Azerbijan with a Leica M10 & 28 Elmarit by Dan Bar

Azerbijan with a Leica M10 & 28 Elmarit

by Dan Bar

Hello again!

So here I am back in Israel again and this time I visited Azerbijan, one of former USSR countries. A beautiful muslim country with lovely people , very quite , polite, clean and most important very tolerant even to the jewish people who live in their country and to Israel as well, something one does not often see among Muslims now a days.

There was one more reason I fell in love with this place, People simply love their photo taken, many times wile shooting in bazars for instance they called me and asked me if I could take their photo. Even Azar mosques well come their guests with cameras with a smile and their only demand was to take our shoes off. Some of the Azars about 10 percent are extremely rich and their wealth comes mainly from alot of oil they found. I hear they also found gas now.

The country is very clean , no matter where you go, the villages have no asphalt roads and they look like many years ago which i find fantastic for photography. Everything is VERY VERY cheap , from food to hotels. In Cuba pronounced GUBA lives a big Jewish community in great relation with the Moslim population. We were invited to an old lady house  91 yrs. old, 5 of her children live in Israel,

It was hot but every now and than the weather changes and it rains. In short if anyone will read this article, gp to Azerbijan. I loved it. This time I took my M10 and MM (monochrom) but for some reason shot most of the pics with the M10 and the Elmarit 28.


  1. Dan,
    Don’t be afraid to let some white highlights blow out. True white areas, like black, don’t contain any useful info in the photo, but obviously contribute to the overall look and feel of the photo. I have problems with my Macs Retina screens showing me one thing, and then being altogether different when interfaced with a gallery maker (like Saxotech).

  2. Danny, you are really good at answering people, so your postings become an enjoyable conversation. But I missed a reply toWinifred on the question of 28 vs 35mm. I’m sure you would have something interesting to say on this.

  3. Excellent shots…I love your approach to the colour, the picture looks strong with colour that at the same time vibrant but not overly punchy. Looking forward for more post by you.

  4. I like your style. Nice colors, interesting compositions and very close to the people. I like the way you show the people.

    Just a question on the lens. A lot of photographers would choose a 35. You seem to prefer 28. Can you tell why?

  5. I have a bad habit of looking at these articles from a technical perspective (i.e. do I like the look that your camera and lens produces? would I want to own that some day?).

    But on your article I simple enjoyed your photos for the feeling they gave me, and your skills. Not to mention the insight into are area of the world I’ll probably never see in person.

    I need to do this more often as there are so many great contributors to this site.

    thanks for posting this.


  6. I most especially love your environmental portraits! So much to see. So much to think about.

  7. Thanks for contributing these. Quite interesting. I especially liked the mother and child portrait. It pulled me in to their life.

  8. There is always a sense of mystery about your photographs, of things not seen but also there, which is very intriguing. The way your colours blend into the dark areas is quite special.

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