NEW VIDEO: Updates, and why I paid $7000 for a Leica M ; )

NEW VIDEO: Updates, and why I paid $7000 for a Leica M ; )

New video to get back into the swing of things! Shot with a Sony A7RIII and Zeiss 18mm f/2.8 Batis. (LOVE this combo)!



  1. Hello Steve, In these days I’m always a little surprised that when it comes to the M some reviewers start to talk about the special experience and magic when using it. Don’t take me wrong, I’ve used M camera’s professionally for more than 30 years and I do own a M 10. I can read and write with it. But when I see what camera’s can do nowadays, the question rises what that special experience still means. The passion of photography is in the end the picture itself! Now, given all the limitations of the M, one can easily imagine a lot of situations where the M is insufficient. Situations where other people with much more cheaper gear will be able to get the shot, while the M system is incapable or at least very difficult to succeed. We’re talking in that respect about simple situations, also in the streets, and I don’t think I have to give examples of that. It will frustrate the photographer. The old argument: but look at the Leica M lenses, only for that reason one would want to work with an M, etc. is more and more less important, given the quality of (for example) those from Voigtlander, is it not? So, given all the limitations of the M, and that is in these days a real issue, what is in that respect its magic that would touch the hart and soul? The result, the picture, that’s what it is all about. A camera is just a tool to reach that. Just curious what you think. Kind regards!

    • Hey Roel! You have very valid points of course. As I have said, those who shoot with an M, and love that experience, will not trade it for ANYTHING else. I know so many who shoot exclusive with an M, and have tried DSLR’s or Sony’s or Fuji’s and just do not get the same enjoyment out of it. For some, the enjoyment is not all in the finished product (the image) but the process. The process with an M is MUCH different not only physically but mentally and emotionally as well. Some do not get it, some do. Those who do happen to love that experience and wouldn’t trade it for a thing. Also, some use voigtlander lenses with their M’s. These days I do not own even one Leica branded lens, as they are just too costly. Voigtlander, for me is right behind Leica these days in quality. My fave is the 40 f/1.2. It is always on my M. I own Sony, Olympus, Hasselblad and Leica. The cameras that have stood out over the years for me, and have me that experience that made photography much more enjoyable, and INSPIRED me to use them (other cameras do not do this) are the M (any variety), the SL and the Hasselblad X1D. All others fall by the wayside regardless of features, speed or whatever. One must truly love and bond with their camera for it to motivate them, inspire them and as a result, teach them how to be better. The M is in that class.

      • Hello Steve, Thanks for the answer. I have two things to say on it: If I read some of your reviews of other camera’s, specially the Olympus ones, I would think that those also gives you joy and inspire you. Look what you wrote on the EM 1: ‘ The EM 1 is one of the few cameras made today that inspires you. It used to be my Leica M.’ End of quote. Secondly: it is true that a M is a different experience. But if one does care not only about the process but also about the result, a second camera system next to the M is required. Otherwise one will get out of inspiration due to its limitations and also will not get better as a photographer. ( in these days). Kind regards!

  2. Oh my you had me at “Just open up this flap….” On the Leica leather case. And my favorite thing about this video besides you commentary is that shirt, Steve. What a killer blue and white polka dot shirt. Def. upping your swag game!

  3. I guess the Meyer Optiks Triplan 100 is not coupled because it would be very hard to focus and frame through the rangefinder and most people would use the EVF anyway. I really liked the pictures in your article from last year on this lens and some more investigation made me decide to order one. I have been looking for a good portrait lens for my M for a while, and since the noctilux 75mm is out my budget range, I’m gonna give the triplan a try. I’m one of those people who is looking for character rather than sharpness and this lens seems to have plenty of character. Waiting for the lens now and hopefully I made a good decision. Would love to see an article from you on how it performs on the M (with the Visoflex20). Thanks for the website.

  4. Hey Steve….thanks for the “update”. I TOTALLY understand the Leica fixation! I can not and will not ever get rid of my M9 for the same very reasons you state in your video. I also shoot the Sony A7R3, and I gotta say, there isn’t a better combination shooting with both the Leica M9 and the Sony. When I get back to my studio, I always like the photos from the M9 better, and can’t really put my finger on the exact reason why…I guess it is that Leica “magic” !!

  5. Hi Steve,

    Another great video about the Leica M system. I feel the same way about it. I myself have digital and film bodies.

    I want to ask about the leather strap shown attached to the M10 in that video. It looks so soft and detachable. Can you tell me what it is?


  6. Steve, as a former M240 owner who gave it up because of poor eyesight (getting older is no fun), I’d appreciate a video or article on how you chose the diopter and how you use it.

  7. Hi Steve,
    love and share your passion for Leica, even if i can´t afford one. It surprises me that the Meyer Optics cannot be used with a rangefinder. On their site Meyer Optics offers the lens in many different mounts, amongst others in the Fuji X-Mount what is interesting for me. When you test the lens i hope you keep an eye on the interesting bokeh when in comes to small light sources in the background. Meyer Optics has some great samples on their website (of course) so i´d like to read your opinion about this lens.
    So keep on your excellent work and don’t loose your inspiring style in your articles.

  8. People simply don’t understand it, They keep talking about money or what the Leica can or can not do, they miss the crucial point (you where talking about) and that is the feeling ,the joy one gets from just holding this camera taking photos,focusing,as if one is still shooting an old film camera. A camera that unlike all other cameras forces you to think, understand photography , know what you can or can not do with it, Moving objects , sport are not the strong side of this camera, so it needs planning, I sympathize with Steve as I feel exactly the same
    Many Leica haters will probably laugh at me but when I read Steve’s articles or whatch his short films I know we share the same feeling. This is what Leica M makes to you.I don’t feel the same about the SL, Q etc. Just the M .

  9. Steve- I don’t get it…I thought you were in love with the Hasselblad X1D and it’s been less than a year since you got it. Are you already over it going back to the M10? Was the hassey just too big?

    • Not at all. I still have the Hasselblad. I love it and use it in my lowest of light scenarios and am making amazing prints with it. It compliments the M perfectly.

      • Isnt the M with more DOF at same f-stop and 2-stop faster lenses better suited for low light? I also own x1d and M and finde medium format excells at good light and the M is a great system which can benefit from fast lenses in low (and also bright) light ??

  10. You’ll keep it until the M11 comes out at the very least anyway. Just kidding Steve. Has Leica improved the reliability of the rangefinder calibration in the M10 (vs older digital M’s) or do you anticipate having to get it calibrated often? Thank you!

    • Well, I do not see an M11 coming for 5 years. But who knows. This M10 seems to focus perfectly for me so far but I am sure it will eventually fade out of alignment. Even if by a hair it can effect focusing.

        • I have had it happen with my M8 many times, my M9 3 times, the M240 far not yet with the 10. It happens. If you ever notice your focus not pin sharp even wide open, it can be slightly off. I have seen my lenses go from bitingly sharp wide open to losing some of that luster and sharpness. That is when it is slightly off. When it goes way off, it is unusable. Many use M’s that are slightly off and never realize it.

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