Daily Inspiration #1037 by Peter Griebel

Daily Inspiration #1037

by Peter Griebel

Hi Steve!

It’s been a while since I send in any of my work to your site, so now I would like to contribute with a series of pictures that I took last year while I still lived in Bangkok. This series follow a group of girls from the kindergarten at the Praserttham Wittaya School in Pathum Wan district in Bangkok.

They are dressed up for the prom that mark their last day at the kindergarten, to celebrate that after the summer holiday, they have to start first grade.

I was lucky to pass by when they started the preparations, and after watching from the door for a few minutes I took my chance and asked if it would be ok if I took some photos. They invited me inside, and when I told them that I would come by later with some copies of the photos, they allowed me to stay till the end.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures. If you would like to see more of my work, please visit my website at: https://www.petergriebel.com/

Best regards,

Peter Griebel


  1. Insanely good black and white / documentary style. Very good play with dept of field when shooting multiple faces close together and great story telling. Thanks for the inspiration.

    regards, Vic

  2. Peter, this is not an inspiration for one day, I can live on this for at least a month!
    The last 35 years I never shot black and white anymore, but this surely is inspiring.

  3. Very nice photos !
    I love the fact that you were so close, but the girls act so naturally as if you weren’t there at all.
    Well Done !

    • Thanks! I think it’s a combination of Thai people being very relaxed, also in front of a camera, and because I’m a foreigner. The serie is shoot with a 28 mm lens, so I’m very close indeed. Picture number 8 is a crop.

    • It is also a bit to much for my taste and upbringing. When you see the Thai girls dressed up like this, it is very traditional – and it show a bit about the expectation of the girls role in Thai society. When that is said, the girls where having fun and loved being dressed up.

  4. Excellent and very emotional documentary. The girls are cute but very serious with what they do. I like the style and the by no means detached approach of this very much. I think in the last picture the focus should have been on the first girl though.

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