, etc. asking them three questions, who are you? Why do you do the art you do? What are your future plans or goals?

Simple questions but the responses I get have been amazing. My goal is just to get more art out there, let people know that there are others who do art and love art and that you can still do it despite having a 9-5 or 8-11. The Leica lets me stay engaged with the artists, most of them are not intimidated by the camera, and it’s an excellent conversation starter.

So in closing is the camera amazing? The answer is yes. Last time I did a user report of this camera, I was living in Washington D.C. I have since moved to New York City, which is a very artistic place to live. It has given me many opportunities to meet new people who are very like-minded in their pursuit of art and enjoyment of art. Which in turn has pushed me to pursue more personal projects and continuously attempt to grow and educate myself about photography and art. I hope the pictures reflect these attempts. And I know before I said this camera took away my GAS demons, I recently traded it in for a Leica MD. That user report will come soon. I thank you for your time.

PS. Most of these were shot with the Zeiss 50mm f2 Planar.




  1. Colin, I’ve owned M240s for 4 years. Tens of thousands of exposures. No need to get the rangefinder adjusted for drifting in that time on any of them. Maybe that was more of a a M8-9 problem?

  2. Hi nice portraits my favourite is the first image and the black and white of the black chap with the cap and collar up.

  3. Great article and good hommage to the type 240!
    After the hype of the introduction of the M10 it seemed like you could not be seen with the pregnant predecessor anymore. As you can see in this article nothing less is true. It is a tool for the virtuoso and will remain that for many years to come! Great photographs!

  4. Hello Steven
    Nice photos. I especially loved your article as I identify with your feelings towards the Leica M 240.
    A beautiful camera with an in in unneeded video ( I am glad like finally understood it-262-M10 )
    Most photographers who write an article tend to explain how difficult the rangefinder system is. I don’t agree. It is simple , quick once you get used to it, and…this is how we all took photos in the past.

  5. Outstanding work! This is what photography is all about – bold, beautiful and interesting. I feel it’s real photographers like you who actually deserve to use a Leica (unlike myself who felt totally outmatched by his Q!) In less capable hands it’s just another digital camera.

  6. I enjoyed the article and completely understand why people love the Leica experience. What I can’t understand is why people who fork out thousands for the world’s most expensive FF camera seem to shrug off the need to return it to be fixed twice in, what 12-18 months because the rangefinder mechanism goes wrong? And Leica still talk about their ‘legendary’ craftsmanship and precision. I hope their marketing people get paid more than their engineers because they seem to be doing a better job!

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