The Druze Demonstration with the Leica M9 Monochrom by Dan Bar

The Druze Demonstration with the Leica M9 Monochrom

by Dan Bar

Hi Steve

A few days ago I participated in the Druze demonstration. These are lovely people who are very loyal to the country, they serve in the army and have many Israeli friends. The demonstration was against a new low which they felt unjust. As I felt the same and as i have a great Druze friend I decided to go there as well. All in all 90,000 people came to identify with these people, 15,000 of them Druzes and all the others Israelis which comes to show how much people love this minority group. I felt I had to show you some of the photos I shot there, they were all shot with the M9M and the 50 LUX. Yes I sold my lovely 50 APO as I needed the extra stop for the M9M.

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  1. Personally I prefer the M9M images vs the MM Type 246. To me it seems the range of grays is wider notwithstanding the improvements of the Type 246. The sensor of the M9 body is just classic.

  2. Hope the best for the different religions in your country. May the live in peace and harmony.
    I like your style better now. While it is dark anyhow, you can find more details in your photos and they look more natural und not just underexposed.
    I like them.

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