The Leica M10: A Tale of Two Cities by Tomer Vaknin

The Leica M10: A Tale of Two Cities

by Tomer Vaknin

Dear Steve,

It has been a month and a half since I bought my new Leica, the M10. I flew especially to Berlin to buy it when it was released. I already shared a while ago few pictures from my first experience with this M. Now, after few weeks, I want to present few more pictures taken with the M10.

Borrowing from Dickens, I call this set of pictures “A Tale of Two Cities”. They highlight the differences between Israel’s two biggest cities, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. All the pictures were taken on Friday (although different dates) and they show clearly how each city sees and prepare to the beginning of the the Shabat (Saturday). In one hand, Jerusalem, the most religious city in Israel were everyone are busy in last minute shopping before all the stores close and on the other hand Tel Aviv, the most liberal and secular city where everyone just looking for any reason to celebrate and to party.

I hope you and your reader will enjoy the pictures and I am looking forward to read your feedback.

All Pictures were taken with the Leica M10 and a Summilux-M 50mm f/1.4 ASPH

This portrait of myself was taken by my friend Shai Ashkenazi a great Leica shooter and a great friend (With Leica SL and Summilux-M 35mm f/1.4 ASPH) in a Jerusalem market:

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Best regards,
Tomer Vaknin


  1. Looking at the images of Tel Aviv,Mshuganas
    my kind of people! my people. Love the whole series!
    Sure “any” camera can do similar!
    Similar not same. I use all sorts of boxes.
    Only one fits hand, face and eye.
    Keep it up, all the best.!

  2. Great hype, but could have been taken with any camera. You don´t need $10,000 of equipment to get pictures like this. By all means enjoy your equipment, we all do, but lets stop labelling pictures with camera type. Lets enjoy the pictures for what they are. I like them but don’t ruin them with the LeicaHype!! P.S I own Leica and several other cameras.

    • I agree that you can take most photos with most cameras. Though obviously it’s not that simple.

      But “hype”? This post was 95% photographs, 5% commentary. I didn’t notice any hype.

  3. Good shots, Tomer. But it must be said that Tel Aviv on Purim is exactly like Mea Sharim on Purim – and Tzfat, where I live – is like both, on Purim!

  4. Wonderful images! Excellent use of wider apertures to create vivid portraiture and street shots

  5. Some very nice pics, but you left out a really important detail! This weekend was Purim (Purim was Sunday, but celebrated on Thursday – Sunday), a Jewish holiday that less religious Jews treat exactly like Americans treat Halloween. It happens once a year. This is why everyone in Tel Aviv was dressed up so much. On a typical Friday, which is their Saturday, they would be looking a lot more tame. I’m not sure why you left this out?

  6. Some great captures the vibe your getting is similar to the m9 are you processing in Lightroom?

  7. Nice work. I really like that shot of the two girls dressed as mummies. The M10 seems to be a winner, and it checks all the boxes. Few cameras can do that.

  8. Good job on the photos. Nicely done telling the story. I just bought the M10 and I love it. It does’t get any better. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Beautiful pics!!!! Thanks for sharing those images from Israel. Hope someday can visit!

  10. Wonderful shots, Tomer! The M10’s IQ continues to impress. The 50mm Lux does very well on the M10. I own that lens and am looking forward to using it on my own M10 one day (if it ever arrives!).

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