1. Very well said, in particular about all this hate in all those photo forums. I personally am tired of reading those threads, I want to connect photography with joy, passion and love for it, so I want to thank you for this video.

    Regarding OVF vs. EVF, I think OVFs are more like reading a book, EVFs like watching a movie or playing a computer game. The latter technology is fantastic, much more perfect, but reading a book fuels your imagination more, it sets your mind free. Currently I shoot a lot with film again, with vintage cameras, it slows me down. And in particular the long period between peering through one of my old rangefinder’s VF and being able to see the result only some days when I have the film developed, made me very aware that OVFs are good for training imagination. You have to interpret what you see, then you carry an idea about the image in your head for a while, and then you see that the result has its own different character – even with many years of experience it still can surprise me. It is like opening a photographic gift box.

    That said, I also like much shooting digital, with all the easiness that comes with it. I still use DSLRs btw.

  2. Right you are, Steve. Now, that’s funny. Everybody starts with Mirrorless and you buy an old-fashioned DSLR. Especially for video-work where mirrorless should be better.
    But, as you say, a lot depends on the color and the dynamic range the camera delivers, not on the specs.
    The two systems i use have colors that fits my taste and, as any modern camera, work in very low light. Never thought i would say this of an APS-C camera but this system almost convinced me.

  3. Steve, thank you for your insights. Once again you’ve shown why I keep coming back to your website to get the lowdown on what’s going on in the camera market. This year we truly are enjoying an embarrassment of riches when it comes to choosing a mirrorless camera. Sony really has paid their dues and earned their bragging rights to the mirrorless crown. Five years ago no one could have predicted that Sony would become the one to beat and have the likes of Nikon and Canon scrambling to catch up. I only shoot stills in RAW, so it’s not a big issue for me, but it seems that if only Sony could tweak their OOC color they would inch a little closer to that “perfect” camera ideal.

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