My Hasselblad X1D Camera Review, Part 1, The Decision. by Steve Huff.

My Hasselblad X1D Camera Review, Part 1, the Decision. 

By Steve Huff

NOTE: This is part ONE of FOUR! This is an article about WHY I am reviewing this camera (for a long term review) and my year long journey as to wether I should buy this camera. Enjoy as part 2 with the camera in hand will be coming VERY soon. There will be 2-3 video reviews as well as I spend more time with the X1D. 

X1D Review – Part 1 – Part 2Part 3Part 4

NEW! Unbox and 1st Look Video HERE

Nope, I am not a pro portrait shooter. Nope, I am not a pro fashion shooter. Nope, I am not a pro commercial photographer. But let’s be real, many of you reading this review right now, are not pro photographers yet many of you yearn for and really get into well made, beautiful looking, feeling and premium gear. Yes, I am one of those people. I have not shot professionally in years *by choice* as I decided to pursue this very website instead of pro photography. I felt I would be a better writer, (real world) reviewer, and one of those gear and photo geeks you could all get to know while I shared my thoughts on gear that ranged from cheap to uber expensive. Just a regular Joe with PASSION for the craft.

Nope, I am not into the “rules” of photography. Nope, I do not feel one has to ever be perfect or know all there is to know about photography (as in reality, we all learn our own styles and ways to shoot). With many chuckling know it alls out there in internet land, I choose to be the voice for the enthusiast, the passionate amateur and those who like me, enjoy nice gear, and beautiful gear that works for them, no matter the cost. Gear that may be over the skill set of the shooter, but even so, sometimes that gear inspires to shoot where other cameras fall flat.

I have said it many times over the last 10 years...if a camera inspires you to use it, that is the most beneficial camera you can own. When you use it, and wake up at 5AM because you are excited to use it, or really get motivated to get out and shoot, then that camera is worth its weight in gold. For me, cameras over the last 10 years that have done that for me? The Leica M and SL. The Sony A7 Series and the Olympus PEN and EM1 series. But most of all, for me, it was always Leica. The build, the feel, the simplicity and the history they have with photography. A Leica motivates me to shoot. To want to shoot. Something like a DSLR would not, and does not.

But these days I can no longer afford to own 5 different camera systems and even multiple bodies per brand as I once did. Being a reviewer means I should own at least one body from every manufacturer, and I almost do. They are all on display in my cabinet in my office. I love them all. But I have always longed to add a brand that I never owned to that collection, not only for the beauty, style and history..but for the reason that I feel that a camera from the would inspire the hell out of me.

That brand is Hasselblad.

I thought they were toast a couple of years back when they rebadged the Sony NEX and RX100 series with their luxury housing. The Stellar, the Lunar…OMG, what a disaster. While I did buy a Stellar when they were on extreme closeout at B&H Photo, that was not a real Hasselblad. It was a Sony, and a Sony many of us have used, and owned already. A new housing does not make for a better camera, just a snazzier looking one.

But if I go back in time to well before I started this review site (over 10-15 years ago), I remember for years I wanted to own a Hasselblad 503 system. When I would see prints taken with this medium format film system, I was blown away by the “look”, that special medium format look. I saw people who used that system as “artists” as it seems every shot back then that I saw from that system had a special magic. Yes, I can buy one today for much less than they used to be but I no longer have interest in shooting film. The time, the expense, the limitations. Not for me in 2017 and while I appreciate those who do use film, and who do have the time to put into it, I just can’t as I do not have the time for all of that today.

Besides, I review cameras, and do so in a different way than most. Many read these pages to see what I will say about a camera, and whether you like what I do or not, I have been around a long time now and I plan to continue on the same path, even as cameras are being released at a much slower pace than in years past. This is my work, it is what I do and while many reviews of this camera have been out for MONTHS now, I am slow to the boat…but I will also probably be the most extensive with this particular camera.

The Hasselblad X1D

When the X1d was announced I think I had some drool hanging from my lip, just like many of you did. It was pure sexy, pure beauty, simplicity and a quasi medium format sensor in a compact body, just as small or even smaller and lighter than my much loved Leica SL. A 50MP sensor that comes in at a much larger size than full frame 35mm (though not true medium format size), this camera promised true portable medium format files and that meant massive dynamic rage, intricate beautiful details and even great high ISO performance.

When 1st reports started coming out about it being slow, buggy and quirky, I lost interest. It seemed Hasselblad was in trouble as they could not fill the orders that were being placed in a timely manner, and they seemed low on cash. Then DJI came in to buy a stake of the company and I thought “uh oh, maybe this is not good for those buying the X1D”… but after more though I realized it was probably a good thing DJI stepped in. Today Hasselblad seems to be on top of it with this 1st ever fully take anywhere 50MP digital MF camera. (yes, the Fuji GFX is also out there and a great option as well). The X1D is now in stock and can easily be bought at B&H Photo, online, with same day ship. But BE PREPARED To pay. At $8995 for the body only, by the time you add  a lens like the 45mm, you are looking at just under $12k. WOW, and I thought the Leica SL and a 50 Lux was expensive…oh wait, it is, and when you look at what you get it seems the Hasselblad is a better deal. On paper anyway. For versatility, the Leica SL wins.

Medium Format 50 MP vs Full Frame 35mm 24MP. Similar in size with the Hassy being a tad smaller and lighter. Hmmm.

With Hasselblad releasing firmware updates for the X1D to fix issues that plagues some, we now have a camera with many improvements from the day it started to ship, and Hasselblad is committed to making this camera the best it can be. So as of September 2017, I once again started gaining extreme interest in this camera. I had dreams of me just buying the camera and a 45mm lens, and using it in ways that most never think of for this kind of camera (though some do and have). Street portraits, and even yes, low light music performance. I was trying to find a way to buy the set, and even though I knew that if it was awful for me I would lose a ton on it with resale, I put the items in my cart, and was set for a 4 part long term review of the X1D.

The X1D to me is one of the most beautiful camera designs ever. 

Fuji Throws a Wrench In

Well, yes, the Fuji. Overall, getting more rave reviews over the X1D, the Fuji appears to be a stellar camera. Using the same sensor as the X1D, 50MP of beautiful performance, the Fuji will offer similar performance with their own color science added to the mix. Hasselblad will have its own color and look. So I had to really research, and speak with some who have owned or tried both systems. I was looking for feedback as this for me, would be a HUGE purchase, having to sell other things in my home (not just camera items) to fund this, so I had to be sure.

The Fuji is nice, and cheaper but also fatter, and IMO, one ugly camera for day to day walk about use. 

First off, I was and am not a fan of the Fuji GFX styling. It’s fat, like a traditional MF digital system like the Pentax. While not as bulky as the Pentax 645, I will be blunt here…and many others agree, that Fuji is UGLY, and one oft eh least attractive cameras I have come across. Remember what I said that for me, I have to be inspired by the camera, to be motivated…on looks alone that X1D does that, and the Fuji looks like something I would not even enjoy taking out on a day to day journey, bike ride or walk. The X1d is smaller, slimmer, sexier and according to those who have tried both, feels much better in the hand.

With that said, if we are talking performance, the Fuji appears to put out some gorgeous files, and while I can not judge it as I have not used it, it has the Fuji color with that glorious sensor. So if you like that, and do not mind looks, the cheaper Fuji may be the way to go. But for me…

A few I spoke with had both and chose to keep the Hasselblad. A couple said that it was just more inspiring, and more portable and felt better. They were more likely to take it. Another said he preferred the color from the Hasselblad. Sure, some preferred the Fuji but I found those were Fuji fans to start with, so it was natural to like the Fuji.

After a few sleepless nights I decided to place my order for the Hasselblad. To me, the beauty of it, the build, the design, the size and the quality won me over, even if it is a couple more grand than the bigger, uglier, and fatter Fuji. No offense to Fuji as I do know it is fantastic. For wha I had planned, it would not have worked for me. But the X1D…well, possibly, hopefully would.

I Placed the Order..for the…

I did it. Sold some items, and pitched in extra cash to buy the X1D and 45, in silver. Was the cheapest option. I bought it from B&H and about 3 hours after the online order it shipped, via Next Day Air. Which means, as I write this, on a Monday night, I will have the kit tomorrow in my hands.

I am feeling a huge range of emotions right now and that is not normal for me. I will tell you why, and explain why I ordered it over just renting it for a few days.

The emotions come from my uncertainty. Spending that amount of cash at one time, these days, is not normal for me. Many of you may understand it…some of you would not. But spending over $11k on one camera purchase when you are not a pro, and not doing paid gigs with said camera..well, it seems INSANE. Especially when you have to sell items to fund most of it. INSANE. So I am questioning my sanity in buying this when so many say it is a dog in use. Meaning, buggy, slow and not right.

But most of those reports were with earlier firmware, and I have a history of REALLY liking cameras that the masses do not. For example. I loved the old Nikon V1, and used the heck out of that thing. It gave me some awesome memories but most were out there talking about how awful it was. Unusable. Horrible. I disagreed and posted my images from it here. 

To me, that V1 was cheap but amazing. Tiny sensor, limited low light but it had a look about the images that won me over. While most hated it, myself and many others loved it. The Leica M…most DSLR people despise the Leica M10. They trash it, they say it’s a waste of money, but for me, I understand the joy, happiness and motivation it always brought me. Some of my most memorable moments of the last 15 years came from a Leica of some sort for me. It always helped bring me out of a rut, and always put a smile on my face even if I was stressing about the cost on the inside. I’ve also always been a huge fan of the Olympus PEN series, ever since the very 1st digital model. I stuck with it though in the early days it was buggy, slow, and strange to use with very few good lenses. So I always seemed to be attracted to the cameras that the masses said were no good. I never regretted my choices.

So when I got the itch to finally own my own Hasselblad, something I dreamt about for 15-20 years, with a model many were trashing, well that solidified my decision. I figured if some were trashing it I would love it, and I appreciate cameras that are artistic in design, with a sculpted feel and a SIMPLE MENU. The X1D has that in spades.

So as I sit here with my heart pounding about the amount of money I just spent, it is also pounding with excitement. Will I love it? Will I hate it? Will it work for my needs? I am sure it will as I will make it work, which is part of the fun. See, not being a pro, and not having to rely on a camera for money means I can be al little careless with a camera purchase. While I am a pro in one respect (reviews, that do earn me income), I am not the typical photo pro. I can also write it off on taxes, and take my time to bond with it, use it in many scenarios while reporting to all of you the good, the bad and the ugly.

I am aware of the slow shot to shot time, but hey, the 503 was the same. I am well aware it could never shoot action, but hey, I never shoot action either. I am aware of the lower res EVF compared to the Leica SL and A9, but I can deal with that. As long as it works, and provides the color, look, feel and dynamic range that I expect it to, I am already envisioning shoots I can do with this camera.

Yes, I could have rented it for 5 days for a cool $700 with lens, but that to me is not enough time to really dig in, to learn it, to know it, to understand it and and its strengths and weaknesses. So I bought it, and while it may not work for me, if not I will sell it, and lose my behind on it I am sure but at least I will know, and will have gave it a go and someone will get a deal on the camera. But if I like it, then I will probably love it as much as those other cameras I spoke of earlier. The Leica M, SL and others. If so, then it will have all been worth it.

So Get Ready

Get ready as I will be reviewing the X1D in a way no one else has done to date, in a four part review. No assignments, no paid work, just a passionate enthusiast photographer who will use it to the best of his ability, while reporting on all aspects of using this camera in many scenarios. I will update the firmware to the latest and I look forward to being motivated once again. I look forward to that excitement of waking up, heading out the door to go shoot..having a mission that excites me as this camera is like no camera I have ever reviewed before.

So if you read this all the way through you will now realize I do not have it yet, and this report was about the “before the purchase and why I did it”. It arrives tomorrow morning. My 2nd report will be soon, and will also have a video of the camera, lens and my 1st thoughts (good or bad, I will tell int like it is) as well as what separates it from something like an A9 or SL or D800 series camera. It will then move to a part 3 with real world results with landscape, portraits and low light. I will try using it with manual focus, as well as see how the AF does. I am not expecting speedy performance, and I welcome it. I like to slow down when I shoot which is why I always loved the Leica M. By the time we get to part four, I will have use dit extensively and will show more samples and give my honest bottom line conclusion, and possible offer it up for sale at a nice discount ; ) But I am hoping that doesn’t happen.

While I may not be able to fully exploit what this camera is all about, I will do my best.

Stay tuned ; )



  1. Interesting read. I think it’s healthy that spending this kind of money gave you pause. And I think it’s healthy that you went ahead and did spend the money.

    Last year I had cancer. All better, now. But this experience gives one a little attitude adjustment. I think that if you can put food on the table, pay the bills and more or less have the basics fulfilled, and you have the money or at least the cashflow, then by all means reach a little and go for something that’s outside your immediate zone.

    If this camera set provides you with the feeling and sense that you can do better, then the $12K will have been well spent.

  2. This photographer friend of mine in NY has one…. he has shot the Fuji too and liked it…and shoots Nikon mostly…yet you can see a twinkle in his eye when he is holding the Hassy….. it’s a special camera….not without flaws….but I think you will love it…. enjoy!

  3. I recently bought my first “real” camera… a Leica M10 w/ a 50 APO Summicon and the Macro adapter, cause, you know, why not. 17k later and I do not find myself asking if it was insane or worth it or a mistake, I just enjoy every moment it inspires me shoot… which it does all of the time, even when it’s just sitting on a table in the other room. You did the right thing.

  4. Hey Steve, congrats on the decision. I think you will love it to a large extend. I had the chance to shoot one of the pre production models in January in Hamburg (you published my little hands-on). And while it was slow and firmware was quirky, I loved it and still love it. The design of this camera is outstsanding, it’s contemporary arts. And when you pick up a tool, which is arts by itself, you are motivated to create arts. I think this is the difference between LEICA, HASSELBLAD, APPLE and other companies who cares not that much on design. Their products are made by outstandingly talented designers, by artists. It follows a deeper philosophy. It contents the wish that it’s forms and ease of use may bring you JOY. And that works in many cases. Wish you sooo much fun with it and am courious to read your review 🙂

  5. Hi Steve you are my go too camera guy for 2 years now. I had a Hasselblad
    500CM & 80mm C &180mm CF which I have not used for 20 years after the digital age, but and have been using the camera the last 3 weeks and enjoying using the Blad again … but this Sunday my car was stolen with the camera in the truck. I am more upset about the losing the Hasselblad then the car.I have interest in Leica camera’s because of your reviews . Now I am thrilled that you now have the X1D and looking forward your reviews and if it’s a keeper or not.Your review will have a big influence on what camera I purchase.Leica or replace my 500CM. Also looking for your photo review on the TL2

  6. Your thoughts were very familiar to me as I went through the same process in evaluating the merits of the camera versus the cost. I did own the 503CX and used and loved it for 17 years. The X1D seemed to me and others as a return by Hasselblad to the concept of the original 6X6 camera in that it combined portability with high image quality. Abandoning all reason I ordered the black one with 45 and 90 mm. lenses almost one year ago. It was very much an act of faith as delivery took 7 months. I now believe this is the camera I have been waiting for my whole life. You are invited to check out my Facebook page for recent images. I just got the 30 mm. and hope to get the 120 by fall.

    • One bug I noticed tonight..the dials are sometimes, but not always, glitchy. If I control the menus with the dials, they go back and forth, sporadically. Like the dials do not set. I have seen it once or twice with the aperture as well as EV, both front and back dials. If this keeps up, I may have to send it in for an exchange. I saw some others with the issue and it appears that it is a hardware fix. If so, I will return it to B&H for an exchange. Going to shoot now so will see how it behaves. But the IQ is stunning in every way from color, to depth, to high ISO. Beats my A9 in low light.

  7. I’m rooting for you Steve. Your reviews in the past have been great and I understand your perspective as an enthusiast vs a working professional. You do it for the love of the craft and I appreciate your passion. I was wondering when you would review the X1D because it looked like a natural progression from what you had previously shot. The new medium format cameras are a far cry from the older film versions but I think that any camera can become great because of the user’s skill and passion. You have both so I’m looking forward to the other 3 parts of the review.

  8. Love the honesty about your passion. It’s a harmless obsession I suppose and is an appreciation of something beautiful .
    Back in the day I used to love the film Hasselblads – still do .
    I cannot understand one thing – is there never a camera that you would keep and never sell even to fund something new ? Just wondering.

  9. I held one of these when it first came out. It is a beautiful thing, not just a camera but as a design its stunning. It makes a Leica feel 2nd best. The achilies heel was the evf at least on the early one, within a few seconds in pixelated. The slow start is as a result of iPhone type screening, but also means a quick start up from sleep mode so no issues with that. Focus is also accurate and the images produced, the main point are superb. But it was that eve, that took it from being a camera worth selling a kidney for, to being a little upset with Hasselblad from not getting it right. Coming from the SL if you are happy with the evolved elf, then I’ve got some soul searching to do. I suspect it will bug you. As the others have said if you sell it’s a long time rent. Fingers crossed

    • So far no worries or issues. While I love the SL EVF, I also enjoy using the Sony A9 and even A7rII. This is about the equivalent of the A7RII EVF. So far I have charged the battery, updated firmware and it runs silky smooth, lag free, glitch free and the menu is awesomely simple. AF is much much quicker than I expected and yes, the EVF will not be like an SL but the rest of the camera..lighter than an SL, slightly smaller, and with the 45 attached VERY light indeed. I enjoy camera more than make you slow down, which is why I used a Leica M for so many years. From what I see so far, and this is only after 5 silly shots to see how it works, I am not disappointed. I did not expect Leica SL EVF, or Hugh speed and I kept my expectations very low. So far it has exceeded them. I have an unbox and 1st look video up any moment now. Thank you.

  10. Call the doctor! Clearly a GAS case in the Huff’ house.

    Reminds me of myself as the SL came out…sold my Nikon D800E and all the lenses to fund that purchase.
    Wish you lots of fun with the H1D and I’m eagerly awaiting your review.

    best regards

  11. Congrats Steve. I share your enthusiasm. I’ve been playing around with an x1d for a few days and really enjoying the experience. Definitely a learning curve but there is something very special about this camera IMHO. Look forward to your review so I can learn from you.

  12. Great series of articles that gets my attention for the full 100%

    I owe the X1D since April 2017 and all I can say is

    The X1D is a jewel and it is being polished to get better
    The GFX is a brick and it can be polished forever, but it alway stays a brick.

    Thanks for these articles Steve!

    • My god, these are cameras you’re talking about. You don’t need bash another product to reassure yourself about making your personal choice.

      Neither one is a jewel or a brick. They are both outstanding devices from all accounts but are still limited by the person holding them.

    • …this is somehow BEYOND that – premeditated and playing out in slow-motion through the medium of review and analysis!


  13. “if a camera inspires you to use it, that is the most beneficial camera you can own.”

    Best line in a gear review I can ever recall. So true!
    I think most of your followers would agree. Especially if they can get past any inherent brand issues.


  14. The X1D caught my eye immediately upon release – such a beautiful design. It will be great to enjoy this camera vicariously through your reviews. I’ve spent a lot over the last few hears on Sony and Olympus gear but the prices of Leica and now Hasselblad X1D have prevented me from going down those roads – so far at least. Emotionally, I would love to own the X1D but rationally, I know overall my current gear probably serves my needs better. I hope you love your X1D but that would only add to it’s appeal and the dilemma of emotional vs rational.

    • Thanks and yes, it is a tough call. I looked at it like this. In the past, I have spent $10k on a 50 Noctilux. I have spent $12k on a Leica SL and 24-90 when it was launched. I have spent SO MUCH on gear that I truly love, and it has brought me not only happiness when I use it but amazing memories. I’m on of those who make some purchases based on emotion and while it is not always smart, most of the time I am happy with my choice as it pushes me to go further. For example, I could buy a Canon REBEL and some $500 glass and get great memories as well. But my enjoyment factor would drop. My motivation would drop. It would sit on a shelf more than be used (just my weirdness, I know) – somehow, somewhere in life I really started to appreciate things such as great design, build, and simplicity in cameras. Performance of course, but thats a given. It’s very hard to make a jump like that when you are not loaded with cash (as I am not) but we do live only once, as far as we remember or know at least, and life for me is about enjoyment as long as it doesn’t make me homeless or mot allow me to pay the bills of course. I never go that far ; ) But while this is not a rational decision, and it is emotional, let’s see where it gets me. It will either be a choice I am happy with or one I will regret. Maybe part 4 will be called “A lesson learned” or possibly “No Regerets”..we shall see. Thank you for reading.

      • You are right, motivation is basic, and somehow some equipment is more exciting than other, but there should be a limit, photography is endless spending money to test new options. Right now I have tons of slightly used gear that I didn´t liked and it´s hard to sell.

        hope to see the next parts.


  15. Very exciting, Steve. I’ve enjoyed your reviews since you started this site, and I can’t wait for your “real world” take on the Hassy! I’m not a pro, just a fairly competent photographer with a passion for great gear. Finances are always a hindrance, and I just went through the same process (sleepless nights, selling off gear, nausea, etc.) to buy a Sony RX1Rii, so I know exactly what you’ve gone through. Next up for me will hopefully be an H1, so this multi-part review will be bookmarked for when that time comes! Have fun!

  16. This was like reliving my purchase just a month ago. I was deciding between the SL and X1D and went with the later. Been loving it. The grip and balance really does make me want to wake and shoot. Now I just need to sell MORE stuff to purchase the XCD 120mm. Look forward to your impressions.

  17. But is it today worth the Hassel?

    In days of film pros used medium format, because the larger screen permitted the use of a waist level finder, the larger negatives, contact prints or slides were easier to view on the light table. Assistants handed over pre-loaded backs or a polaroid back. Many medium format systems had leaf shutters, at least one lens with leaf shutter, for 1/500s flash sync.

    Digital monitors and electronic view finders made many of the above benefits redundant. Apart from the X1D’s leaf shutter, the remaining benefit is the larger sensor area, 43.8×32.9mm=1441mm² versus 35.8mm×23.9 mm=856mm². The size factor is less than between 35.8mm×23.9 mm=856mm² and 23.5mm×15.6mm=367mm². The price factor is higher.

    Within a given number of years, we can expect two new generations of APS-C sensors and processors, one new generation of full-frame sensor and processor while the X1D will only see firmware upgrades. The larger sensors’ lead in image quality will erode a little bit.

  18. Fantastic article Steve! I love your honesty on this….and admire your guts with such a cost….I have briefly played with a demo version and it certainly is a thing of beauty!! It is above my pay scale unless I win the lottery (would help if I actually did the lottery …. haha).
    I too loved the Nikon V1 and I love my EM1 and a7…
    I look forward to reading parts 2-4….If you could add a few twists, additional characters and their development, maybe you could sell the series to Netflix.

  19. When I read “having to sell other things in my home (not just camera items) to fund this” the only thing I could think of was a pair of tear-soaked Devialet Phantom golds showing up on ebay. Say it isn’t so Steve! Looking forward to the X1d review.

  20. will be interested to see your thoughts Steve. I nearly bought one myself, I preordered but lost faith in the shipping delays. Have been playing around with the V and H for film since while playing ‘wait and see’ on going with an X1D or perhaps a H5.

  21. Congrats with a fantastic looking camera, Steve!
    I do not have the Hasselblad but I have the Fuji gfx 50s. I love that camera but it can’t compete with the look of your Hasselblad. For everything else, I think the Fuji is equal or above…. But man, it’s always a bit about the look… 🙂

  22. Hassy is no gun and run camera, it`s been more compose and shoot. What was its recognisable feature was a groundglass. I would happily accept few mil thickness for a uptiltable LCD. Fuji`s done it. Admittedly more chunky body but with lot more taking versality. As to compactness what about making a travel camera GR or Plaubel Makina style with MF sensor? C`mon Hassy and Fuji.

  23. This was a nice read. I can totally agree with having a thing for cameras that others don’t, like the Nikon 1 series. Looking forward to the next parts.

  24. Steve,

    Even with the new firmware, you will be frustrated – Leica SL firmware or speed this is not.

    But the hardware is beautiful (best grip ever), the balance between body and lens perfect (unlike The SL system), The body + 45mm reminds me sizewise of à more comfortable digital M + grip, and the 45mm has a similar rendering to the Leica 35mm Summilux ASPH (pre-FLE). The highlight roll off, color and tonality of the files are wonderful.

    The way I see it, the lenses are where to invest (the 90mm is stunning) and if you can struggle through the first version of the X1D and eventually lose some money on a trade in for the second version, it will be much improved: 100MP, much higher resolution and faster EVF, faster focusing with eye detection, etc.

    Here is some of my recent B&W work with the X1D and 45mm:


    Best Regards,


    • Thanks, and you have some fantastic shots there. Exactly how I plan to use the camera. As for speed, I am well aware it will not be fast or even near the SL. I am ok with that (I think, lol). Thanks for sharing your images.

  25. Can’t wait for your unboxing video. I totally love the way you do them. Please post it soon. This purchase of yours will be captivating and I will be following you all the way. I wish you the best of luck. (Also to all who have the dilemma SL vs Hassy).

  26. I like how passionate you are about this. About an hour before reading this article, during a photo shoot I mentioned to a fellow photographer how I’m dying to buy the Hasselblad yet I know I will never do that… I’m happy for you that you’ve decided to buy it.

  27. What an exhilarating post! Plus a new experience of impatiently waiting for YOUR courier to turn up instead of mine. You perfectly articulated my exact feelings as another “enthusiast” who bought gear for the love of it. Unlike you, my purchases (a set of Otuses) remain beyond my “pay grade” (for now), but just like you, I adore the learning experience and joy when using them. Stellar stuff Steve. Hurry up Mr. Postman!!!!

  28. I’m really looking forward to your experience with the Hasselblad.
    Your reviews have inspired and led me to my present work with Olympus Pen cameras – the camera i always carry and wake up longing to use.

  29. Steve, I’m with Mike Amos… this is why I come back to your site daily… enthusiasm and real world reviews. I value those reviews and your experience with the cameras. Enjoy!

  30. Sounds to me like you are chasing your next “Leica M” high. I hope Hassy steps up. And yes, I’m jealous.

  31. Congratulations. I am shooting with the X1D & 45mm & 90mm since few short months and can’t recommend it enough for file quality and enjoyment of use. Expensive, yes, but compared to a Leica M or SL outfit almost a bargain imho. (am/was a long term Leica M shooter).

  32. But seriously, congrats, and I’m excited for you. It’s something I’ve entertained, myself, but I’d have to sell off most of my photo gear to do it, and that ain’t gonna happen! I look forward to your review.

  33. Steve! I have been a long time reader of this site, and this is exactly the type of post that keeps me checking your site daily. The passion and excitement, the real world usage, and of course your amazing photos. So excited for your new purchase and hearing all about this camera. It tempts the hell out of me too, so I’m really interested to hear your thoughts.

    Thanks again for all your great work on this site and keeping us all inspired. (And for suggesting Ken Hansen on your site. I bought my Leica M and Q from him and his service has been amazing.)

    • I fully agree. A Steve Huff report on a camera like this will really be worth the wait (no pressure, Steve!). I actually saw one or two in the flesh a week ago during a visit to Melbourne. They really are enticing, not just in concept but also that design does make you want to hold and use it. I sincerely hope it works out.

  34. Wow, welcome to the club Steve
    I love mine… will be waiting for your updates!
    It’s the most beautiful camera I have used. Glass is totally Hasselblad class, no less then H-series lenses, but small, compact and elegant.

  35. I know you are probably tired with excitement but ‘sleeveless nights’ should really be ‘sleepless nights’ unless I am missing something…like sleeves too? 🙂

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