FLASHBACK VIDEO! Canon 5D MKII Video Review from 2009. Oh my!

FLASHBACK VIDEO! Canon 5D MKII Video Review from 2009. Oh my!

Holy hilarious! I was browsing some VERY old videos of mine on my YouTube channel and came across this one that I forgot about from 2009. I look way younger, and was living in Illinois at the time. Not sure what I was thinking but I somehow must have thought I was clever to whip up a song and sing it on guitar to head off the video portion of the review. I can not sing, so it’s tough to watch but as I sit here laughing at it, I do remember living in that house and starting up with YouTube videos, lol. MAN OH MAN does time fly.

It’s been a long time since that video, and today YouTube is SO much different but still amazing. So much information, so much to watch and look at, both informative and not so much. But thought some of you may get a chuckle from this one…lol. I look like a baby.

OLD OLD Video Review, FLASHBACK to 2009 and the Canon 5D MKII

More new stuff coming this week and later today!


  1. Fun stuff!
    During a recent move my wife came across a journal I wrote while in college. Haha what corny stuff. What was I thinking!?!?!?

  2. Good that I didn’t see that as the first review on your site, don’t think I would have revisited 🙂 not being rude but just saying.
    However, I’m really glad you have worked hard and developed such an amazing review site. Thank you.

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