Street Photography TO ME (Older Video) – Memories.

Street Photography TO ME (Older Video) – Memories.

So this morning I saw an older video pop up in my YouTube account, as if it was saying “watch me again”! I made this video three years ago and it featured tons of street shots I took over a couple of years. I have always said that photography is the closest thing we will ever get to a time machine. Going back and watching the video below brought back so many great memories, of taking these shots.

Memories are what it is all about for me. Looking back at photos years after taking them can invoke pleasure, smiles, laughs and even tears at times. THAT is the power of what we do, what we love to!

I have not done much street shooting over the past coupe of years but watching this makes me want to get back into it, as when you do this you not only have fun shooting but you meet people who you would have never met otherwise, and sometimes you can meet some great people with interactions on the street.

Street Photography to me may be different from what it is to you, and that is A-OK as we are not all the same with style, technique or what we like to shoot. I am more into shooting people on the street AFTER a wink, a nod or a word. Instead of sneaking shots of someone I prefer to sometimes take a shot, and then let the person know I did, and even then talk to them. I may also talk to them first. Not typical “street” but it’s still “street” just different as it should be.

I have no interest in becoming some street shooting master, or to release book, or to be an authority on this. Instead, I do it for fun, for the passion and for the memories and meeting new people, and hey, you never know when you will get a shot yo ar really happy with or proud of. This aspect of photography, the unpredictability when shooting street is what makes it extra exciting and fun for me.

So what I like to shoot when on the street varies from portraits, to situations to decisive moments. I do not put rules on myself when shooting anything. In any case will have another post today in about an hour, but for now, if you missed this old video of mine from 2014 feel free to watch as it will show photos and commentary from select shots I took while street shooting. Enjoy!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this again Steve and well said. Street photography is something I cherish every spare moment, and although I am more into incognito than direct engagement, either way, it can be an expression of being alive and reflecting on special moments. It’s addictive, and something one can do a lifetime, and I know more than a few street photographers locally photographing well into their twilight years, including one rather well known, Fred Herzog.

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