Save on a Sony A7RII Mega Bundle. Great buy for the Holidays!

Save on a Sony A7RII Mega Bundle. Great buy for the Holidays!

Yes indeed the new Sony A7RIII is the hot news right now in the mirrorless digital camera world but even though it is priced right, at $3200 it is still out of reach for many. The good news is that the previous A7RII is now reduced and some are selling amazing bundles on Amazon for a great price. Check out this bundle:

You get the A7RII body, Grip, two EXTRA batteries, 128GB Sandisk Extreme Pro Memory Card, wireless shutter remote, extra charger, a flash unit, 12″ trip, wrist strap, memory card wallet, card reader, screen protectors and more. This bundle includes all you will need besides a lens. At $2898 it’s $300 less than a new A7RIII body only. So a decent buy for those who do not need or want the enhancements in the III. Let’s face it, IQ is stellar in the II and always will be. So if that is your only concern, the A7RII is still a fantastic camera. Check out this bundle HERE. 


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