The Leica M10 and 50 APO on a Train to Akko by Dan Bar

The Leica M10 and 50 APO on a Train to Akko

by Dan Bar

Today is Hanuka so I have a day of which means it’s a PHOTO day. I love Akko so me and my friend took the train- very cheap for me as I am a senior citizen.

Yes I am still with one lens (the 50 APO) but I intend to add the 28 Elmarit and maybe the the 75 Summarit. No more Summilux as they are all too HEAVY. and with the new ISO capabilities of the M10  2  2.4 and 2.8 are good enough for me.

Using the train has its advantages, but the best thing is to be able to take photos during the drive.

These were shot on our way back…


  1. Dear Dan

    Thank you for the great pictures. I really really like them, also from your other posts. May I ask you about your color/saturation settings to receive these colors from the M10? Best Christian

  2. Dan, for a place like Acco a wider lens might be a better choice.
    Style aside, the close quarters of Acco’s narrows alley and interior spaces of the Crusader fortress lend themselves best to a low-distortion wide angle.

    On a visit to Jerusalem last year, I carried an MM with a 21 SEM and 50 APO along with a Ricoh GR on a walk through the Old City. The 50 was rarely used; the 28 of the Ricoh was best for general images and the 21 SEM in the tighter spaces.

  3. Dan took the “expose for the highlights “ very seriously. What surprises me is how often he gets published here. I guess Steve enjoys the controversy, or just really likes Dan.

  4. I like them. Our eye expects color photos to be brighter, but if these were converted to black and white, nobody would say they seemed too dark.

  5. I like the darker exposure of the photos, more dramatic. Leica M10 colors are great. My favorite of all the digital M’s.

  6. Steve a quick question if i may? Do sony a7r3 files give a more orange cast to skin? I am also finding when viewing my images on the LCD, even when i have the camera set to B&W. I am getting a slight yellow cast in the midtowns to highlight areas. This is surely not normal right?

  7. We could debate style all day. I enjoy the composition of many of his images, but I’m with Ralf, these are too underexposed for my taste.

  8. I like your pictures, the first and second are my favorites!
    I wouldn’t go as far as “unusable” (@Ralf), but they are a bit on the low side of exposure.
    It makes them particular, it’s part of your signature, that’s all.

  9. Hi Dan,
    Since I was in Akko many times, I know you can take wonderful and interesting photos there.
    This time you didn’t nail it, and top gear cannot compensate for that.

  10. Hello Dan!
    Like your style and Akko.
    Especially Uri-Buri restaurant.

    Cheers and keep up good work,

    Sergey Landesman

    • THat’s Dan’s style, see his past numerous posts here with his M10. Having a unique style is a good thing. Far from unusable, as they are being used right here, and they always are from Dan ; )

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