The Leica M10 in Southern Italy by Dan Bar

The Leica M10 in Southern Italy

by Dan Bar

Just got back from Italy. I started in Naples, along the cost to Capri than Ravello Matera and Alberobello. Lovely places but nothing like Matera. Adam Marelli takes his photography groups to Matera. He seems to love the place and I agree with him. One of the most fascinating cities I have been too.


As always I took my loyal Leica M with me + the 50 APO which I love although I could use a 28 in the narrow Italian streets. I read your passion and motivation article and could not agree more, I too love my M cameras ( could not shoot with any other camera) and the 50 APO is one of the best 50’s ever. Great combo.

As always I shoot under exposed shots but this time I also shot in low light conditions as I love the light shadow contrast. The Italians in the south are very nice people and let me take their photos, no problems at all. I hope you will like the photos

Thank you


  1. Haven’t visited this website for a while, but when I saw this post on facebook, the images triggered me to have a look at this post.
    I’m sure (at least I hope so!) the darkness is on purpose, but to me it doesn’t make the photos any better. The moments and compositions are great, but the underexposure (or processing style) destroys perfectly good shots. But reading the comments above, others love it.

    • That is his style and always has been. I love Dan’s work personally but I love it when people are different and step outside of the box everyone else sits in. Thanks for taking a look!

      • I had a look at his other posts on your website, and yes it is his style. Absolutely unique, but not my taste. But I agree, it’s better that we’re not all making the same stuff. Thanks for running this website! Happy to visit it again.

  2. Signore Napoli! Thanks for sharing your experience and images! I enjoyed them very much! I am unfamiliar with your work, can you explain why you shoot under exposed and I assume you set this in the camera or are you editing in post production and sliding exposure till it feels right? Just curious. Thanks!

  3. Nothing like a journey to the dark-side with uncle Danny! 😉

    But seriously, I’ve come to really enjoy your posts and this set is one of the best. Great atmosphere and tonal qualities…

    Love the two characters on the bikes!

  4. Your style really grows on me, and I look forward to your postings. Hard to say what it is, but something about atmosphere and depth, I think. Anyway, thanks for this group of images. And now I’m going to take another look!

  5. There are some great photos here, with great use of light and recurring patterns. I especially like the photo with the two nuns, the photo with the big shadow, and the guy standing in the light with his back to the camera.

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