A Video about Love, Empathy, Caring, Sharing and Awareness. Homeless in Phoenix.

A Video about Love, Empathy, Caring, Sharing and Awareness. Homeless in Phoenix.

By Steve Huff

Most of you who have visited this site for years have seen these photos before. I am sure all of you have as they have been linked here for years, been in a couple of magazines, been in newspapers and did, at the time, what I wanted..to raise some awareness about the homeless epidemic in Phoenix AZ and other cities around the USA. I realized I never put these photos to video, so I decided to take them and talk about them while they are shown. Nothing new here, but for a few maybe it is.

Todays world is different from it was just 10 years ago when I shot most of these. Today I see less empathy in the world, and for me that is sad. I am a highly empathetic person and I truly feel and care for all living creatures, man and animal. It pains me to see when others are hurt, down, homeless or lost in life.

Through 2006-2008 I documented a few homeless people who I met in my then neighborhood during my walks, and I got to know them a little, met up with a couple of them more than once, and offered them food, water blankets and some even a little cash to help them get by another day.

These are their stories, told by me, how I remember it from 10 years ago. Shot mostly on Tri-X film. Next time you see a truly homeless person in need of help, try offering up some conversation, hear their stories and help them if you can. It makes the world a better place, and also gives you some great karma. Helping others should come natural. Anyway, enjoy the video.


  1. Excellent video, Steve. It’s truly a shame that we have people like these who suffer in our society in total anonymity. Videos like yours are needed to help raise awareness. We have organizations in my town like Goodwill that try to help these people. Are there any similar programs in Phoenix?


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