Big Buddha with the Fuji GA645 Pro by Massimiliano Farinetti

Big Buddha with the Fuji GA645 Pro

by Massimiliano Farinetti

Hi Steve, how is it going?

After a while I am submitting some of my works to this section I like most and I hope you’d find them eligible to be published.

I spent few months in Hong Kong and finally I’ve got opportunity to go to the Big Buddha in Lantau island…in a pretty rainy day. The bad weather conditions really didn’t help an extended session but gave a nice atmosphere to the place. The camera used was a Fujifilm GA645Pro, my go-to when I travel with its really sharp Fujinon 60/4. Film was a Kodak TMY (T-max 400) rated at 250 asa, exposed for the shadows.

These are negative scan of course, all the photos will be printed on Rollei Vintage 314 in my darkroom.

I hope you will enjoy them

Thank you for hosting me again in this stunning website

Cheers guys!
Massimiliano Farinetti


  1. They’re so impressive. Of course, we are used to seeing frontal portraits of Bhudda (not all as good as this by any means!), so I think my favourite is number 4 – the side rear view: very special. Thank you.

  2. Very good pictures. It is always a pleasure to visit Steve’s website with a cup of coffee first thing in the morning. I’ve been doing that for years.

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