A new look at the GoPro Karma Grip. See what a gimbal can do for your GoPro.

A new look at the GoPro Karma Grip. See what a gimbal can do for your GoPro.

By Steve Huff

Happy Friday everyone! Today and all this week I have been taking a new look at the GoPro Karma grip, but to use with my old, aging GoPro Hero 4 Black. Yep, I bought a GoPro 6 this week, and again, did not care for the audio or even the low light IQ. My GoPro 4 beat it in both areas. So I now am back to my two GoPro 4 Blacks, and I have been using the EVO GP Pro Gimbal for a long while now with the 4. I love the combo, but when I tested the GoPro Karma grip a while back, I returned it as with the GoPro 5 the audio was muffled, seriously muffled. It also picked up motor noise, and again, the audio was just unusable.

So this week I gave the Karma another try with the GoPro 4, bought the Harness for it and tested it out. The Audio is great. No issues, same as with my EVO Gimbal. I prefer the Karma Grip as you can charge the gimbal and GoPro all at once with the USB-C cable and a charger. Better yet, the GoPro Supercharger allows for super fast one hour charging. The GoPro is controlled by the Grip, power up, and record. So I am replacing one of my EVO GP-PRO grips with the Karma grip (I have an EVO GP+ for sale, in box, as new if anyone is interested, see my review of that HERE, and if interested at $150 shipped, email me HERE)

Below see a new video that shows you what you can expect from a Gimbal when used with your GoPro 4 or 5 or 6. It takes them to a new level and while the new 6 has advanced image stabilization built in, it is not up to Gimbal standards as of yet.

Happy Friday, and have a great weekend all! New camera reviews on the way over the next few weeks: Fuji GFX, Sony RX10MKIV, Sony RX0, and a new refresh look at the Olympus EM1 MKII and PEN-F ; )

Stay tuned, and always check my YouTube here as new videos are being released every other day right now!


  1. Originally there was motor noise with the Karma Grip and the Hero 5 Black. Is it still there? What about with the Hero 6?


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