Amazon 1dX II Scam Update…

Amazon 1dX II Scam Update…

If you saw my last post, you would have seen how I ordered a Canon 1dX II from Amazon, and was sent a beat up old 1dXII box, with an old used Canon Rebel in it. Yes, I ordered from Amazon, using Amazon Prime and the order was fulfilled by Amazon.

A $5500 scam.

You can see the original video HERE if you missed it. 

Immediately upon opening I contacted Amazon and they gave me a return label. I shipped it back two days ago and they received it yesterday morning. I am still awaiting my refund acknowledgment that has yet to come in. In any case, on that very day that this happened I ordered the camera from B&H Photo, using a 2nd credit card (knowing that Amazon will refund my Amazon card for the fake 1dx II package). I received the 1dXII from B&H within a day and they delivered without a hiccup.

You can see the update below and I will also update when Amazon processes my refund and fixes this awful experience.

Update Video…


  1. I have been having problems with Amazon lately. I get what I order but it is total junk. Products failing way before warranty and the companies hard to contact or they try to give a 10 -20% refund. No the product is bad within warranty I want refund or another one. Amazon needs to get more proactive in this area. I have already started to order from other sources.

  2. Steve, I’’m glad everything worked out and I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the Canon.

    I quit buying anything significant from Amazon years ago. All of my Leica gear has come from Ken Hansen with fast shipping and quality. He is a real gentleman. Everything else photo or computer related comes from B&H.

  3. Hi Steve. It’s not just cameras that people are being scammed out of. 2 months ago I bought a Sennheiser HD800S, a $1,700 headphone, using Amazon Prime and used my Amazon credit card. It was fulfilled by Amazon. When it arrived the Amazon box did not look like it had been opened and resealed. The Sennheiser box was covered in plastic sheets to protect it (not shrink wrap). When I opened the box it contained a bottle of water, taped to the inside and wrapped in a plastic Target shopping bag. Unfortunately, the folks at Amazon weren’t particularly obliging. Like you I am a long time Amazon customer. It took them 3 days to get back to me and when they did they wanted me to file a police report. Since it wasn’t stolen from me but more likely from Amazon’s warehouse or from UPS in transit, I refused to file the report. After speaking to a supervisor a new headphone was ordered and I received it the next day. I got the impression that Amazon tried to distance themselves from the theft by stating in the police report that the headphone was stolen from me and not from Amazon. Anyway, I have the headphone so all’s well that ends well but it was not a good experience.

  4. Soooo, you no longer shoot an “M”, the Hassy is more favored than the SL, AND you have purchased a DSLR Canon 1dX MKII, which is huge. Who are you?

    • Again, I thought I was VERY clear. The 1dX II is ONLY for video my friend. It beat out the Sony and of course the Leica and Hasselblad are NOT good for video. I still have and will keep my Sony (A7III), Hasselblad (X1D) and Leica (SL), which I am using TODAY actually. I bought the 1DX and M50 for VIDEO USE, for the reasons I have explained in the video. Thank you.

    • I shot some last night and realized a few things.

      A: DSLR’s are AWFUL for lens accuracy. I had to dial in +10 for my 24 L, -6 for the 50L and +6 for the 16-35 to be able to get in focus shots. Even then, these Canon lenses, for photos, do not come close to what I am used to with the Leica, or even Sony G Master lenses. They are all pretty much a bit soft wide open (not used to that). So for focus, using a DSLR (for images) is not very fun due to the lens issues. Now I see why DSLR’s added in ways to dial in the lenses as they are all out of spec brand new. Using an OVF…I MUCH prefer an EVF and I mean MUCH. The OVF is nice but I like seeing what I am shooting, WYSIWYG. So for photos, as stated, I will stick to my Leica, Sony and Hasselblad. My son has been shooting the EM1 MKII and loves it.

      The Canon, for me is for video as the color out of camera is just what I wanted and have been looking for. The M50 made me realize it.

      But for photos, it’s not very fun to use with soft L prime lenses (when wide open) and focus inaccuracies. Even though I dialed them in, they seem a tad “soft”. I can also see the dynamic range difference, which is where Sony easily beats this Canon.

      So I will never dive into a 1dX II for my photos, as in, a daily driver.

      • A loaner A9 from Sony (minus the customary cinema profiles) actually produced very lovely video footage straight out the camera. I preferred it to the video footage out of my A7Rlll. Sometimes less is more!

  5. I am really sorry this happened, but sadly I am not surprised. I have had orders mixed up from Amazon before, so I would never buy anything like a full professional camera from Amazon. Sounds like a theft of the original camera to me.

  6. Steve – living in Houston, TX, we are most fortunate to have a professional camera store, Houston Camera Exchange. A brick and mortar store managed by true professionals that carry good inventory, I am most happy to part way with additional local sales tax than run the risk of what happened to you. If there are any issues, those issues are resolved on the spot. No worries about open boxes, equipment that has been handled and re-boxed, more serious issues such as your own, etc,. etc. I purchased my Leica M, lens and Nikon D5 there. The Manager there recently retired from Nikon after 32 years of service, giving you some idea the professional level one deals with. Regardless, getting your money from Amazon could be quite different than getting your money from other questionable online vendors. So yes, this is a plug for them, although the peace of mind is irreplaceable when you spend the kind of money you did and are mislead. Good luck.

  7. When we get to the real world review portion of the program, I will be reading (or watching) with eager anticipation, exactly what it is about this bad boy (1DX) that has you enamored enough to suddenly abandon what has been a well documented and fierce disdain for the DSLR, over many years and many articles. Especially with so many excellent mirrorless video-centric choices available today. Personally, I love everything about the 1DXII except for all the mirrorless DNA that it is missing such as IBIS, EVF and adaptable lenses. The impending Unboxing, Initial Thoughts and Final Review should be utterly fascinating given the penchant for DSLR’s here.

    • Well no need to wait, as it’s already been said. I bought this strictly for VIDEO work. I adore Canons dual pixel AF (which Sony gets close but not quite) and more importantly, the color of said video (That Sony can not get close to). The lens choice available for what I need, the toughness of the body (will be using this in rain, snow and dirty conditions), and overall professional build. Ease of use is also paramount. No other camera gets close to this for my needs of what I will be using it for. I will still be a mirrorless shooter for photos and am not abandoning any of my cameras ; )

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