Back to Georgia with the Leica M10. Street Photography by Dan Barr

Back to Georgia with the Leica M10

by Dan Barr

Hello Steve!

I know I said I will not post Georgia again but I have so much more to share!

Couldn’t resist LOL

The Leica M10 is a great companion , it’s small, does not attract attention and fits my hand perfectly. I have long fingers and I always thought I needed a semi case but lately I found I don’t need it, the camera simply sits well.

As all my other photos I love to underexpose , I feel it gives the shot a certain fascinating dimension, I also love to play with light vs darkness. I know that part of the watchers or maybe a big part don’t like this kind of darkness, but as others emphasize colors or deliberately shoot out of focus I underexpose.

Georgia is as I already said heaven for photographers , it is also a beautiful country , i have been there three times and who knows i might come again 🙂 I hope you will like these photos despite the relative darkness.

Thanks,  Danny


  1. First off, great photos as always, Dan Barr. And, since this is a Leica-informed group, perhaps someone can give me advice. I LOVE theses colors and indeed, find Leica shooters to have some of the best color images I’ve seen. I can’t afford to dive all the way in with the current models, but I’m mulling a Leica Q vs. a used M-E. I realize these are completely different sensors, but all things being equal, is it possible to get similar results from a Q as it would be with an M-E or a 9? Or, at the very least, will the Q give me something different than your typical Canikon look? I’ve merely dabbled with rangefinders, so the Q is much more appealing to my sensibilities, plus I assume it will be a bit sturdier (but that’s only an assumption.) Thanks in advance! Paul

    • Excuse me, your typical CaNikon look? This doesn’t exist.
      Do you even comprehend how many percent of Images are being produced both for professional and private use with CaNikon? And you can tell that they all have that CaNikon look that you dislike?

      Wait, the “soulless CaNikon look” might exist in the marketing divisions of Leica, or Fujifilm, or Olympus… so I get it why you are confused.
      To think, Leica shooters have some of the best color images you’ve seen says more about how little you have looked and by belittling CaNikon you should be told to just get a Q, or a M-E and try to find what you are looking for in reality…

      • The facts are each camera has its own look…a color signature, lens characters, etc. I can spot a Nikon, Canon or Leica frame easily, and have done so in the past on a few occasions. Nikon has its own look to the color and style of the photo, Canon does and it is much different from Nikon. Same with Leica, Olympus, Panasonic, etc. This is a fact. Not saying any are better than the others, just that they each have a different look.

      • Easy, tiger. Not belittling anyone. Just wondered if there was a discernible distinction in the color signature between a Q and a 9. (I love that Kodak CCD look.) I’ve shot Canon and Nikon and love them both, but I have no experience with Leica’s.
        But thanks for the pleasant response just the same.

  2. Well, regardless if we like or not like your shooting style, clearly steve does, because he publishes everything you send him.

  3. Hi Dan, how are you achieving the under exposure, Compensation dial or fully manual. And are your using the cameras centre weighed, or manual meter. Your style more common with BW but I like colour, well I like Leica colour. I shoot a M8 and Fuji XT1, Fuji colours exposed “correctly” are vey nice, but under or in lower light a bit muddy.

    • Well I always shoot with the red arrow on the left side in the vf. I also play a lot with the exposure compansation and bring it to minus 3 or more if needed.

  4. I am always amazed to see comments about composition, exposure or blurry photos when often, it can evoke a feeling or emotion that you can’t put your finger on. Nice work.

  5. Hey, great pics!

    I’d suggest if this moody style is the way you like to shoot, run with it and don’t apologize for the way you shoot. People will always have their critiques, positive, negative or indifferent. I’d not say ” I hope you will like these photos despite the relative darkness.” Just my opinion, keep shooting/contributing!

  6. These are wonderful images. The underexposure gives them a certain haunting quality and captures a feeling that full exposure and every detail would not. Bravo.

  7. Bad photos underexposed would just be bad photos, but it’s the interplay between your composition and your exposure setting that works so well. Hope you don’t mind if I try your style – with a humbler camera, however!

  8. Just to see the light as it is.
    Good framing and trustfull contact with people…
    i like that verry much…

    French (Holland)

  9. Great photos, Dan! I love underexposed pictures. My kind of thing.
    Last time I visited Georgia in 1980.
    Time to go there again.



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